Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Hand Not In Pocket

My hand isn't always in my pocket. I have proof seeeeeee.

Me and Zoli busting some sick dance moves.

Unemployed Sadface

After 4 long years of continuous work I am jobless and a total hobo. So on my last day of work most of us went for a pint and a meal to celebrate(?). On that note i will add i got pretty drunk. And well here is a pretty groovy photo of the woodlands 'crew'

Photogenic Deer

Making New Friends

Yes I have made some new friends as this picture proves i'm still as loved as always 

Mother F***ing Goats

That is all.

Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Today i had my Team Leader interview.

Well was more like a formality than anything, only made one mistakes and it was about hoover i think i can get away with that one.

So my future holds doing some Team Leader trial days and hopefully by the end of easter i shall be sporting a new hat. Like an OG.

Also Gabor comes back tomorrow yay, looking forward to seeing him on the weekend and him bringing me back some Hungarian Booze, ahhh yeah lets get wasted Hungarian style.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Zoo

So i went to the zoo, here is a picture of me stroking a goat

Here is a picture of us playing on a bridge

Here's a picture of me playing on equipment meant for 4-14 year olds

Here's a picture of me in pain after smashing my head on a low branch, should have listened to the sign.

Of course there was plenty of animals and a fun day was had by all and i really enjoyed myself cause well the zoo is something i haven't done in ages.

Friday, 17 February 2012


In the first time in my woodlands career i worked 6 days in a row, and all i can say is i don't want to do that in the summer. Ever. I think 5 will be my limit.

I managed to clock up 45 hours i think, so i will have a nice thick pay packet tomorrow when i collect it.

The only downside has to be the lack of staff out there at the present time, as for the last 6 days i was stuck outside on my own for the whole of it and boy did it suck.

There was some new people in today but i hear they weren't so good. maybe in time they will be.

Today being friday was my day off from all the work, and that was short lived as i woke up really early, and got stuck moving furniture around and fixing it, and tomorrow i get to go back to work again. Wooh.

However next week Hannah, bish, Claire and I will be going to the zoo for a late birthday present to Hannah. Should be fun.

Old Hair New Again (?)

Well i got my hair cut again after 5 months, it was getting a bit long.

However my neck is now really cold.
Here's the bog standard mirror self shot, i failed to get my face in as i'm not a girl so i can't do it perfectly. Then realised i'm just showing off my hair anyway.

Thinking about re-dying it, but my leave it till after my interview for Team Leader, Even if in the staff handbook it says i shouldn't dye my hair unnatural colours, but meh only young once.

Friday, 10 February 2012


Well i was going to take a photo of my shoddy facial hair and show you how Bad it is.

But alas i forgot until after i finished shaving so you'll have to wait a while, unlucky.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

New Work Rules

The other day all members of staff were giving new staff handbooks, Yay.

While reading it i came across this little section.

"No members of staff are allowed to grow a moustache or beard during employment"

To which i thought challenge accepted.

I haven't shaved in over a week and i'm looking well a bit scruffy, so my goal is to get told to shave.

And seeing as my annoying manager is in on saturday i'm hoping i'll get told.

Then it will be Achievement unlocked

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

My Bedroom

My parents went crazy and decided i needed my own closet and emptied mine and my brothers one, well most of my stuff in the room just got pushed over onto my bed and desk. See if you can notice any of my cool things.
The big stand out is obviously the Chbass. But hidden you have my massive bottle i collect 5p's in (bottom right). My Tampa Bay Buccaneers flag from the Wembley game (the red flag looking thing)
This one sneakily hidden behind the practice amp is cans of abbot

This has to be one of my more nerdy ones, as you can see a controller to a Sega Master system and my Gamecube wallet. And there are RATP badges, leaflet on knee injuries, my passport, endless amounts of money and my certificate from my college course

And this is the final product, my bed is cleared had the sheets changed and most of my clothes are in my new closet, Wooh. And the wall has some more character as i put up a Pulp Fiction poster.

How many people do you know can say they sleep under Samuel L Jackson and John Travolta?

Monday, 6 February 2012


So it was the super bowl last night, and before it started i was texting Claire she said she was drinking so i started earlier than i really should have

*3 cans later*

The game finally started, and well i was getting on my way to being drunk, so i continued drinking as you do.

*3 more cans later*

I was drunk, and the game was in the last quarter. And i annoying missed the end of the superbowl as i was ummm else where. I retuned asked my brother who won he said "Giants" i was happy as i wanted them to win. So i went to sleep

This morning i realised it was being repeated again on sky sports so i watched it all again in a sober state and got to watch the giants win, and the half time show again. It was awesome.

