Sunday, 31 May 2009

Jeff Fest (Re-Realsed)

Last friday was Karys birthday and inturn that meant it was Jeff Fest, a day i was really looking forward to, even if there where some inconviences, so here we go. To start off with i got to the bus stop on time but the bus was late due to a fire in Brixham which meant i was late, knowing that i had to meet Graham at one stop at 11:30 i thought that it would be fine on only being a little late, i get there at 11:30 on the dot, so i went into one stop to get a drink while i waited for Graham so i was there for 30 minutes then James Strutt arrived so i talked with him for a while, so me and him waited for Graham. It got to about 12:05 at this time Duffield and Sophie arrived so me and James thought lets just walk down with them, while walking down Graham appears from a car saying he had been down there for ages i was not impressed. So arriving at Jeff Fest first thing was first saying happy birthday to Karys as well it would be rude if i didn't at this point she almost said Happy Birthday back, at this point i was introduced to Harley cool person nice chat. So Karys saying that is always rained on her birthday i had my hopes up thinking it was be really nice as i checked the weather and the sun was out all day which was awesome. Later on Eden and Battery Powered played that was really awesome and the acustic step up worked really well. After this a few people went for a swim but me and Alan stayed at the beach hutt just messing around we had some fun, later on after doing the pinatas and such we moved back to the beach hutt to have a BBQ, which also meant more drawing in the book of Jeff, at this point i went a bit crazy with Pedro and took a stupid amount of pictures. After all of this we left to go to Grahams house apart from Karys and Harley as they went back to hers, i hope that Karys had a good day. So when we got to Graham we talked for a while then watched some TV but everyone bar me went to sleep, i have to share a sofa with Wade and boy is he warm and takes up a lot of space so i actually didn't get any sleep, which was alright as i had managed to amuse myself through the night one of them being Wade talking in his sleep, as i thought he was talking to me but i realised he wasn't some of the things he said where "what am i supposed to do" and straight after "move", and i thought well i'm not moving for you, your taking up the whole sofa, after this i amused myself with a shadow puppet show this was fun for a while, i did manage to get some sleep but not a lot. In the morning we made porridge which was good for the rest of the day we spent it on the beach with Grahams friends when it got to 3 0'clock me and James started walking to his house it took up 2 hours to get from Goodrington to Brixham but the walk was fun and i actually enjoyed it, so when i got home i was really tired and didn't write a decent blog so here is the better veriosn yeah. 

One down side to the whole weekend Jeff Fest ending.

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Jeff Fest

Man Jeff Fest was really really awesome i had so much fun, i'm really glad i was invited. the day started off nice a warm and lasted all day which was really nice, i'm a bit dissapointed that i didn't film as much as i wanted to, stupid camera spazzing out, but then i decided to go a bit crazy with that camera and take a stupid amount of photos, schooling Tom Wood with the kick ass American Football throwing skill was also fun, and the bands where really awesome, I really hope Karys had a fun day, this blog seems really short so i'll try and do a better one later on as i am rather tired, seeing as me and James walked from Goodringtonsands all the way to Brixham and that took us 2 hours, so i'll do a better blog tomorro when i am more energised.


Thursday, 28 May 2009

I Wonder If Karys Will Like This?

Being rather bored and being on the internet i eventually ended up on Wikpedia, so i started looking at the births deaths and events of May the 29th, after seeing a lot of famous people being born on this day i decided to add my own event, not really my own, the event being Jeff Fest, but they sadly removed it but i pintscreened so that i could show you all.

Pretty cool huh, hope you like it =]

People turn your head and what do they say, "Nice snail man"

Oh The Embarissment

As i was walking back from playing basketball i was throwing my water bottle in the air and cacthing it, i think you can see where this is going, so i threw it and it missed my hand landed on the ground i just so happened to be walking down a hill, ¬¬, so my bottle started to gain some wicked speed, at this point i was like AHH so i chased it down eventually, realising it made quite a lot of nosie i was like i hope no body heard, i was wrong i looked up to see an eldery couple laughing at me, oh the joy.

