Monday, 30 March 2009

Only Me Could Possibly Do That!!!

So yeah as i said i went to play American football and did actually play basketball as well so it was all grand.

But as you might have guessed something is different about this as i managed to injure myself, now your probably thinking must have been in the contact sport that is where your wrong. I managed to go threw that whole game without once hurting myself with amazing results even after that be played British bulldog and won every round apart from one only cause Legs (Adam) managed to get me down, so i managed to have an eventful game of 2 contact sports, but when i go to play basketball oh no thats a whole different ball game (no pun intended) once again we played Pros Vs Cons as being not so good i was on the Cons and after having a a really good game with some awesome baskets made, while playing defense I went to get a rebound landed on one foot which was sideways and cliff also landed on me and managed to pop my knee out then back in again, now after doing this i just fell straight to the floor no one really realized until i started to drag myself off the court so that i wouldn't insue more injuries. So basically i managed to hurt myself in a non-contact game, i was not amused. Also my damn knee is still killing me and standing up after sitting down for only a little while really hurts let me put this in your mind i stand up and scream from pain, but the worse so far has to be going down stares as this is horrific as i can put no weight on my right leg and when it dangles around when going down the steps it twists in multiple directions now this is very extremely painfull. And this is all of cliffs faults

Ummm Yeah

So i started to do my work got a bit done but then got distracted with haha so here is a picture now i must go skip tutor

Finally it has come

So its my last lesson and i am listening to Cheap Trick: I Want You To Want Me (oh yeah) i managed to get quite a bit of work done today, so i'm just here in the libary to get some work done before the end of the day, where a skip Tutor. So after school we should be playing american football or maybe basketball so that will be a nice release of energy for me, to be fair i would rather play basketball as i have gotten quite into that and some of you (excluding Tom Wood) would probably prefure it to american football, anyway today has been alright even if it has been a monday and tomorro i have to sit threw 4 lessons of ICT the horror. Well its time i got on with some work

Now listening to Clutch: The Incomprable Mr. Flannery

Also Tom Wood i got your text in my Key Skills lesson and my teacher went what are you doing as to thinking i was breaking something and it was beeping, I laughed and went I got a text and well since i have passed my key skills a year ago it was just a fool around lesson. Anyway of subject Tom we now need to meet up so i can show you how not to throw like a girl =]

Now listening to Wolfmother: Joker & The Theif

My School Blog

After finally getting on here after numours attempts and using 2 computers just to access the stupid internet cause of this stupid thing and consulting skeggsy i'm now in a rather annoyed mood, as well as our common room being locked so i had to spend break talking with the yr 11 oh the joy. This morning was rather good as i actually managed toget up on time rather than being late as usual, media was rather boring and dull as we where leaerning about the north and south divide. And now for the rest of the day i will be doing individual studying HOORAY i just thought, as i am now distracting myself with this blog instead of doing my ICT which i really need to do, at this moment i fell like i might have let Karys down after she gave me a little pep talk last night so i think its time i got to work for the next 4 lessons i have of doing nothing and this lesson and my last lesson being the only ones i have on my own, for my new rutine i will not be going to tutor at the end of the day as that just normally just pisses me with all the idiots in there, but then i am one to talk.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

My 3 Words

This Really Sucks

Friday, 27 March 2009

My bad day

I've really had enough with the amount of bullshit that is happening at the moment its really starting to annoy me, so the amount of rain that happened today was actually something i didn't mind I'm an alright fan of rain something you know to walk threw when i'm really ticked off. Anyway my day just started bad as i decided to sleep in late and be late for my lesson, which i had to actually do work which i did a fair amount but certain moments of the lesson will would just come over and starting annoying me an hitting me this just frustrated me, then we had a discussion about Jade Goody and her Cancer while most people where like " If i was in her shoes i would do the same thing for my children" but i said " What the fuck happened to the rest of the money she has made from her crappy shows and piss water perfume" this didn't go down well with everyone and i started to loose people on my side the only person that stayed on my side was peter who completely agrred with me. Anyway after this finished i had will continusly hitting me until he went for lunch. Now as i was leaving one of my stupid assholes of a techer Mrs buckland (james you should remember her) started talking to me and saying that she might kick me off both of my courses just cos my media work is slipping I thought what the hell thats FUCKING BULLSHIT then she says how is my ICT work doing and i said i have almost finished the unit we are on and we have a few more that i need to finish she then said " Don't get agressive with me" and i thought what the hell are you talking about i was telling you for the love of god you stupid woman, and then she blamed me for everything that was broken in the old common room when i admit i did some of it but i didn't do all of it the rest of them just blame me all the time its again FUCKING BULLSHIT i just feel so pissed of and to top it off i can't go to the Battery Powered Gig tonight as i have way to much work to do and i could really use a good time but this is just bring bullshit to a new level