Also that is the most i've drank in a long time, on the plus side only a tiny hangover this morning.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Stupid Highlight

Well some how i managed top screw my last post side ways and i have no idea how to fix it or the patience to fix it, so if you want to read it just highlight it with your mouse pointer.

Problem solved

Curse you Shepard's

Well as Duffield said to me " you didnt mention that the shepherds warned you this morning"

And he was right, this morning i posted a status saying "Red sky in the morning Shepard's warning"

I should have listened there was so many bad things.

So it Finally Happened

After over a year of working on the bumper boats i finally fell in, in a manner of speaking.

So i was helping some stupid child get back in as they were failing horribly, seeing as it was wet and icy today i lost my footing slipped and my left foot fell into the pond and submerged at least half way up my shin, i was not impressed as i had recently got new shoes to replace the ones with holes in so i wouldn't get wet feet at work, oh the irony.

I think the thing that probably made it worse was the fact 2 other Rangers saw it happen adding to my humiliation, Claire had come to see me on her left over lunch time for a chat and got to see me make a massive idiot of myself as soon as i got up i saw her bent over laughing her head off to which she said "This has totally made my day" i few seconds after i looked over to the hill to see Jozsef looking down also lauhging at me. All in all a really bad time.

My foot was frozen for the rest of the day, couldn't wait for it to be over.

I hope i'm not outside tomorrow.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Nerd Night Out

So on saturday is was my friend Claire's 20th birthday and we all went out dressed as nerds.

Started off at Hannah's house getting ready watching god awful music on the music channels, we all looked nerdtatcular, we then went off to the 'social' to meet up with everyone else, and well we all stuck out like sore thumbs. That place is sorta like Spoons, so lots of old people staring at you for being dressed in a weird way.

I got an ale in, which the second pint tasted awful compared to the first. I decided then no more ale and hit the rum.

The night went on with more alcohol we ended up in 'coast' which is like a nightclub in a sense.

And you know what that meant Ricky "2 left feet" Moysey had to dance to popular music and well that never looks graceful, Ever. But they played some bang up music from my youth like Sum 41 so i can't complain completely so it was a right laugh.
Well this is us looking like super nerds, one thing that really annoyed me is Claire in her high heels was taller than me, by a few inches. I disliked looking up at her.

Also that guy in the pink top in the background was completely wasted he was making a fool of himself and hugged Hannah and tried to kiss her was hilarious.

Last orders was called and we all wondered back, the night ended with me and Claire having a pillow fight, i totally won.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Winning Sofa

Last night was a rematch of the sofa wars, And i expected this to last until about 2 in the morning then we would all go home but no, turned out to be an all nighter.

It started off just watching films as you do and flicking through music channels commenting on modern day music.

As the hours went on i said we should watch the Jungle Book, it was funnier than i last remember, But about 15-20 minutes in Hannah and Bish fell to sleep leaving me and Claire awake to sing along to all the songs and declaring our selves the sofa champs as we didn't cave into sleep.

But they eventually woke up and this was when duvets were brought into the equation, which ruined mine and Claire's fun game of count how many times Bish tries to get a sly touch of Hannah. At this point we put another film on and they fell to sleep. This is when me and Claire noticed the sun coming up in a very depressing fashion as we had both not gotten any sleep.

In conclusion Me and Claire are still the winning sofa

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Oh Livid!

As of late i have been hanging out with work friends, as you know the rest of my friends moved away (Jerks). But its nice to hang out with a new bunch of people.

So on saturday as a random spur of moment thing Hannah Claire Bish and I decided we should all go out in kingsbridge have some drinks and all suffer at work the next day, this was a genius idea, we all danced had some drinks a generally had a good time. The next day we were all feeling a bit meh but on the plus side Hannah Claire and I were all working in the Empire which made the day so much more amusing, while Bish was stuck in the Blaster.

Yesterday we decided to hang out and go to plymouth for shopping or in my case watching of shopping, lots of laughs and extreme corners and overly touchy Bish later we were back chilling at Hannah's house watching random TV, after collecting supplies for what seemed to be a movie marathon from tesco we all started to chill and relax. This is when Sofa warfare started with Claire and I (Winning sofa) against Bish and Hannah (loser sofa). This went on for hours and continued into our session of music channel songs, The song coming up the most being Flo Rida Good feeling.
And here it is the winning-est sofa, in perfect synchronisation.