Nightmares *ghost noises*

Well last night i had one of my reccuring nightmares hooray, so i didn't really get alot of sleep, but then using the word "nightmare" seems a bit lapse as i wasn't really asleep i was in that zone of being asleep and being awake, but anyway this the only time it seems to happen. This damn experience that i keep exepriencing is well scary and very annoying at the same time, so let me explain to you the nature of this nightmare you're probably going to think i am crazy as its really weird, as soon as i get comfortable and just about to doze of my brain/imagination does this strange thing where i see everything really close up like 1 cm away from my eyes, i really can't explain it but then whatever i think of i just keep seeing it close up normally everything is rectangular and box like, but still it stuns basically me and i don't move a lot so i lay there motionless, like i said weird maybe i have some sort of outstanding fear of rectangles who knows maybe i just need professional help, anyway yeah that was my experience last night wooh.

Yeah Jeff Fest Tomorrow. 

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Prof. Oak

This blog is basically for Duffield, Graham and Alan as they are lovers of pokemon so i think they will probably find this quite funny.
Pretty funny huh?.

Whats The Deal With Nose Bleeds?

I have been known for my nose bleeds in the past, I mean I used to have them all the time which made my nose stronger and stronger over time, but then some times it has a moment of weakness for example today. I had just woken up so i made myself some crumpets sat down and took a nice sized bite swolled then i suddenly went all light headed, lost my vision a little, then everything went back to normal but then blood just started pouring out of my nose, this is rather annoying as it lasted for over an hour i used up like half a roll of kitchen roll. This had to be one of the worst nose bleeds i have ever had as it was pretty intense, but while i had my nose bleed fresh prince of bel air was on so it wasn't all bad, but now i feel rather weak from the blood loss. 

Monday, 25 May 2009

Ricky and the Pigeons

So i thought i would post the poster Karys made me why not


It looks like everyone is getting into the vlogging mood so everyone is doing it, sadly to say i cannot do this, needless to say i do not have a camera that i can film on or anything so your gonna have to deal with me just BLA BLA BLAing on here instead of listening to me, which to be fair is probably better, but still i wouldn't mind doing a video blog would be cool and stuff, oh well. Maybe one day


Ahh such a long weekend so much to talk about maybe i should just do a run down so you don't actually have to read much, unless your Karys who has some sort of superpower when it comes to reading.

It really did start off good as me and Graham said lets have a race and see who gets to the YES center first, i said "Well  you always are there before me so you'll win, why not". So the race was one, guess what i won by like 10 minutes i was in pure shock, in the mean time of waiting for Graham i had a little of an accident, i was doing this weird pose and twisted my knee and it popped out, at this point i went straight to the ground where it went back in and i spent a couple of minutes on the floor rolling around in pain while Alan,James and Duffield all stood there laughing at me not wanting to help and taking pictures of me in pain, oh the joy. later on we went to sam staffords house and get very drunk where no body knewme so i was like yeah how weird, so when people asked "so who are you" i replied with "hey i'm Ricky" with there response being "oh so your Ricky", this raises a question of how much do Alan, James and Duffield talk about me when i'm not there kinda werid.

On saturday i spent most of the day looking after the gear, while everyone else carried it over, reasons being i couldn't carry stuff long distances as my knee was a flying penis, while sitting there a show of Morris dancers came and did a performance, it was the worest experience of my life, funny story when Duffield brought a PA over we both at the same time said "Fucking morris dancers" after all the gear was there me and Graham went to play Bball and we got our asses kicked was not a good time. While Battery Powered where playing Karys arrived which we then gave my present which was damn awesome a Ricky and the pigeons poster which looked badass and i am actually in love with it is seriously the coolest thing ever, after they finished played they where invited to play in the Hole in the wall which meant moving everything from one place to another pretty crazy (this is where the title comes in) while moving stuff Karys kept on saying "Snails" which then started a long time of me and her just saying "Snails" it was pretty funny, and while packing up i made my own theme song for if and when i get purple hair which goes something like this "hey look theres that guy with purple hair no one knows his name", this is when the new Battery Powered Taxi man comes in as we used him to move the eqiupment over the whole of the weekend pretty damn spiffy. We then went on to the gig in the hole in the wall where me and Karys changed most of the Battery Powered lyrics to have the word Snails in them was rather hilarious (ha ha i spelt it wrong). Me and Graham then went to Alan house for the night.

