Thursday, 25 November 2010

10 Things I Don't Understand

Inspired by Karys and Duffield i think i shall join in on this hating on things we don't get.

10. The Internet
I think this is a very fitting photo for the internet. The internet basically gives you access to everything in the world, within reason of not being a terrorist or anything. I mean its even easy to access as well but yet anyone you spends more than 5 minutes on it gets bored i mean yeah even i admit i get bored sometimes but seriously there has to be something you can find to do.

9. Animal Hats (Mostly Panda Ones)
Seriously look at this hat its so bloody stupid, i mean what kind of fashion statement is this, a terrible one as well. The most stupidest thing about this had is its really expensive cause the design pretty much took off and is now cool. But i see so many people wearing this and all i can think is you look like a massive tool.

8. Guys With Long Hair

This isn't like an ironic post as i am very aware of the length of my hair, but i don't understand how we seem to be a target from random people to call us homeless just cause we have long hair, seriously i'm not different to anyone.

7. Girls Pouting In Photos

Well trying to find a decent amount photo was annoying enough as a lot of porn cropped up. But yeah girls pulling that face you know the one i mean its really not cool and its not attractive its actually horrible and makes you look retarded in the head, which i think is a bit harsh to mentally challenged people as you are making fun. Shame on you.

6. Likes On Facebook

I really don't get the big appeal of them, no one really cares if you like the smell of petrol or you like spending x amount of time in your bed, i'm pretty sure that 'group' has been made so that everyone 'likes' it, and the only thing i notice about it is that it makes everybody look the same instead of being unique as you all like the same crap.

5. The Cougars

I really don't understand them at all they are all stupid and crazy, to be fair this is something i don't want to understand so i shall leave it at that.

4. Hanging Around At The Bus Stop

Yeah i'm mostly aiming this at Brixham but i really don't understand why all those 'teenagers' spend there time just sitting at the bus stop and doing nothing but looking menacing, there is no gain from doing it and they aren't doing anything for society they should go home.

3. Beards

I'm gonna have to completely agree with Duffield on this one, i don't get why i'm so unfortunate with the facial hair, the only thing that keeps me going is knowing i don't have to shave like every 2 days cause that would be annoying. Other than that facial hair please.

2. Social Group Labels

Cause really no one is in one of these groups like full on and even if 2 groups have like a arch rivalry against each other people can still talk with each other and find things in common and hang out i mean you see several different people integrating, i don't understand having these blasted labels on people.

1. Love For Harry Potter And Twilight

Seriously these films are really really really BORING. I don't see the appeal at all i just think its really plain and uninteresting, and yet some people are complete fan boys(but mostly in the case girls) how can you really got so obsessed with things that are so fake and then wish to be one, all that time you are wasting wanting to be something thats actually humanly impossible you could be using to increase skills you already have. Seriously.

My Lust For Alcohol

Last night i recieved a text from Becky saying "I thought you were going to stop drinking" at this point i was very confused as to how she knew i was drinking at the point we ran through all the possibilities of how she could know, we came up with nothing good so Duffield did a sweep of the pub to see if she was in nothing was seen, so i did a sweep to see if any of her family were in nothing again. we rattled our brains to try and think of a solution to this problem.

But alas it wasn't till later when i realised to told Duffield on facebook to bring ale as we need heavy drinking and thus must have been the only reason she knew.

If I Had A Job

Once again me and Duffield hung around in different parts of the bay, starting in Brixham were we got a breakfest at wetherspoons and a nice chat with Colin Bache. now before we ate or anything me and Duffield went to the bank to get some money, which was the point of a homeless man walked past us singing "If i had a job, i would probably be fucking sacked, as i would never turn up" me and Duffield found this hilarious and laughed about how it was a stupid idea for song lyrics.

After our breakfest at wetherspoon we walked around Brixham for a while going to different charity shops and found nothing but womens clothing which was annoying. This is when we decided to go to Paignton to walk around there for a while, when we were there we stoll many a scoff's chips the woman had to stop offering them to us, Duffield also got a RATP t-shirt, this is when we learnt Dave(Beardy man) shop will be closing within the year, but will still be doing sales online, we where saddened by this.

After more boredom we had 2 hours to kill so we thought crazy golf, we placed a bet to see who would be the first to get a hole in one, i lost the bet and had to pay up 2 pence. I also proclaimed that i was amazing at mini golf which turned out to be a massive lie as i was 10 points behind Duffield in the end.

After this we went to the Cancer Research Shop and Duffield found some black slacks and was really happy they fit him comfortably, we then made our way to the bus station and when out separate ways.

