Friday, 24 December 2010

Google Fails

Today i got a nice surpise of my Google Chrome breaking and not wanting to open again so i got confused asked my techy friends what they thought about the whole thing.

After completely removing it from my pc and re-installing it again i get this fun error message.
Its not possible as its no longer on my PC, Moron.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

3D Cinemas And To An Extent Movies

Are terrible.

I mean seriously i don't like the appeal of seeing something jump out of the screen, and most of the time its really pointless things like peoples heads or buildings, it doesn't really add anything to the movie viewing experience. Which you have to pay and extra £2-£3 more for some lame glasses.

I mean really '3D' is actually outdated technology its been around for a couple decades, i remember being 5 going to Disneyland Flordia and watching honey i shrunk the audience and that was pretty much the pinnacle of 3D and to be fair its alright.

But being in production for a feature film is probably the lamest thing ever.

First off: It takes your eyes a few minutes to adjust to the 3Dness which i assume is why they show 3D adverts which is also very annoying.

Secondly: It doesn't work perfectly if you are sitting to the side of the screen the 2 projected images are in different places and don't create a completely 3D image and ruins the whole '3D' experience.

Thirdly: (And this is the one that really annoys me) People think its okay to wear 3D glasses in the real world as a fashion statement or accessory, despite the fact the real world is in 3D. People who do this just really annoy me i had a customer at work wearing them i actually told them to take them off as everything is already 3D and wouldn't be allowed on the ride until they took them off.

Fourthly: The stupid glasses are so big and don't really fit on your face, and as i experienced would start sliding down your nose, no that really destroys the movie watching experience.

Lastly: The price is actually retardedly stupid, i paid £8 to notice all the things i realised and hated about 3D films even more, when i actually didn't want a stupid pair of oversized glasses on my face.

If you hadn't already guessed i went a saw a film in 3D today and to precise it was Tron, it was a good film and the whole 10% of it in 3D really wasn't worth the extra money (we had to pay as there wasn't a normal viewing). And in all fairness i don't really plan on seeing another 3D movie.

Gahh writing this has actually made me very annoyed.

Curse you 3D films.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Appliance Of The Week: Cheese Grater

So i thought i'll do another one of these again seeing as i haven't done one in over a year i do believe. But yeah if you want some nostalgia just look through all my old posts and you will find them there.

So this week i bring you the cheese grater if i recall this was the next appliance i was going to review and after all these years i have remember that it was next on the list.
And wouldn't you know it a generic photo of a cheese grater, just incase you have infact used one on your brain and have totally forgotten what one of these simple objects looks like.

What it does well it basically grates cheese into little slithers and i think you can use it to get zest from oranges, lemons and limes in all fairness i think it should be called a zester such a cooler name.

  • Transforms cheese into a topping
  • Its pretty small depending on what 'style' you buy
  • Easyish to use
  • You can zest everything (cause everybody zests once a day ¬¬)
  • Doesn't actually make cheese greater
  • Everybody is afraid of slicing off their finger tips
  • It has 4 sides any normal person will probably only use 1
  • They are hard to clean as everything gets stuck on the inside
Well apparently its all evened out right here, but personal view i don't really like it or would ever need one. as i am infact lactose intolerant thus making me never to use one. And i don't ever zest no straight man would. Would they?

Monday, 13 December 2010

My God

I really don't blog anymore, i feel like most of my blogging need are done by Duffield as we do things together so he blogs about them so i don't need to bother blogging them.

I mean really do you want to read about the same thing twice but with more plot holes and spelling errors, cause i wouldn't

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Christmas Parade

Now as some of you might know me Duffield and Big G all dressed up for this crazy parade. and i found a few photos i would like to apologise in advance to Duffield as there are none of him, and there is only one of us anyway.

Oh hell yes, I'm the hedgehog and Big G is Bay(gay) Man. We look so damn awesome.

This was also a day Colin Bache loved as he said "This is the happiest day of my life" as he rode around on a mobility scooter.
I mean look at all the joy on his face, to be fair he was a pro at driving that thing, even though we didn't want to do it in the end it was rather enjoyable.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

10 Things I Don't Understand

Inspired by Karys and Duffield i think i shall join in on this hating on things we don't get.

10. The Internet
I think this is a very fitting photo for the internet. The internet basically gives you access to everything in the world, within reason of not being a terrorist or anything. I mean its even easy to access as well but yet anyone you spends more than 5 minutes on it gets bored i mean yeah even i admit i get bored sometimes but seriously there has to be something you can find to do.

9. Animal Hats (Mostly Panda Ones)
Seriously look at this hat its so bloody stupid, i mean what kind of fashion statement is this, a terrible one as well. The most stupidest thing about this had is its really expensive cause the design pretty much took off and is now cool. But i see so many people wearing this and all i can think is you look like a massive tool.

8. Guys With Long Hair

This isn't like an ironic post as i am very aware of the length of my hair, but i don't understand how we seem to be a target from random people to call us homeless just cause we have long hair, seriously i'm not different to anyone.

7. Girls Pouting In Photos

Well trying to find a decent amount photo was annoying enough as a lot of porn cropped up. But yeah girls pulling that face you know the one i mean its really not cool and its not attractive its actually horrible and makes you look retarded in the head, which i think is a bit harsh to mentally challenged people as you are making fun. Shame on you.

6. Likes On Facebook

I really don't get the big appeal of them, no one really cares if you like the smell of petrol or you like spending x amount of time in your bed, i'm pretty sure that 'group' has been made so that everyone 'likes' it, and the only thing i notice about it is that it makes everybody look the same instead of being unique as you all like the same crap.

5. The Cougars

I really don't understand them at all they are all stupid and crazy, to be fair this is something i don't want to understand so i shall leave it at that.

4. Hanging Around At The Bus Stop

Yeah i'm mostly aiming this at Brixham but i really don't understand why all those 'teenagers' spend there time just sitting at the bus stop and doing nothing but looking menacing, there is no gain from doing it and they aren't doing anything for society they should go home.

3. Beards

I'm gonna have to completely agree with Duffield on this one, i don't get why i'm so unfortunate with the facial hair, the only thing that keeps me going is knowing i don't have to shave like every 2 days cause that would be annoying. Other than that facial hair please.

2. Social Group Labels

Cause really no one is in one of these groups like full on and even if 2 groups have like a arch rivalry against each other people can still talk with each other and find things in common and hang out i mean you see several different people integrating, i don't understand having these blasted labels on people.