Wednesday, 25 March 2009

New Photos

Now after much time of not having a new photo i thought that i would steal my parents digi cam and use that to take some photos as it is much better than mine, which compared to it seems like it should take floppy discs. and i also took photos of thing which i was going to show ya'll like my bag held together with treasury tags
And one which i would show to Graham and Duffied being my brother bloody wall, now over time the the blood colour has changed and it looks so horrible
Now while having this camera i decided to take a few photos of myself as my last photo of myself was taken quite a while ago so i thought i would just update myself
Now from this photo i can tell that hair has grown a lot since my last photo and for some reason in this photo even i think my hair looks so long

Now this blog took longer to write as i had my brother reading it over my shoulder and it made me feel uncomfortable him reading it while i was typing it but he now is being distracted by COD4, and man is he such a hypocrite when he is playing its hilarious

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Extreme Workout or Exercise whatever you wanna call it

So i haven't been bothered with writing a blog and was actually forcing myself not to write one as i was on a downer, but now i'm back and feel much better even after exposing myself as a psychopath to Karys which i found amusing in a way

Anyway this blog is mostly about how much damn exercise i have done today its crazy, so instead of going to my tutor at 3:05 as i really hate it in there and all the people are just annoying assys so i thought i would just sign out so technically i don't have to go, but on my way to sign out this stupid idiot child in my tutor said "arn't you going to tutor Ricky" so i was like "hell no why would i wanna lose 20 minutes of my life in that stupid music room full of failure" (now that maybe have been over exaggerated) so knowing that fool he probably told my tutor something so instead of doing that i went and played some basketball with peter untill about 4:15 when everyone else arrived so we then started playing american football. This was a very physical game with lost of smack talk but my smack talk consisted of butterfield quoets so me and chris where just shouting Bonbonbonbons, Baby Pork Cyclinders, Christmas Pizza, During dinner mints and so on. Now after finishing playing that at around 5:30 or something we went and played some basketball, and we thought it would be a funny idea to play Pros Vs Average Joes, so i was on the Average Joes, and i thought i had a nice debut game as i was the top scorer with about 5 buckets(gay phrase) several rebounds and a couple steals, now basketball is a much more running orentated game which i did so much of after wards i thought i was going to die. While walking home my right ankle was killing me which i injured playing american football and all that jumping in basketball all around it was a very active day, now i must go as my niagbour lydia is sending me riddles on msn but her msn address makes me laugh as it has bonbon in it haha

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Furthering My Collection

To be honest i really can't be assed with blogging at the time but no one is online and i need something to do so i thought i would tell you about my events today.

Well as any simpleton would realize its mothers day and seeing as my family like lives at the pub we went out and had a meal at the con(conservative) club would was grand and all, but my parents seemed to be Flabbergasted that i didn't have and alcoholic drink and just had coke this is when i explained to them that me and drink are not talking to each other, after looking at me confused they when okay then and went out with the meal as such. now seeing as we where at a pub this gave me the chance to collect some more beer coasters like some sort of "werido man", now the story behind this completely insane collection i have going it quite well boring so make sure your not tired as you'll just be dreaming about unicorns and leprachuns in no time at all, anyway it all started at my mums wedding when i have a few to much to dirnk and just started putting beer coasters in to my jacket pocket and couldn't stop i think i left the pub with about 20 odd of the same ones so kinda makes it extremely pointless, so now whenever i am in a pub i get the random urge to steal the beer coasters and add to my colections so i now have two more to add to my collection and seing as my mums wedding came up i thought i would leave on a picture of me and my brother at the ye olde wedding

Well according to my uncle i clean up nice even if i am wearing something incredibly awesome

Saturday, 21 March 2009

The (crap) Rap

This is a Rap sorta thing i came up with about what happend to will at Pete's

In the top floor of petes house
In the hallway is where we spent most of the night
Playing Classic rock to the max
Doin' alot of air guitar
When Alex neale
Was up to no good
Stratin to feel up all the girls in the neighborhood
He got in one little fight and his mum got scared
She said 'you're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Boston'

I whistled to my friends and when they came near
They said lets get outta here its lame
If anything he can say this is the time
But he thought 'now forget it' - 'I'm going home'

I hope you guys liked it, it seemed to come out worse then i thought it would oh well