Sunday bascailly just a lot of moving equipment and walking so you get the jist so i don't have to explain, but this was also the day i came up with a very random idea of making James, Karys, Duffield and Sophie a double date dinner thingy being cooked by Me,Alan and Graham and everyone seems up for it, even if they had that look of wow you seem really crazy and its weird, but to be fair we are doing it as a thank you for you guys so your gonna have to deal with it. Oh yeah that Taxi man Shaun or Sean however he spells it offered me a free lift to anywhere in Brixham while i was waiting for the bus but i was going to Dartmouth so that was a bit much to ask but he is pretty damn cool. 

Thursday, 21 May 2009

I Can't Think Of a Title

Today was one of them days you know, a Thursday. which basically is my least effort day really so was all good,  after 2 easy lessons of media i basically spent the rest of the day playing basketball, which it starting to be really gay as i was running way to much, which is a down side as now i appear to sweat from everywhere its not nice. but then again exercise and it being a hot day, so when the day ended instead of going tutor i went to the common room to mince, much to my suprize i fell to sleep on the sofa, lets just say when the bell went i was suprised and also said out loud " 5 more minutes" after realising where i was i went oh i have to go home now and basically left. So being Thursday i had to go down to the youth center and talk to Matt on behalf of Battery Powered so they can record some stuff, while being there i managed to eat a whole packet of digestive biscuts not good, also with no water Cha-ching, i am the master.  after helping out the youth workers there where like oh your should totally come down more we miss you, your a good laugh. so i might be paying more trips down there in the new future as i am pretty much a big deal down there. 


Well this is basically for Karys to explain to her about the cool face. Enjoy

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Appliance Review

Some of you well actually none of you noticed that i did'nt a Appliance Review last week well i forgot/could'nt be bothered, but well i shall do one now and for this week i will be doing a kettle.

Wells here is a pretty basic kettle looks a lot like mine but shorter, weird when ever i search for something in google images for example just know i put in "kettle" it said did you mean "microwave" of course i was'nt looking for a microwave you damn idiot. Anyway a kettle would be your first step if you wanted to boil water i mean where else would you go the sun PFFT, the kettle is another one of those inventions which leads a very stern place in the kitchen, as well every kitchen has one.

Pros and Cons 

  • Boils water in no time at all
  • Takes up little space 
  • Its pretty cheap
  • Easy to use


  • Boiling water is hot very hot
  • Metal sided kettle will burn you, if you touch the sides
  • If you have a tea pot you use the kettle to boil the water to put into that

Now from this you can see that the Pros out weight the Cons for once, i think that the kettle is probably one of the best inventions ever as its a time saver, and everyone likes to save time. The sure genuis about boiling water is huge as it has many uses Tea,Coffee, Cooking pasta i mean the list is near endless.

My overall score


This is one of the easist to use appliances with no hassel and i mean if you can handle a few burns, i know Karys can, then your pretty much set for life with this tool. In my personal opioun i hardly use the kettle as well i actually don't like tea coffee or any hot drink, so its basically just an annoyance to me as it just seems to get in the way and then burn me, but then everyone is not like me so its a pretty usefull tool.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Lampshades and Bin Bags Sounds Like A Clothing Line

Well not blogging while Karys went off and saying that i might, i guess i have to do one now so she stops being all sadface.