1. Love For Harry Potter And Twilight

Seriously these films are really really really BORING. I don't see the appeal at all i just think its really plain and uninteresting, and yet some people are complete fan boys(but mostly in the case girls) how can you really got so obsessed with things that are so fake and then wish to be one, all that time you are wasting wanting to be something thats actually humanly impossible you could be using to increase skills you already have. Seriously.

My Lust For Alcohol

Last night i recieved a text from Becky saying "I thought you were going to stop drinking" at this point i was very confused as to how she knew i was drinking at the point we ran through all the possibilities of how she could know, we came up with nothing good so Duffield did a sweep of the pub to see if she was in nothing was seen, so i did a sweep to see if any of her family were in nothing again. we rattled our brains to try and think of a solution to this problem.

But alas it wasn't till later when i realised to told Duffield on facebook to bring ale as we need heavy drinking and thus must have been the only reason she knew.

If I Had A Job

Once again me and Duffield hung around in different parts of the bay, starting in Brixham were we got a breakfest at wetherspoons and a nice chat with Colin Bache. now before we ate or anything me and Duffield went to the bank to get some money, which was the point of a homeless man walked past us singing "If i had a job, i would probably be fucking sacked, as i would never turn up" me and Duffield found this hilarious and laughed about how it was a stupid idea for song lyrics.

After our breakfest at wetherspoon we walked around Brixham for a while going to different charity shops and found nothing but womens clothing which was annoying. This is when we decided to go to Paignton to walk around there for a while, when we were there we stoll many a scoff's chips the woman had to stop offering them to us, Duffield also got a RATP t-shirt, this is when we learnt Dave(Beardy man) shop will be closing within the year, but will still be doing sales online, we where saddened by this.

After more boredom we had 2 hours to kill so we thought crazy golf, we placed a bet to see who would be the first to get a hole in one, i lost the bet and had to pay up 2 pence. I also proclaimed that i was amazing at mini golf which turned out to be a massive lie as i was 10 points behind Duffield in the end.

After this we went to the Cancer Research Shop and Duffield found some black slacks and was really happy they fit him comfortably, we then made our way to the bus station and when out separate ways.

All in all was a good day

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Buh Rangering

Recently i've lost passion (of which i had little of) for my job, and i see it more of an annoyance and i can see this increasing.

Today i really didn't care for work, to the point that i let kids cut queues and some parent had a go at me saying he was telling me how to do my job, i was just like wow well you wanna go on the ride or fuck off. But being the well mannered person i am, i said that in my head. But still very annoyed with stupid man.

And in all fairness there were 10 people in the queue and the ride only holds 10 people so i really didn't see the problem. Grrrr, well i really didn't listen to what he was saying, then his wife apologized so i think i won in the end.

At the start of the day i felt completely drained and really didn't want to move anywhere i actually spent about 15 minutes hiding so i could just rest, and when i did finally get told to stand at the top of the slide i spent most of it leaning and dozing off, so i did eventually sit on the floor and fall to sleep.

Well that was pretty much my day.

Long and Lame.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

What Are We In The Shire?

So today me and Duffield took a trip to Torquay, but first we went to Weatherspoons to see if his phone was there Success it was, that was a load off of Duffields mind.

So then we walked to the bus to get to Torquay, we got there and we applied the rule of if the person doesn't help me i will not buy a phone we went to 3 phone shops and no one helped in 1 of them a guy pointed at someone else to make him help us, but alas we left.

Finally in the O2 shop we got some help from this really hip dude, and Duffield said the gayest thing ever "Nice waistcoat", i hung my head in shame. A few minutes later he walked out with a new phone.

When then went and got some food from tesco and ate it, and this is when we started clothes shopping and after hours of not finding anything we gave up and decided to leave. But while in New Look this dude comes up to Duffield and asked where he got his RAF jacket after giving him the exact location, being the shop we went to later he walked out of New Look we left a few seconds later, we both looked around and couldn't see him we then decided he must have been god.

But while walking from shop to shop there was a homeless man playing the Tin Whistle it was pretty funny as he would make eye contact with everyone for the hope of money, but Duffield commented on his music as shireish and said "What are we in the shire?" but we did give him some money and he was pretty cool and said thanks and when we walked past him again we gave him the 'Thumbs up' expression.

The funniest thing about today would have to be when we decided to go back to Paignton to look at other things, while climbing up the stairs to the second floor of the bus Duffield slipped and fell up them, it was the funniest thing i have ever seen.

We then walked threw town and Duffield said "Hey a bakery lets get some food" and i was like "Nah lets not bother" i continue talking and turn around to see he walked into the bakery anyway, in which we both bought food.

Then we went to the junk shop and stayed there for a while, talking and eventually buying things Duffield bought a memory card for his Game Cube and a rare Juggling book, where as i bought my very own RAF jacket which is mega fly.

All in all today was a pretty fun day.

We've Gone To Far To Go Back

I'm posting this on here so Duffield can read it, and it posts automatically on my Tumblr so yeah awesomeness and yes i do actually sync my websites.

Well today all started from last night, where due to some unusual circumstances, Duffield is now single so i said c'mon man lets just go pub and not go YES and he was like i have no money so i gave him £20 for the night, on my way to the pub i say Kylie walking the streets so i got off the bus and walked with her to the pub and we saw Duffield on the way, but Kylie needed money so we made a detour to the bank bla bla bla. We rang G to see if he was joining us he was, so we went to the pub to start drinking. Several pints later we were all pretty drunk and new Alan was there also but Kylie had to leave at 10:30, so we got in 2 more pints then last orders. Then we were sitting in a booth talking all meaning full and Duffield said "I'm going to the toilet" he was gone for a long time me and G were worried I went in and checked to hear the sound of vomiting, we then had to leave and we had to carry Duffield home and realised he lost his phone somewhere, we assumed Weatherspoons but oh well we were drunk, and i declared "We have gone to far" just being outside Weatherspoons. Finally getting home Duffield made a B line for the toilet while me and G set up his bed where he collapsed, Me and G had some food and went to bed.

Now this is where i become a total drunk and text Catherine something, which was stupid, and did the classic Drunk thing but on facebook and saying i love people. so i thought time for sleep, i layed down were all the cider sloshed around and with the sausage mixed around, i had to rush to the toilet and be sick, not cool i finished and thought i was fine, i went a layed back down still feeling crappy i had to re-visit the toilet and throw up a hell of a load more uncool, i even had to blow my nose as there was sick in there. but i felt better so i had some water and updated Twitter that i had just been sick. Then got some sleep and woke up with a huge headache.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Bumper Boats

Gather around children i shall tell you a tale....