The Party

The gayass party was so fucking shit(pardon my language but i can't think of anything else to say but wank) when i got there at 8:30 people where already drunk and falling all over me, and i assumed it was smart so i went wearing a shirt and tie to find out no one was smart so immediately i undid my tie turned it into a belt and unbuttoned my shirt which was later on being worn by a girl. So i had inticipation of getting quite drunk but i had 2 and a half cans and beer and then sobered up after a few hours of eatting random sweets, since then me and drink have fallen out and i'm not talking to it anymore. Now as the night progressed it got worse and worse this stupid fool who will remain nameless threw 2 full cans of beer at me for no fucking reason slapped me on the head and just continuesly annoyed me, peter the host of the whole thing when ever he saw me he couldn't resist himself from hitting me and i ended up having a huge red mark on my chest (which has been documented by john) and he kept on sitting on me and spilling drink all over me so i spent most of the night wet, now these are just a few things that went wrong there is more but i don't really want to talk about it on my blog. The good things now from all this bullshit your probably thinking good things your joking right, well i did get talking to this girl zavia(no idea how to spell it) and she had a werid fascination with my hair and startted platting it and then another girl joined in it was pretty werid but i guess cool, but the thing that really topped of the night was alex and will having a fight which was pretty intense as will split his lip. Amoug other things this night was terrible and most of up left at 2 so we didn't have to sleep on the vomit stained sofa i thought that this was the best move of the whole night. In conclusion i would rather share a bed with alan or graham(thats right alan i would rather sleep in a bed with you then get drunk with people in dartmouth) than go threw all the bullshit again and i wish i went to brixham to see the guys as i would have had much more fun then at that shit ass party. and no pitcure today i just can't be assed

Friday, 20 March 2009

Brbs Party

Well its friday and i'm out to a party to night but thats not all. While me and my brother where looked at old stuff with our mum other than coming across lots of baby clothes we also found loads of shillings, and yes its that freaking awesome i am know the proud owner of 3 shillings and i feel so old timey haha

Now for tonights festivites i have had to dress up smart as it been said now most of you people don't know me as being smart dressed, but tonight i have dressed in a smartish manner and by that i mean my fallen shoes black jeans a black shirt white tie and a T-shirt underneath that says BLEH (vampires say it) this T-shirt is extreme i would take a picture but like i said my camera = Fail so i cannot show you what i look like but i should hope tonight is cool and stuff and i get very drunk =]

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Breaking The Boundries

Now as some of you are aware i have been posting pictures of very amazing stuff such as the bear the dog and the gorilla and shark high 5ing, now you guys are probably thinking that thats all i got but you would be so wrong i have to admit yes sooner or later i will run out of freaking awesome photo's but i'm cool with it i've had my 15 minutes of fame in a very recent blog.

So how about i purpose a picture of a ferret wearing a sweet red hat, i know what you are thinking well since he as mentioned it he's gonna post it and well your completely correct i am going to post it

Now then this picture i think is pretty awesome maybe not in the same league as the bear but i think it brings in a whole new league of pictures ones which have no explanation what so ever, but i guess this photo does have an explanation maybe it would go along the lines of this


thats my take on what the explanation would be like of course your take maybe something completely different doesn't make it right though does it

When you see it

I'm bored so i thought i would make my own mindfuck as they are called, this picture is from one of my gigsWhen you see it you'll shit brixs

So who ever gets finds it gets umm whatever

Tom Wood style Blog

This is a blog written in the style as if tom wood did it, if the title didn't give it away i thought i would boost your mind

Well today has very unexpected happenings as for some reason when my alarm went in my sleep i managed to stop it and then go back to sleep, my mother then walked into my bedroom saying "hey ricky don't you have to go to school" and i looked at my phone and said "why yes, yes i do thank you mum" after this i had a very relaxed approach at showering as i thought i'm gonna be late there is no need to rush. I eventually arrived at school at 9:10 and my lesson started at 8:45, when i did arrive at school i came up with some lame excuse which with me also adds a bit of humor so i said yeah i bear stole my alarm clock, when my media lesson finished it was break so i spent that on the field messing around with a rugby ball. My next 2 lessons where frees so i just messed around on the interent playing games and such, now here is when the fun begins lunch time we went to our media teachers room because our common room is constantly locked atm cos they are carpeting which is rather annoying when we went out side to continue with our fun with the rugby ball, then my friend noticed a mars rapper moving around in the breeze and said "hey look mars is colliding with earth" now this was so damn hilarious i couldn't stop laughing, for the rest oh lunch i was getting the ball thrown at me and getting tackled which was funny but also annoying as i spent my lunch in fear of getting hit in the face, after getting tackled by 2 people i shouted GADZOOKS as i was suprised. Now i have ict the lesson which i thought hey i should actually do some work in this i started doing work but then i got distracted again and surfed the wed for the rest of the lesson and thus came my favorite part of the day tutor time (if you hadn't guessed already i am beeing sacastic) its the more bulshit thing ever as i have to sit in there with lower years he make really stupid remarks which just irritate me, after this finished i started to walk home and finding my teacher to signalling me back into school as i had an afterschool coursework, which nobody told me about because i was late *angry face* and thus concludes my day of irritation and annoyance

