Thursday, 24 December 2009

Random Birds In My Garden

Well i was in my kitchen cooking crumpets as you do, when i look out my window and see none other than a PHEASANT, I was like no way that's amazing but more or less like what are you doing here pheasant you don't belong in my garden your not even a local bird, so in this moment of amazement i took a photo, and well needless to say its a terrible photo but still a photo none the less.

So yeah see if you can actually see it, wow that picture is filled with fail haha. Well honestly i think it was actually going for this type of look.

I'd like to believe all birds aspire to be eagles which can dance and come out with witty slogans.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009


Commenting on one of Duffield old blog posts here.

Hahahahaha, The potato famine was hilarious.

Damn makes me laugh all the time.

Childrens Slides Not Meant For Adults

Well on facebook i mate a status saying my shoulder still hurts from the slide i went down at work, well what facebook doesn't know is i also made a video of this adventure on my phone, sadly though it is really bad quality and very dark so you can't see anything so all it really is, is just dark and me screaming in pain and the start of the video you see Henry my partner in crime who told me about this wonderful idea.

Also there is a lot of static build up when you go down(you scientists will understand why) so most of the pain i get is from electric shocks which is rather uncool.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Gay Bitches Animation

I forgot to tell my blog what happened on Tuesday with my animation class where i would be bring the little versions of me and my friends to life.

My verdict of the animation was well just say SHOCKING.

The worst thing happened ever our computer froze then shut down and we lost all our work, but we got a classic line from the Computer Tech guy, We told him what happened he then came out with the best one liner ever "Well it is a MAC". I praise you computer tech guy for understanding peoples hate of MACS.

But i am sad that i lost all the work that we did, which we spent 3 hours on.....*sadface*

1 Day Left Of College

So i only have on day left at college and it happens to my favourite day of the week, Graphic Narrative. Boy do i just love drawing Alan.
I hope my lesson goes better than it did last week as i had a bit of an encounter with cling film which really ruined my mood, which was then increased from then onwards, oh joyous of days.

Well today i'm supposed to be doing my Graphic Narrative work but i have been distracted by Dr Phil and Scrubs.

And i just witnessed the best editing ever, in this episode of scrubs the janitor says: "the whole of the uncles family was killed by an untied shoe lace, he fell down some stairs and an axe murder came in a killed them all" but instead of that it cut to a clip of JD wearing a hat with bells on it shaking it. Was so funny yet disappointing as that line is hilarious.

I'm never gonna get this work done, Argh some people have already finished and have an easy time, while i gotta do this shit all on my day off where i should be relaxing. On the plus side i went and bought some Special K i mean its probably a good brain food.

Such a classic line, you must remeber something you heard when you weren't even listening. Good old scrubs.

Well i have to go do my work now........Good Morrowwwww.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Grrr Gadgets

The stupid follow me on Twitter gadget sucks ass, mostly because it doesn't show my tweets it shows everybody one twitters tweets its mad annoying i've tried fixing it but it just wont work, so i'm going to have to say farewell my that gadget as it sucks ass.

If you want to follow me and you don't have me i'm @ThePineHouse

So start following today for a brighter future.

Another Food Animation

Got bored after i finished cooking my food and thought hey i could make an animation and i did, see what you think.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Stop Frame Animation.

Seeing as i now have a new love for stop frame animation i'm planning on make an extended film tomorrow, what i will do beats me but i'm thinking something food related maybe but i have so much i can animate, first object i must meet will be make something will no need to be suspended as the bread was very hard to keep in the air if you have a very good eye you will be able to see i used string would have better if it was fishing line but we can't all be perfect.

Man i love stop frame so much, my next one should hopefully look really good seeing as i will have a whole day doing it.

Dr.Pepper going going, Wait What

While on the note of stop frame animation i made a second one out of boredum this one took like 5 minutes so its not that long well enjoy.

Pretty cool, huh. I thought that it filled up much faster than it should have, really should've watched that back to see it happen but forgot what an idiot haha, oh well i will remember next time

Broast The Animation

Time to 1up your ass duffield as i have made a Boast Animation and its pretty good for me, so i basically downloaded a free stop frame software and got to grips with it and here is my final work.

I'm pretty happy with the out come even if i made so many mistakes as my hands are in the shot for a few seconds grr lag on my laptop, what you will probably find surprising it took me over an hour to do this and i took 279 photo for 20 seconds of film, Madness

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Gay Bitches

So i told Twitter and Facebook about my monday band at college but haven't to you blogger humm, well here i go.

Basically we formed this really bad band for mondays only to play in the music room we go into and we adapted that idea into our stop frame animation, so that it would be mini versions of us playing gay bar after much discussion we changed from gay bar to Rick and Mario by I Fight Dragons(Just in case you didn't know). Today we finished modelling and here is what we look like in model form.

Well there you go pretty awesome huh, so from left to right i will name the people, Andy, Sam Christian, Jack, Penis man and me. Little known facts about this Andy model has an extended neck so it was more hilarious, My model's body is a body jack made for a green man i can't make bodies so i stole that, all of our characters look just like us pretty much which is bad ass. Even though sam came in today sporting a soul patch as he cut off his beard, but the soul patch is pretty awesome and is reflected in his model.


So you remember (maybe) i did that blog saying fair well to my ponytail.........

Just in case you didn't read that before continuing to read this blog........

Okay you should be about done now.

Right i just realised this second that i can still have a ponytail, mind you its small and looks rather gay as my fringe likes to stay out so i look like a girl uncool, but still i present to you a
picture of me with a ponytail.
*Gasp* i thought it would be a long day before i would be able to do this again i think i look amazingly homo but still its a pony tail whats not to like.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

The Mechanics Of Mayo

Recently i have notice my step dad ((Alan)He may have the same name as a food genius but shares none of the intelligence, probably because he is Scottish and they invented haggis, which i have to say is rather nice) Anyway his idea of distributing mayonnaise is by using a knife. *GASP*. You would think the best and most effective way of getting mayonnaise out of the jar would be using a spoon and you can also spread it with the bottom of the spoon right?. Wrong his idea is a knife i mean seriously i'm not trying to cut the mayonnaise i'm trying to get it out and put it on my food, i have made a comparison of what using a knife in mayonnaise is like, Its pretty much the same as trying to spread butter with a fork yeah it may work but its going to take atleast 5 times longer to finish.

On the subject of my step dad i have a funny story for you guys, I was upstairs walk out side my room and hear I kissed a girl by Katy Perry playing i shout down "Ewww Katy Perry how can you listen to that" Step dads response "Its sad how you know who it is" Touché Step Dad Touché