Today was my first ever day on the bumper boats after a solid year of working at Woodlands(yay). And well its the one ride i was really not looking forward to do cause everyone gives it a really bad rep and hates it, and well did it live up the expectation, I hate it.

I'll just give you a brief summary of what happened to me.

  • People not listening to me, no matter how loud i shout
  • Having to go retrieve a boat which wasn't chained up cause someone got off it before they should have
  • Getting stuck in the middle of the pond twice
Now these all really annoyed me, and my hands are still dirty from the horrible brown coloured water, and with the addition of Greece from the boats themselves. At the end of the day i had really just had enough so i moved some of the boats around to but on charge and take off, but i did this as slowly as possible, it was actually relaxing sitting in the middle of the pond with the sun on you in total silence.

But yeah this is a day i do not wish to repeat.


I dunno whats wrong with me, i feel really ill all the time. Its just not amusing me at all.

And now i have this massive problem with Dairy products, i mean the Wade Lasagne was really nice and awesome but 2 pints of cheese sauce did a number on my insides, and i have another one tonight.

I really hope my body forgives me, and doesn't mind taking one for the team.

Monday, 4 October 2010

So Intense

Well i just found an unopened pay packet on the floor, and inside was hiding £130, now bearing in mind i was saving my money up to £150 and with the money i made this week from work i now have enough money to buy this bad boy.

Canon DM-XM1 Professional Mini DV Camcorder
Hell yeah i am so happy......Media activate.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Such an Idiot

This is a conversation that me and Graham just had. *facepalm*

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Beard me?

So me and Karys were talking and i said in my DailyBooth photos it looks like i have a small circle beard so she said i should draw it in to see what it would look like, looks pretty fetching it you ask me.

Small animation

Due to boredom of my teacher talking about 3D modelling i thought i would make a short animation thing, with the MAC programme 'I can animate' the logo is a garden gnome holding a camera pretty hip

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Monday, 2 August 2010

What Alan Would Look Like If He Didn't Get A Hair Cut

Well i reckon this is what he would have looked like if he didn't get a hair cut.

Oh God Not Again

(I very cleverly posted this blog without writing anything in it, go me.)

Well i was happily playing Pokémon when suddenly
Yes i encountered the shorts kid, everybody's fond memory of Pokémon, and the bastard had 3 of the same Pokémon i had in my party i was not best pleased with him, but then i kicked his ass and took his money so i felt a lot better.

Well still gotta beat the damn Ghost gym, stupid Pokémon weak to ghost type.

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Free Time

Gahhhhh A wild Blog appeared.

I use boring story about my life.

Its super effective.

Woah, you can tell its been a while, and that i'm still loopy for Pokémon.

Moving on....

Since i have 3 days off a week now, i consider that being a lot of free time and would like to full up that free time, but earning some money in the mean time in good so i have built myself a list of things i need to buy.

MAC book maybe?

I think thats it, mostly because i want to continue making films again, and i have a stupid amount of ideas floating around in my head so i more of less need to get them down.

The main ones i have at the moment are music ones but they need a lot of preparation before i even start to think making them as my last 2 where spur of the moment and terrible.

And my other ideas mostly consist of animation type things, i have an idea which i thought of ages ago just never put in motion, and i'm NOT putting it on here just incase someone steals it and does it before me, in which case would really annoy me.

Well i think thats most of my story done, KA-BOOM end of blog.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Pokémon Team

If Pokémon was real i reckon this is what my set would be like.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Pokémon The Shorts Kid

I think everyone who has played pokémon will have encountered this really annoying "trainer" around the pokéverse.

Well today i found the real life version of this annoying child, and before you ask no he did not ask me for a battle, i was waiting at the bus station in paignton and this random dude was walking around just shouting "I'm wearing shorts, Trousers don't cover my legs".

Now i'm not sure if this guy was promoting shorts or just high or maybe drunk, but it was so random just to see him shouting this walking threw the bus station, he got some funny looks, but i think it made my day that little bit more funny.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Music Fest Saturday

Well being as none of you guys where there with me that night i thought i would just give an over view of what happened, and seeing as it is a week later its pretty fitting.

So it started off with me collecting Henry and parking up his car we played a couple games of COD i beat him on all but 1 game, but then again he was screen watching the bastard. we then waited for Jamie and Hannah to return home, after all the inbetween parts like showers and food other such things, we walked down town to go to the George and Dragon (pub i got denied the day before) luckily one of my co-workers Angel was there to help out as he said you can pretend you are my brother and you don't speak and English (Angel obviously being a foreigner) he managed to drag me into the pub without anyone asking for ID was the ultimate win. we stayed there for a while lots of talking lots of drinks going past bumping into a lot of old friends.

At this point i still haven't had anything to drink

Before we moved onto Birssy's i got a few mouth fulls of Alex's random vodka thing that went down nicely (I choked a little) we then walked to to Birrssy's i would now like to point out the it is one of the smallest pubs in Dartmouth and it was packed, dunno how long we where there for but the whole time i was there i had people pushing past me and rubbing against me, this was really annoying me so i moved trying to not have that but my attempts failed, we then decided to move on to Bakers, on the walk there Coker said to me "why aren't you drinking?" which i replied "I can't be bothered" to which he said here finish my pint, so i downed that.

As i mentioned before Birssy's is a small pub well Bakers is even smaller than Birssy's and i'd like to mention there was a group of like 15 of us, so not a lot of room inside the pub i sent most of that time out side with Alex and Henry, this point Aaron brings out a bottle of amaretto which me Alex and Aaron finished in like 10 minutes, which was pretty fun and seeing half naked women walk past this point me and Alex getting more loud haha, thus we decided to move onto the Market.

At this point i was walking with a mad wobble and my vision wasn't perfect.

While walking to the Market i saw someone in the distance that looked like Danni after a few glances i assured myself it was Danni and not a look a like, this point my legs said "RUN" and my arms went "GO FOR HUG" so i'm running down the road with my arms out then suddenly she realises its me and springs to life and we hug for about 10 minutes or so then have random conversation then out of no where Sian and Beth appear, more hugs and laughing between me and Alex, after saying good bye to those people we went to the Market, where i bumped into more people which was insane, another classic Ricky Moysey quote was said here as well i went looking for toilets but they have been demolished so Jason who was with me said "Just go against a van" to which i responded "I have some class" and began peeing in-between two cars, then i got myself 2 ciders and they where drunk pretty fast.