Ricky moysey out

The Group(Tom Wood Blog)

This post seems to be mostly aimed at Mr Tom Wood.

Well according to Tom now i'm in the group and his phrase of even me having to hang out with them seems to be made a bit redundant, as i seem to be coming over every weekend from some reason it feels like YOU are the one that is not in the "group" and the boldness was so necessary no offense =]. Also on this whole subject of well tom, i agree we need to play some American football as i play it every Monday and all of this running around non -stop has seem to have loosened my jeans if you know what i mean, also you need to invest in a ball as i have no money what so ever and seem to be borrowing it from my mother just to get places.

And know to big up myself (as we are all ego manicas underneath the skin) i'm actaully quite tallented when playing American football, my quaterback skills, i can throw the ball atleast 50 yards + with a perfect spiral and incredibly accurate, i can also run a very effective play action which normally fakes the defense into my trap which leaves big holes. Now time for some wide reciever and tight end stats, i may not be super quick but i can run fairly fast and i can run a route very well with hardly and slip up my favorite kind of route would be a drag

I thought i would use a picture to show what a drag route is so your not left going what are you talking about, normally on this kind of route i get open fast and have a great break away 9 times out of 10 i will get a touchdown. My runningback skills arn't as impressive as i only play the RB a few times and the most amazing play i ever did as a running back was a passing TD was pretty sexual. Now for defense i would like to normally play as the pass rusher or the strong saftey both of these postions i play very well at, the pass rushers goal is to get to the QB as fast as possible and tackling him, now the strong saftey is the king of the back field and has to make sure he gets on anyone that gets open as he is the las line of defense this is normally the postion i get all of my interceptions.

now that i have shared my skills i'm starting to think that i have been boasting and i don't like to boast but well there you go. So Tom i have layed down my abilities one day i will train you haha

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Oh god my fingers

Well i finally finished my media exam question its probably shite but i'm glad to be honest, as my teacher will tell me what i have done wrong and give me the best improvements that i could do to it and this will help me in my final exams, so that i don't fail so hard that i wasted these past 2 years to get no sort of qualifitcation and that would just really annoy me, and make me think i just wasted 2 years of my life learning nothing to gain nothing and then on out having to pay for my education and end up in a dead beat job with low pay and nothing intresting while everyone else is out there enjoying them selves with there awesome jobs and there work buddies called Brett and Chad and thats what they would be called. and now to finsh this entry i leave you with a picture of a dog pulling a very awesome pose which compared to the bear one is just a little bit less awesome
Just for the record this photo has not been shopped it just a picture which has been taken at the most perfect of times, just like the bear photo.

Awesome Pictures

Now some people might think an awesome picture would be something along the lines of good timing shutter speed that other word that escapes me, appature thats the one. And all of these mixed together would get you one "Awesome Picture" something like this
Now i would like to thank myself for this photo as well it one of the only pictures that i have taken that actually looks nice, other than the fact of the stupid date in the bottom. But this may be awesome or not i don't control your mind, but my idea of awesome would be a gorilla and a shark high 5ing with an explosion in the background. Now your probably thinking wow that would be pretty awesome but its impossible but you would be wrongNow i have gotten this picture your lives are complete and so is mine as i have shared this with the world

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Blog Magic & Felt Power

Now these are 2 things which have been recently introduced to me of there importance by Karys, know both of these are very thrilling stories............So here they are.