Now this topic is a really weird one, as i told Karys that i was coming on friday so now she is coming and i happend to mention that i have been forgetting to put my clothes in the wash, so i'm running low on t-shirts and what not, so this is when she mentions you could wear other things for example Lampshades and Bin bags to hide my shame. Funny thing is that me and James have already had a conversation aboout wearing a bin bag and that we might do it when we go SDC but thats a low possiblity, as funny as it might be. I just thought how funny it feels when you just wearing underwear socks and shoes, yes i have done this before its actually quite refreshing as weird as it feels, i woould highly reccomed it, unless you Alan as your are too hairy and your Nipples are freaky, and in the words of Duffield "No offense but the potato famine was hilarious"

What is this all about

Seriously i swear i just have a problem with not being able to not hurt myself while on school grounds, its beyond gay. Well once again playing basketball at lunch with a load of little children and older (damn the little kids where a pain) so there i was being a cool shooting some bball outside of school, i catch a rebound land awkwardly on my foot and just faceplant the floor worried i damn well tore another ligament i was like GOD DAMN IT, but i was good just a little twist of the ankle and stuipdly cut my hand. I swear that my shoes just want to hurt me.

Anyway onto the little children playing basketball with them was basicalling watching foul after fould after FOUL it mean all of them double dribbled and traveled, so i thought if they can get away with it so can i, but noooo i'm in the wrong stupid children, only plus side of going against them is they can't jump so i just stand there to get the rebounds it was so easy.

Also my asain friend (Cliff is what he is also known as) finally got his american football back from one of the gay teachers, so we got chance to throw that around needless to say i still have the technique down, just need to work on the power it have been a while.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Pine House Song?

This damn song i just seem to have it stuck in my head i was sitting in media just like

Pine house here.
Pine house there.
Pine house pine house everywhere.
Come to the pine house its really great.
Come to the pine house we have GRAPES.

Damn you Duffield and your catchy lyrics *shakes fist*,in other none related news i still have a lump on my head curse you James and your low cellings. Man an i going to be bored for the rest of the day just doing nothing oh what joy, oh well maybe later on i can talk about this deal if you know what i mean *nudge nudge wink wink* well a few of you will but some people might not understand unless they have been told. But then thats a highly doubtful, sounds like i'm braging like a little jerk, oh well


Saturday, 16 May 2009


Well apperently these seem to be my weakness my achillies heal if you will, as today i have managed to injure myself twice while using them, so here is my story Saturday morning breakfest time where were told about bacon so me and graham went up stairs, but while walking up i went to like hump him up so i jumped i smashed my head on that low part on the damn stair walk way, it reall really hurt i even left some hair there, but i got a damn huge bump on my head was so lame. And just now i was walking down stairs thinking i reached the bottom i made like this longish step, turns out i wasn't at the bottom i slipped on a step and curled my right foot weird like and put all my weight on it, damn did that hurt. Stuipd staris when teleporters are introduced to the house i'll be the one laughing at them like "HAHAHAHA Now whos useless at everything"

I am the Cracker Legend

I assume you have already read Duffields blog so you would know about the whole cracker thing, which i have to say i am pretty much awesome on the iron man aspect of it, i was amazed that i beat Alan by atleast 30 minutes, even though i ate a whole packet of crackers i felt so damn ill afterwards as what i called "Cracker Fever".

This weekend was pretty sick, in the goodway, as i had quite alot of fun with the guys just doing the normal stuff, but watching Lord Of The Rings and noticing all the things wrong with it, also calling characters by what they have played in other films was pretty damn hilarious, but it ended up with me and Duffield being the only ones awake as James and Graham where all like sleepy and stuff, this is where mine and Duffield's conversation changed from Lord Of The Rings to Lord Of The Sex in some sort of bad pardy, which was pretty damn funny and truthful at the same time.

I've actually ran out of things to say so i leave you with this: 
Now to go tackle Flying bugs and Trains 

Friday, 15 May 2009

The Ball Goes In The Metal Hoop

It appears that i haven't been doing my blog reccently well that has a nice story behind it, well i guess its nice i mean c'mon any story is nice well with a few exptions like the 3 little pigs, i mean what kind of pig lives in a brick house its madness and when did wovles attack pigs they go after chickens, well i don't know about you but that warpped my view and animals and i lived on a farm for 5 years of my life.