Now this point is where i'm really drunk i have blank spots, i remember people leaving than us walking up the hill to which i thought going into the play park would be a good idea, i think me and Alex went on the swings to which i think i fell off and i got bruises all over my hands, then a massive blank sport then i was talking with Tony, then blank spot and i'm home.

Now in-between that blank spot of me talking to Tony and getting home i managed to fall into a bush trying to pull my trousers up and climb up my path saying "This is fun you guys should try this". Now when i got home i was sick and it wasn't fun to say the least and i went to bed.

Henry wakes me up in the morning and says "We gotta go to work" to which i reply "Why am i naked?" It was hilarious.

Well that was my Saturday its was horribly fun

Tuesday, 11 May 2010


I've come up with a theory on why i don't blog as much as i used to.

Since being introduced to twitter (Thanks Alan) i update most of my day on there in short sentences, thus reducing the need to blog, as i've already expressed it on there.

And the last time i updated the same thing on 2 platforms someone not naming names (Alan) called me out on it, so thus why i don't blog as much.

I'm sure i can find a excuse to blog sooner or later.

Just you know keeps your eyes open.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Dartmouth Music Fest

I can pretty much sum up the whole weekend with one word.


Yeah i spent most of it drunk and woke up both mornings still drunk, best part is i only spent £20 which to me is a bloody save and a half.

I will know sum it up in a quote

"fuck it go on the van." Ricky "i aint going on a van i got class im going between two cars"

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Friday, Mad Awesome

Friday the day i had been dreading and waiting to come, first thing to talk about.

I finally finished my sketchbook and i was really happy with what i did, my teacher was a completely different story she thought my final piece was a draft version and just basically told me it was shit, then when she talked about someone else's work she said thats how mine should look this is when christian said "You're making him feel so much worse" my teachers reply "Good, he needs to feel bad so he can learn", My mood dropped and at that point i thought balls to this i'm not doing any work.

But then my lesson was over and i had to wait 30 minutes until Becky finished her class, when the clock finally hit 1:30 i went to go meet Becky we hung around college for a while then we went to go get the bus to Brixham finally got there at like 3, bus took ages. When we got there we went and sat on like the sea front like area for an hour, We then went to the YES to find an injured Graham, we sat and waited for a while then Big G arrived, we sat outside the YES for ages and learning no one was in and without James we weren't aloud to go in anyway, we waited some more then it started to rain, so i suggested going on a drive, we ended up at my house where i picked up my bass and left my bad behind (which had my spare money and Becky's coke in). We then drove back to the Wade house hold for more introducing of Becky to other people (Katrina if you're reading this i'm sorry i forgot to introduce her to you, my bad).

We then rolled to band practice, but we had enough time to play the marios before we did, getting there we did the usual thing of eating talking and playing, with the usual jokes and such. then came the leaving and getting of alcohol, and James being the only one with ID he had to go collect it all he looked hilarious with large amount of alcohol and a trolly, we then drove to Big G and watched the Emperors New Groove, and after trying to figure out who Cusko was voiced by i finally remembered with it being David Spade, we then started watching Wayne's World (Excellent) but everyone started falling to sleep and me and Becky went to bed then.

Waking up in the moring was lame, i hate waiting up really early, i'm so tired. And looking at the alcohol we didn't drink we bout 18 bottles of Flanders all unopened and a case of Bud also unopened, only drank the Bulmers which also had 1 left. Madness.

We all left and me and Becky getting dropped off in paignton to get buses to our homes.

Been a good long day/night. And i really enjoyed it.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

A Day Later

I finally figured out the file size problem on my videos and got it from a 137 MB video to a 28 MB video, much more manageable i would say. So without any more delay i give you my test on my video editing software

Yup thats pretty much it, only a slight change.

Iron My Shirt

Me and Karys where just chatting like normal then something amazing in perfect timing happened

Karys says:
got a bit distracted there with interview
gahh I need to iron my shirt
[Ricky] says:
Good thing you're a woman haha
Karys says:

I'm glad she didn't take offence to this and found the funny side in it.

I've Only Just Noticed

But Scout from Team Fortress 2 look a lot like Ellis from Left 4 Dead 2.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Dartmouth Time Lapse Re-Visited

Seeing as my project is due soon i started doing some more Time Lapse so that i have some footage to play with and mix in and out in my final video.

Yeah pretty much the same video again you could say, but from a different view. I do like having 2 windows in my room.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Took Me Long Enough But Here It Is

Generic Blue Jeans

These Jeans aren’t like any other Jeans

They’re pretty basic for a small fee

You might find some with a picture of a bumble bee


I've got my generic blue jeans

Not looking cool by any means

I haven't got any style

But I can be cool once in a while

They’ll match most of your clothes

As long as the colour goes with blue

All the bad things you’ve heard are untrue



I bought mine from a catalogue

Where did you get yours?

From the latest stores



You can’t beat these jeans

They’re pretty much indestructible

And they are non-deductible




The Irony

Whats the deal.

Today i have nothing going on at all, and yet i'm awake earlier than i was yesterday, i also forgot to turn off my alarm so i was awake for that to go off, i mean seriously you have to be kidding.

Damn this sucks.

Well so far i have watching I'm Gary Oak, and some Jon Lajoie, Pretty funny way to start the day.

But i'm already bored.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Journey Part II

So my journey actually started the night before(I guess) talking on MSN with my newly acquired friend Becky, She was telling me how she was coming Dartmouth today to visit Pete, but with the amount of buses she had to get she would arrive in Paignton 10 minutes after a 120 leaves, and she complained about how bored she would be for an hour, then suggested to me to bring her strongbow to her which she left at my house. After more talking and such i was like okay i'll come deliver it to you and hang out with you for an hour.

So i woke up at 8:45 and hopped into the shower at around about 9:05 i receive a text from Becky saying she will be in Paignton at 10:40. At this point i was like DAMN i have to get dressed and leave if i wanna get the bus, i made it bla bla bla i arrive at Paignton listen to some Battery Powered (while sporting the t-shirt) and wait for her to arrive.

At around 10:40 she arrived, while about 50 minutes to waste we walked aimlessly around Paignton making your usual amount of small talk, we managed to do a pretty good loop of Paignton and get stuck behind some really slow old people, with some funny sites along the way, we walked back to the bus station to get the 120 back to Kingswear.