All in all was a good day

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Buh Rangering

Recently i've lost passion (of which i had little of) for my job, and i see it more of an annoyance and i can see this increasing.

Today i really didn't care for work, to the point that i let kids cut queues and some parent had a go at me saying he was telling me how to do my job, i was just like wow well you wanna go on the ride or fuck off. But being the well mannered person i am, i said that in my head. But still very annoyed with stupid man.

And in all fairness there were 10 people in the queue and the ride only holds 10 people so i really didn't see the problem. Grrrr, well i really didn't listen to what he was saying, then his wife apologized so i think i won in the end.

At the start of the day i felt completely drained and really didn't want to move anywhere i actually spent about 15 minutes hiding so i could just rest, and when i did finally get told to stand at the top of the slide i spent most of it leaning and dozing off, so i did eventually sit on the floor and fall to sleep.

Well that was pretty much my day.

Long and Lame.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

What Are We In The Shire?

So today me and Duffield took a trip to Torquay, but first we went to Weatherspoons to see if his phone was there Success it was, that was a load off of Duffields mind.

So then we walked to the bus to get to Torquay, we got there and we applied the rule of if the person doesn't help me i will not buy a phone we went to 3 phone shops and no one helped in 1 of them a guy pointed at someone else to make him help us, but alas we left.

Finally in the O2 shop we got some help from this really hip dude, and Duffield said the gayest thing ever "Nice waistcoat", i hung my head in shame. A few minutes later he walked out with a new phone.

When then went and got some food from tesco and ate it, and this is when we started clothes shopping and after hours of not finding anything we gave up and decided to leave. But while in New Look this dude comes up to Duffield and asked where he got his RAF jacket after giving him the exact location, being the shop we went to later he walked out of New Look we left a few seconds later, we both looked around and couldn't see him we then decided he must have been god.

But while walking from shop to shop there was a homeless man playing the Tin Whistle it was pretty funny as he would make eye contact with everyone for the hope of money, but Duffield commented on his music as shireish and said "What are we in the shire?" but we did give him some money and he was pretty cool and said thanks and when we walked past him again we gave him the 'Thumbs up' expression.

The funniest thing about today would have to be when we decided to go back to Paignton to look at other things, while climbing up the stairs to the second floor of the bus Duffield slipped and fell up them, it was the funniest thing i have ever seen.

We then walked threw town and Duffield said "Hey a bakery lets get some food" and i was like "Nah lets not bother" i continue talking and turn around to see he walked into the bakery anyway, in which we both bought food.

Then we went to the junk shop and stayed there for a while, talking and eventually buying things Duffield bought a memory card for his Game Cube and a rare Juggling book, where as i bought my very own RAF jacket which is mega fly.

All in all today was a pretty fun day.

We've Gone To Far To Go Back

I'm posting this on here so Duffield can read it, and it posts automatically on my Tumblr so yeah awesomeness and yes i do actually sync my websites.

Well today all started from last night, where due to some unusual circumstances, Duffield is now single so i said c'mon man lets just go pub and not go YES and he was like i have no money so i gave him £20 for the night, on my way to the pub i say Kylie walking the streets so i got off the bus and walked with her to the pub and we saw Duffield on the way, but Kylie needed money so we made a detour to the bank bla bla bla. We rang G to see if he was joining us he was, so we went to the pub to start drinking. Several pints later we were all pretty drunk and new Alan was there also but Kylie had to leave at 10:30, so we got in 2 more pints then last orders. Then we were sitting in a booth talking all meaning full and Duffield said "I'm going to the toilet" he was gone for a long time me and G were worried I went in and checked to hear the sound of vomiting, we then had to leave and we had to carry Duffield home and realised he lost his phone somewhere, we assumed Weatherspoons but oh well we were drunk, and i declared "We have gone to far" just being outside Weatherspoons. Finally getting home Duffield made a B line for the toilet while me and G set up his bed where he collapsed, Me and G had some food and went to bed.

Now this is where i become a total drunk and text Catherine something, which was stupid, and did the classic Drunk thing but on facebook and saying i love people. so i thought time for sleep, i layed down were all the cider sloshed around and with the sausage mixed around, i had to rush to the toilet and be sick, not cool i finished and thought i was fine, i went a layed back down still feeling crappy i had to re-visit the toilet and throw up a hell of a load more uncool, i even had to blow my nose as there was sick in there. but i felt better so i had some water and updated Twitter that i had just been sick. Then got some sleep and woke up with a huge headache.