The felt story first began when me and Karys frist started talking, she was convinced that everything could be made with felt functional or not, at first i was like yeah maybe but it can't make toast. This is when she brought in the "Functional" argument, and well from this you can clearly see that she was right and that now i know the importance of Felt, which to be fair has grown on me ever since and i like the idea more and more of having most things being made of felt as it would give it a very nice feel. Either way we now both have "Felt Power" which of course is unbeatable and no one can compare to our power and all we need now is some funky flet outfits and theme music which wouldn't be creepy in the slightest bit *shifty eyes*

Only reccently have i started making a blog, beforehand Karys was like you should make a blog would be cool and stuff, and i thought to myself well would i be assed to write in it. Well i think you guys are starting to see a pattern here as well looky here i'm writing a blog and she won this battle, and i have now actually become obsessed with blogging withing in reason. Which she then coined up the phrase "Blog Magic" which i have to agree this is some sort of witchcraft going on which seems to be sucking me back to get more of this blogging lifestyle.

All else i have to say is that Karys has a way of convincing me but she always seems right in her arguments/disscussions, maybe this leads to a further point of me maybe just listening to her in the first place instead of having to go threw the long proccess of being all stubborn. So to conclude the tail i say thank you Karys for showing me the way of felt and the blog(and boy do i know how cheesy that sounds, but i'm cool with it)

The pizza man

Right this fellow here ^^^^ is known as the pizza man, he came about when i started to do my ICT work but got abit side tracked and started to mess with the scale on the pickups, then i suddenly ended up making the monstrosity and i thought hey the perfect place for him to live would be my blog. He is made up of several layers

1st) Pizza
2nd) 3 Chickens
3rd) Another Pizza
4th) Mini Pizza to make his smile
5th) A Stone nose
6th) Real Eyes
7th) Gold Bar Eyebrows

Now he may not be safe to eat but he sure does look cool

The luck of the irish

Well apparently its St Patrick's day today, now to me i always assumed it was a lucky day with drinking on the side but how wrong i am. My day was just filled with bad luck so let me just put this into your mind, First i woke up thought i was late rushed my shower then only realized when i got downstairs to find i had woken up on time and actually a little bit early, after that i just left my house and my stupid MP3 player falls out of my pocket and hits the ground and slides down my path luckily it was alright and i got to listen to my music instead of my thoughts, all seemed well until i had lunch and the zip broke on my bag so now it stays closed because i used treasury tags to keep it closed (i would take a photo but my camera's battiers are dead oh the irony) after this i managed to injure myself twice by stubbing my left middle finger and doing something to my right elbow (just for the record Karys these where not my fault i was being careful) hopefully my luck will pick up, well i do have the day off tomorrow so i'll just be relaxing

Also note for Tom Wood i was only talking about bears to set that image into your mind besides it was ramblings

Monday, 16 March 2009

Monday the worst day of the week

Well as some people would clearly notice it was Monday technically yesterday now seeing as i'm writing this at 00:05 but i don't really count the day over until i have been to sleep, anyway i didn't get much sleep other weekend as i spent it mostly at James' house which also involved gardening which would also explain the "The Chief Overseer of Nothing" name as this is what Duffield called me as he would look at me i would be doing something then turn away look again and i would just be stareing at the work as it would magicaly do it by itself which would be rather could and would have saved me some hassel. but either way after doing this and getting bitten by some punk ass bug and the lack of sleeping abbilities on friends houses, i spent most of my monday confused and dizzy from the lack of sleep and bug bite i didn't really learn much but then i got a sheet which i could just read again, but as the day went on i managed to get more focused and when it came to the monday night american football i was on top form untill i threw my sholder out and actually worked my body to its wits end but totally worth the exercise as some person once said "No Pain No Gain" and i am deffantly feeling this pain. reccently i went into my kitchen to get a drink but there is this solar pannel light out side the kitchen door which has suddenly started working again so i was pretty disorentated. For example if you woke up and went down staires to find a bear in your kitchen cooking pancakes, now as amazing as this would be i think i would have a few questions like why my kitchen and also bears in england whats this about.
For example the bear would look like this in this very serious pose as thinking to himself "I could really go for a picnic"
And i assume this would look like what the bear would be cooking i think it looks rather tasty and i would sit down and eat them with the bear. but anyway i think you get my point as this was the sorta thing which was going threw my mind.

Well its come to this

Looks like i have been well not pressured into creating a blog but my mind has turned to the idea of it, like some sort of puppy which has been told how to sit over and over and now actually understand the process of all the needless sitting, however this isn't really needless to a point within my sanity. But i guess this whole "blog" thing will have it uses as i wouldn't have to annoy people all the time with everything i just post it on this and the people will be like "Oh so thats what Ricky has been up to how awesome". At the moment its seems like i am telling strangers who i am when i clearly know the only people who will actually read this will be people who already know me so all this bla bla blaing seems very unnecessary but i don't care to a point so there you go. Also credit should go to Karys as she was right this actually is funny just typing and typing to my hearts contempt.