Now the bus trip, was pretty damn funny, mostly consisted of Becky thinking she is right about everything, well after a bet on a Dr Pepper bottle, i think i became the victor and proved her wrong but she had none of it and pronounced us both half right. After a weird talk about how buses and coaches are different she pointed to a sign and said "So what is that", me not noticing the sign and seeing a biker behind the bus my response was "That's a bike", hilarity was all the rage then.

Finally we arrive in Kingswear just in time for the ferry to leave ¬¬, so while waiting in the cold for a couple of seconds(yeah i said cold it was pretty windy outside today), but after all that and finally getting into Dartmouth we saw Pete and went and got some food, after getting that we went to the bus, where Pete then decided to buy a jumbo sausage on the way (classic Pete), which left me and Becky in the middle of the street waiting, which is about the time she just randomly asks for a hug, so there we are standing in the middle of the street hugging for about 5 minutes before Pete comes back and then we start walking to the bus stop.

The bus arrives and we all get on and get off near Pete's house and this i where i departed and went home. At around about 1:00 i think it was.

Well it was a random but fun day.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Game AI

Now some Games have some good AI and others have some amazing AI. Now left 4 dead 2, had some really good AI and everything was really good the zombies where more active and worked more in groups and the special infected became that little bit more sneaky, but then they had to add the turd to the top of this good cake, Rochelle I seriously have no idea how they managed to fuck up this royally. Below a picture.
I mean she has raised the bar for most retarded Friendly AI ever, This also proves you must play this game 4 player co-op for the better experience, But let me just give you a low down of what this crappy AI did.

The very end of a level the helicopter is there to save up the massive crescendo event was finished apart from a few zombies and one Tank, my route was simple run to the helicopter or so i thought, Rochelle managed to ruin that for me she stood in my direct path stopping me from going around her i get stuck then then tank comes out of no where and annihilates me and her leaving us incapacitated and the other 2 survivors on the helicopter meaning the level was over, and i missed out on an achievement i just spent 40 minutes trying to get.

Later on in another level there is a witch in the line of our sight everyone turns out their lights and walks around it, but Rochelle here had a different idea, as the character said "Be careful its a witch" she walked right up to it and disturbed it, making it go ape shit and killing her.

Seriously idiocy has met no means of this before but this AI has made me lose faith in women in a survival horror game, but then i guess i might get surprised in left 2 dead 3, i mean if that gets made.


I feel like i will be having an epic journey tomorrow, and i shall blog about it tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Pokemon Epicness

Been playing for like 10 minutes and already have an epic line, Bear in mind my character is me.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Damn Alan And his Complaining

Yeah so i would blog but if we all blog about the same thing its like reading it 3 or 4 or maybe over 9000 times over and why would you want to do that.

So on a latter note i will blog about something none of you where there to witness yet hearing about.

But not in this blog another one you say.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Conference Call

You guys better hurry up and stuff as i have like the coolest thing ever, i can use those random effects that where on my vlog in the calls, so i can be a complete badass with it.

Skype Addery

On request of everyone and the promise of CONFERENCE calls i got skype, this will increase my procrastination, which on the other side is pretty sweet.

Now being me would you please hazard a guess at what my name would be, i will give you a few seconds to decide.


Humm that was a bit more than expected but balls to it i say. Right i think i will have a list of the ones you might have come up with.


You know something like that, well i will be pleased to inform you that is none of them and my actual account name is


Like classic style following my Twitter and what not.


Sunday, 21 March 2010

Idiots Everywhere

This is something you guys might find funny i ran into this person who i know but don't really like that much this is how our conversation went.

Me:"A wild dickhead appears"
Him:"What did you say?, Why don't you say it to my face?"

Now i said the first thing looking right at him, this is my retort.

Me:"I did, you moron"
Him:"Well why don't you say it again dickhead"

Notice the use of the same insult i used, at this point i continued walking and laughing as this person is no smarter than the common parrot.

So Yeah

Well apparently according to myself, i haven't been blogging enough but i do have a reason behind all this and to save time and also prove my point i will bullet point it.

  • Taking photos
  • Uploading photos
  • Having to pre-plan my blog as photos don't move anymore
  • General all around lazyness
I think i got my point across, yes i am lazy and i couldn't be bothered to do something rather simple, But then all in all i haven't really been doing much of interest that really needed blogging about. I'm pretty sure i would tell the people who read my blog what has happened so the point kinda lost meaning.

I guess i should try and put more effort into doing this whole 'blog' thing, but then you'll never know.


Its been 10 days since i last blogged and actually a lot has happened, i guess you could say.

  • New Bedroom
  • A Gig
I think thats pretty much it, so by a lot i mean 2, which in turn is actually a few.

The rhyming was completely unintentional

Thursday, 11 March 2010

I'm Not Weird

So hearing the news about Brixham having street view i thought that i would try and find any of us on a walk about as we do but i found nothing, so i visited the wade house to try and see if we where hanging around in the kitchen, Sadly we were not.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Damn Self Service Checkouts

Now i have probably expressed with most of you my dislike of people and well talking to people, so that's why i would generally use self service so i wouldn't have to talk to anyone, but this friday something so annoying happened.

I bought me and James a drink, so i scanned them and started putting my money in and it kept rolling out, so i kept feeding my money it to get it back, this happened for a while. Then suddenly the manager guy came over and said let me help you *puts money is slot machine takes it*. At this point i'm like well that's a joke burst out laughing, James then comments "well done you just failed at a simple task any person could do".

Lets hope that it doesn't happen again as i would really not be impressed.

Brownies In A Bowl

So a while back i tried the brownie in a mug, in a bowl to get a sort of cake effect, thinking this would probably be the coolest cake and most painless cake to make ever.

How i was wrong.

Yeah this is my end result granted it is cake like, but still rather lame. As the whole selling point of the mug brownie was watching it rise and as it was on a larger surface area it hardly rose at all and hardly cooked at all as well.

So really it was a giant disappointment, and i will not be trying it again any time soon.

Jeggings Aubergine

Friday normally a regular sort of day with college than band practice but no this one was different.

At college i managed to get my hands on some 3D glasses which are pretty sweet, but i bottle of Pepsi also exploded over me leaving my lap completely soaked which wasn't cool.

After all this crazyness me and Wade drove to Graham's house to pick him up, stayed for a little while had some food then left for Paignton so that Graham could get his hair cut, while he was doing this me and James wondered into the 99p shop there and after almost getting thrown out we bought 160 long straws for 1 reason only, to fight each other in the streets and they hurt when you get hit by them.

Later one we decided that we didn't feel like having a band practice, we thought we would buy some booze and play Mario, but we went home first to find something to do we played some Mario, then i got bored and said you got any sort of ball or anything we can go outside and play with we found a frisbee and oh my was it an awesome game of frisbee we played, then it was time to buy some booze and meet up with Graham's new girlfriend at the Graveyard also known as the Gravy yard, by BigG. After a long pointless walk we got there only to stay for like 10 minutes only to leave to go home as me and BigG didn't find any dignity in drinking at a graveyard as this point Wade had already had one cider so i downed a can so we would be even.

We made it back to the Wade house there was home'wade' chilli Which went down excellently, then the drinking began, with the addition of long straws. I think i had around 6 cans all but 1 where drank threw a long straw, now the long straw is like the lazy man's way of drinking, as it involved hardly any movement, and i liked this.

In the morning I was told that i said "Mad Dick" at least 6 times in a row, now i don't remember saying it, but i remember arguing that i didn't say it that many times in a row, still hard to believe if its actually true.

And well today was spent pretty much playing Mario.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Great News

Seeing as my group (Me) did the presentation on Wednesday and the rest of the people in my group complained at such i will be doing it again this Wednesday, this is not good at all, also i feel like I'm hardly anything to do with my group.

All I'm saying is this is the last time I work with these people.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Group Presentation

Now this title is very misleading for me i think.

Wednesday we had to do a group presentation in front of our class showcasing the work we have done in the last 9 weeks or something like that.

I arrive ontime like i normally do around 8:45 even though my lesson starts at 10:30, i thought i could get some work done and write up a script for the rest of the people in my group.

10:00 am

Still no sign of anyone in my group thinking that they might be somewhere around the college and not in the library.

10:30 am

I walk into my lesson expecting to see them i see none of them, i then get asked to pull a number out of a hat i got number 5 which means my group was going last at the allocated time slot of 12:25

10:40 am

still no sign of anyone so a ring Jack, he answers and has pretty much just woken up he isn't coming in and no one else is coming in either.

I know have to do the presentation on my own.

12:20 pm

Told to start setting up my presentation

12:25 pm

Start presentation

12:28 pm

Finish presentation

No we where told that these presentation where supposed to last at lest 10 minutes long i have failed on that part also i had hardly any work to show for it as i only had 25% of all of our work.

In conclusion i was pretty much fucked and failed big time all to keep my attendance up, Not cool.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Time lapse Mock

So today it thought i would try out a short time lapse video just to see how it goes and well it went better than i expected but i have come up with a few ideas so i cam make my final one much better.

Friday, 19 February 2010

A 'Jolly' Good Day.

No first thing is first i need to explain my title but before that i will explain what i did. On Thursday i paid a trip to Pippa's house to hang out. Now Pippa's surname is Jolly, Pretty hip if you ask me so it seemed almost fitting i had that as my title.

So i got the 10 o'clock bus to Totnes train station to meet Pippa so she would give me a lift to her home in Modbury. This was like a 20 minute drive or something like that i didn't really keep time, But when we arrived at her house she said this "Don't judge me". Reason behind this she lives in a huge house with like 5 bathrooms (i reckon its actually only 4 but you get the idea) and her kitchen was massive with 2 sinks, which she said "Ones for washing dishes and the others for washing hands and shoes".

Cooking time. At this point we started making the Cherry Cake which we decided on earlier, for the most half i watched as she did all the work as i don't really know what to do but she found me a job. Cutting Cherries, This job was actually quite awkward as all the Cherries where sticky which made my job annoying, after cutting up all the cherries Pippa was adding eggs to the cake mixture, i commented on how she was breaking the eggs difficultly and i said i could do them much better the challenge as presented before me and i showed her how to break them like a pro.

Well while the cake was in the over we watched a movie, this movie being Ice Age 3, as i hadn't see it, and half way threw the movie the cake had finished cooking and came out looking like this.
Yep all the cheeries sank to the bottom of the cake and cooked there, i was annoyed at this but the cake still tasted awesome so my annoyance soon dissipated.

More food you say. Lunch time soon rolled around (this is where i sound like a massive pig) i had 2 sandwiches 1 bacon and 1 sausages(or snosages if your Pippa) the bacon sandwich was awesome Pippa thought it would be wise to use the rest of the bacon and put it in my sandwich so i had a bacon sandwich with 4 rations of bacon in it (greatest sandwich ever).

After lunch and movie finished we went on a walk around Modbury which is apparently not that big and took like 5 minutes in total maybe more, When we returned to the house we played Jenga like cool people and the results where Ricky 2 Pippa !. Yep i'm that good at jenga. We then watched the Bee Movie and not before long it had gotten dark which meant i had to soon be heading home.

All in all it was a good day, and Pippa lives in a pretty sweet house.

Monday, 15 February 2010

LETS DO THIS........

I laughed to myself when i read this, and i thought i would share it with you all.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Shopping With RATPACK

I say RATPACK but it was more like Me, Wade and BigG as well Duffield made other plans *shakes fist* and Graham was too hungover to come with us, so after having an awkward moment of knocking at the Duffield house hold and running into his parents where he informed us where he was, we also left them some orange juice we didn't want, but drawing back past their house they promptly gave it back to us. on approach to our destination 99 red balloons came on and James turned it up full blast and put all the windows down BigG curled into a ball to hide himself from anyone that might know him. We finally get to the multi story car park and while driving to find a car space BigG says he look someone replaced the ford logo on that car with the Batman logo, with lightning fast reactions i took a photo
We then went up one more level and found a car space and left the orange juice next to James' car and didn't give it a parking ticket we where hoping to come back with it not having a ticket, this started a long orange juice joke-a-thon, the classic from BigG was we might receive a letter in a week saying our orange juice has been clamped and we have to come pay the fine. We laughed for a while we then proceeded to get on the elevator, where i was the definite cool kid and pressed every single levels button, so between the elevator stopping i managed to snap this photo.
Its a pretty cool photo bar the whole blurry ness of BigG pulling a pose and James talking to me about something i feel like i was the only person ready to pull a half decent pose.

Thus began the shopping where James and BigG suddenly learnt i hate the idea of it and dislike most people, so i go and try some jeans on and when i come out in disgust with the jeans being to tight around my thighs the woman at the changing room entrance thought it would be a good time to question me about them here is how it went

Her: "You like the jeans?"

Me: "I guess they are alright"

Her: "You going to buy them?"

Me: "Ummm *awkward pause* yeah sure maybe"

I then made haste and told James the jeans suck ass and i would not be buying them, when then put them back and move on the next store, Being TKMAX ooooo. Where i actually bought 2 T-shirts one with the slogan "Under Cover" with a moustache and some aviators i was like "this is pretty damn cool" which BigG said "you sound like you are enjoying yourself, you know its alright" i also bought an Atari T-shirt to feed my inner nerd. We moved onto food which was just pasties and this is how it went in the queue, James BigG Me, James orders gets food BigG orders gets food i stand up to the till and the woman walks off i was like what its always me isn't i wait for a whole minute and then get served then we sit on steps and eat, then more shopping this time in New Look, Where James and BigG forced me to buy the most Redonkulas T-shirt ever. Its hard to describe Bright Yellow with a pie that has big pink hair and horns good thing it only cost £3 i now have to wear it to our next gig, goody. James and BigG bough some stuff which cost a bomb amount of money i was like you mad spending all that money. Then we make our way back to the car elevator time again, where i pushed our floor number and every single one above we where on floor 6 and i accidently pressed floor 5 as well, all 3 of us squeeze into the tiny elevator i press the close door buttons as i see 1 man wanting to get in the elevator, but BigG bags stoped the door from closing the man climbed in with us, i closed the door we went up and got to floor 5 he got off BigG went to also get off so it didn't look like we pressed all the buttons like little children he felt foolish, then reaching floor 6 i press all the floor number again. in to car and dry off, but we also run over the orange juice was made a huge mess i was happy. We then played Year 3000 full blast with all the windows down BigG curled into a ball again.

Brownies In A Mug Gone Wrong

So i decided to make brownies in a mug once more but this time i thought it would be cool if i used my own mug as its more cylinder like than my other mugs well lets say i instantly regret that as it doesn't hold as much as my others, below is a pic of what happened
Note to self never use that mug again, it did still taste pretty awesome but then it ruined my mug and it took my 5 minutes to clean it as it pretty much turned to stone as it got cooked too much, but is still tasted really good.

Next thing to try it in is a bowl.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Haha Who Likes Short Shorts






Thursday, 11 February 2010

I Think I've Been Dodging This For a While

So i was just surfing on the web using my iTouch as you do and i came across this.
I'm pretty sure me and everyone else aren't as stupid as some people, i mean who would seriously give out there details to someone on a chat services you have to be some sort of special idiot to do that. Thought i would just share that is everyone.

Monday, 8 February 2010

First Screen Shot From iTouch

So i was listening to this on the bus this morning and i thought i would screen cap for epicness.

But then 5 minutes later the bus brakes down and i walk home, humm is this a sign that i should get a cab?.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

My Own Philosrapter

Oh yes i went there, and i think Alan will be the only one that will understand the meme reference but still this is awesome.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Yes Awesomeness Knows No Bounds

Yes that is a budgie cooking pasta in a mini kitchen, Where is your god now?.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Shave Free February

This is an interesting topic trying to persuade Sam to grow and epic beard and him just declining everytime we said that how about none of us shave for the whole of the month and see what we look like at the end of the month and he accepted so this is going to look awesome, seeing as he always have perma-beard, like Alan but 10x worse no joke.

With the people doing this 4 of them can actually grow facial hair, them being Ben, Jack, Sam and Andy while me and Christian have a hard time growing one so either way the end of this month will be funny, even more so as i have seen some potential in my sideburns, gonna be a fun experience.

I would like to make a special mention to Jason who didn't join in with this as he is afraid in his words "it grows to fast" but be are all going to look pretty funny at the end of the month and he just bailed out, so uncool man.

Its A Whale.

Thats right is a whale with a Top Hat Monocle Cane and a fin filled with cash pretty awesome.

Now you might be wondering how this came about, well let me tell you a tail of this whale. Christian was bored and said give me something to draw so i just said why don't you draw a whale they are awesome but add Top Hay Monocle and Cane to make him the poshest whale you have ever seen, hours later and it finally became a reality and boy does it look awesome.

The Room Upstairs And More

So last Friday we had the night before gig at the golden lion which went really well and fun was had by all me and James set up the stage for the whole night and i thought it looked pretty sweet so i thought photo op?.

So for some strange reason it isn't letting me move the photo so you will have to deal with it there, i also hope this doesn't effect my other blogs coming up. Anyway.

Then came the main event which was The Room Upstairs, this night went off amazingly and everyone had a good time and all the bands that played where awesome i know that i had fun, only a few problems but nothing major i guess i mean whats Battery Powered without Alan? well it would be me in a wig pretty much. I had a really good time at both night and look forward to hopefully playing more gigs in the near future.

Take That MAC

Damn you and your faggotry i try and do something and it just fails up the place. Typical mac for you i guess, but i do have a image to show you how it failed me

Monday, 1 February 2010

Google Strikes Again

And it happened again is suggested something that is related to my interests and helpful

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Digging Up Memories

Look what if found on the internet while surfing.
Yes it is rather cool, just look at Alan.

Random Outburst Of Song

Being my workshop lesson today in other words do nothing for a few hours and socialise so we went to the library to get some work done, but oh wait Sue(our teacher) was like you can't draw in the library this is an outrage you have to do it in the class room, so we all got told to go back a lot of pointless arguments later and she says if you aren't going to do anything then just be quiet, so we are sitting there all quiet when suddenly out of no where we all burst out into song and start singing Mr Sandman, was so epic to much laughter was had.

Set Sail For Fail

So i was surfing the internet (no pun intended) well actually youtube and i came accross of the most blatant shopped images ever.
Seriously this is an outrage, if you can't see it just look around the neck line on the child.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Builders Bad At Advertisement

So i just walking to my house to find like scaffolding on my path and a massive sign advertising the company that put it up.
Now here is the kicker, I live in a lane and the only people that ever go in my lane are people that live in the lane, so this advertisement seems rather pointless.
But on the plus side it looks like i have this cool little walk way and makes me feel much more important, even if my house is the smallest in my lane i deserve one 1up i think.

Lesson Well Spent

Well we started talking about Google Maps and what random things can be found, then Jack mentioned there was one of The Stig looking directly at the camera at loch ness several people in my class mostly Ben and Andy made it there task to try and find The Stig. couple hours later and several miles of road explored we found this.

Yup thats right we found him and i found the location and now know where it is.

Gahh A MAC

I'm using a MAC and it feels like my soul is burning as this keyboard is all american and homo like.

Also Microsoft Power Point:MAC looks like i know where that 10% is from then.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Say Yes To Cress

I'm gonna have to completely agree with Duffield here he is right.

New Shoes

Yeah so i thought it was time to buy some new ones, well Pippa said if you buy a new pair your shoes will last twice along, and well i can't argue with that. So here they are.
Due to homosexual setting on my phone the colour always seems to be a bit off so in reality these should be purple and black but they look very very faded and i assure you they are not.

Hello There Bots

So there i was just on msn all awesome and what not then suddenly i conversation started. No i will show you this conversation.
Gayness i don't think you'll be able to see it either way after it said "how are you?" i knew it was a bot, humm i feel like i'm spending to much time on the internet.

Image FAIL. wont go any larger i hate this gayness

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Did You Mean This

Why yes google i did mean this for once you actually produced something of use for me.

Ever noticed how google suggests the crazist of things well the other day i noticed that it didn't so for this monumental occasion i screen capped for epicness.
Yup thats right it suggested my name and i have 1,750 results which i think are actually all about me. Damn i'm getting more and more famous as the days go past.


Sunday, 17 January 2010

Its The Latest Craze

Yeah so me and Henry invented the coolest thing since cool came to cool town.

Prepare yourselves for.....

Pedal Kart Jousting

Do i need to explain this anymore.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

PineHouse Animation

So to all of you that don't know i'm doing like an animation course at south devon college which has caused me to start a new blog on the progress of my animation as it where. So if you wanna follow my work if your really that intrested here is the link and i will be on my way.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Brownies In A Cup

Being hungry and wanting to try something new out Me, Alan, Graham and Big G thought we should try out this recipe i have for pot brownies (from the internet) just minus the pot as that would ruin the brownies, so here is the recipe.

Now through trial and error we realised you don't actually need oil or sorts so you can enjoy it would out that.

So first step would be getting all the ingredients and mixing them together into a mug of sorts which looked something like this.

Next step is to put in the microwave and cook for 3 minutes on 1000watts but we also found that 2 minutes was also good, when microwave bings you should have something that looks like this.

Now remove from mug or not its up to you and consume, seriously this is like this nicest thing ever to make in such a short time and its really filling. Final picture being what ours looked like when we took it out the mug.
Pretty cool huh?, Haha look Alan's arm. Big G said that next time we should add melted chocolate into the mix as it could make it taste better i couldn't agree more.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Yeah i wake up walk out side my house and see that everything is covered in a blanket of snow, my face dropped and the words that uttered from my mouth where "Where the hell did this come from" so i thought i should document this and i took a picture in my lane.
I would like to clarify yes i do leave my house when its dark, and i was the fist person to step foot in my lane as you can see the one set of footprints being mine. I do love the sound snow makes when you step on it, i was just walking with a very smug look on my face from the sound.

Well when i got down town i started to wait for the ferry then suddenly Sian appears and says "Yeah the buses aren't running snow day?" my response "Oh hell yeah" so we trotted off to her house for her to get changed into warmer clothes, then we strole to my house so i can get some warmer clothes which where just a pair of gloves. When then walked to Beth's house so we could get her out and have a snowball fight we did so and played in the snow for like 20 minutes became cold then went back to Beth's and spent the rest of the day there watching films and what not. All in all was a good day.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

2009 A Year In My Life.

So seeing as everyone else was doing this style of blog i guess i would join in with it, just so i could fit in and be accepted by you guys.

January: Now this month, the first of the year like most was pretty boring you know just Dartmouth Community College doing my last year of A-levels and playing American football/Basketball at the end of the day on a Monday simpler times funnier times as it was this was pretty much routine. But then one day a well known Mr. James Wade said to me come to my gig thing in brixham the RU and i was like sure man sounds good, i get there being all VIP like i have to ask for my ticket like a proper badass and its in a envelope, Damn i'm awesome. Anyway yeah i found a good friend now who goes by the name James Strutt and sat with him and some of the guys from Churston i met at Wade's Birthday, kinda out of my element this is where i also met Sophie Duffield's Girlfriend. But i watched the gig with all the bands and had an awesome time then came time to see Wade and Alan at the end of the show and i was like yeah you guys kicked ass and stuff, then came a turning point in my life from then on as from no where come Duffield and says "So you must be Ricky i've heard a lot about you, I'm Duffield" Instant friendship was formed, while walking back to Wade's Graham did the typical Graham thing and said to me "Hey chap come back here and talk to me" so me and him got talking and another friendship was born. I'm glad i got to meet these 2 guys they have shaped me to what i am today.

February:What happened in this month i actually don't remember i think i just started hanging with Battery Powered more and became better friends with everyone.

March:Now this month is interesting as this started all of this as Karys talked me into starting a blog i was reluctant and first but then look where i am now, I think this month just had more BP Gigs and stuff which was awesome Flanders beer being consumed and stuff.

April: Damn i really have no clue what happened this month, nothing good then haha.

May: Ah yes the one and only Jeff Fest (AKA Karys' Birthday) where lots of fun was had and i got to school the fools on how good my American Football skills are, yup thats right i'm to good at sports. More good times with Giging and what not.

June:Was this just more Gig's i think it was haha.

July:More gig's again, but didn't i help out with the Brixham Fun Day and have my chance at being in Battery Powered and pretty much sucked ass.

August: My favourite month as it has my birthday in it And i turned 18 jesus old man now, and i started working at Woodlands and made some new friends For example Pippa.

September: no least favourite month as in this month was the last BP Gig which was very sad but there is a recording from it so i can always listen when i want to remember all the good times, and then the formation of Ricky and the Pigeons yeahh, with a few issues to deal with which where resolved. Then my not favourite memory Alan, Duffield and Karys Leaving for Uni, sad sad times they where missed a lot. And then i started College oh yay

November: The month which i made a big step in my life and cut my long hair of 4 years and completely changed my style from wearing loads of black to colours and then made friends on my course so i wasn't as lonely, Ricky and the Pigeons was going really good getting a lot done was amazing. Went up to Bath to see Duffield and he introduced me to Phil and Ollie both really cool dudes, such a shame that me and Phil discovered we had something in common on the last day, what a drag.

October: This month sucked ass, thats pretty much it.

December: Started good we where all back together again loving life was awesome, Orange gave me free texts for the whole month i was like hell yeah and went insane. Then we lost Danni from Ricky and the Pigeons which is shit, and we are currently looking for a new singer, and well christmas was as usual the same, just working like normal.

And that is my year pretty much, as you can see January was my most eventful month.