Oh it seems as if i have go off the rails like a train stupid trains, anyway i haven't been blogging as i have be way to busy with my damn coursework which was damn hard and took up a stupid amount of time but i handed that in yesterday which was pretty much a relief, and i have been doing some crazy exercise twice this week ((oooooh twice damn your pushing it) shut up little voice in my head you have no say in this) yeah so i've been doing basketball over like 2 hours and its crazy amount of running i swear i have lost weight i mean i look thinner (its not like i check myself out in the mirror) anyway thats been some good fun and exercise is always fun i mean being fat suck big anus berries.

I am starting to hate flying bugs those damn things, right picture this i was walking to school you know looking all cool and stuff, THEN SUDDENLY a damn flying bug comes right at me and gets caught in my hair and then i am there flailing my arms about the place and throwing my hair about the place then it flys off being worried it was a bee i didn't really want to get stung so after all of these i continue to walk off all cool and stuff with my cool face on as i stopped a bug from making me its bitch showed that damn bug, The End. 

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Pine House Express

On my way to my interview i had the pleasent suprize of seeing James and Duffield now this was rather hilarious to me so let me tell you the tale of the enncounter.

So on that raod which has like bus stops on it and stuff i say James' head and and said to myself looks like James when it turned out it was, i started to wave James waves back in a way of do i know you and then realises its me with the use of both hands. Now Duffield's enncounter was rather more funny as i saw him and pointed he noticed me and pointed and pulled a very hilarious face which made me laugh and laugh and thinking about it makes me laugh, then he went onto say "Pine House" now this also made me laugh. These 2 enncounters made my day good and impending doom of the interview not so much doom 

Pine house

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Dartmouth Music Fest

Me and James both agreed that it was pretty lame that no one could come and it just ended up being me and him, but we still managed to have a brilliant time. Sorry Karys is actually no way i can make the weekend sound lame as it was pretty damn awesome, anyway let me tell you the tale of music fest UH-HURR.

Now this day was my friends birthday Will being his 18th is was getting extremly drunk and me and James went to his house at around 7:30ish and we where late due to Big G and his Gaylover, anyway when we got there me and James just started the drink and finished off al the cider then moved on to beer then we got a bit fruity and went onto WKD, as the time there progressed Will's family where taking photo's and filming the whole thing and every time a camera came out these words where said by me and James "Put on your cool face" and me and James did that so most of these pictures will have me and James looking like idiots. We had some food at Wills house as his dad goes yeah there are burgers in there which invovled relish which me and James have concluded is basicaly a lazy man's attempt at Tomato ketchup after finishing them Will's dad came back with hot dogs and said "Hey you two look like you need a hot dog and basically forced them into our hands". After all fo this we made our way down town for some more light drinking after being in the rugby club for a while we left at this point me and James wondered off to find new things but what we found was Awesome, we found a Pedo man with a cowboy hate jesus tatto and he was singing Sex is on fire to random girls it was damn funny. After finding Will and gang again Will at the point is now more drunk and then he started doing shots this pushed him over the edge and he was out of it and he started shouting random things like "Amy has a penis, i'm gonna ring her" and falling into James and saying "My Bad" which was damn hilarious, so we thought well we should talk him home at this point we where carrying him, this is when it got out of control these two drunk "nurses" started trying to feel him up and trying to give him a blowjob after stopping them from hitting him and trying to get him naked we had to put him into the recorvy position and James got to use his life guarding skills while drunk, but the damn women just didn't leave and kept coming back at this point we had to block them out using the screen method from Basketball, at this point the one i am blocking slaps will on the ass now this is where i used what i learnt from Fresh prince of bel air and shouted "Back up, Back the fuck up", after a while he dad came to pick him up and he was at home while the rest of us had to walk up the hill when me James and my brother got to my naigbours house who had loads of people camping in the garden we thought we would just walk through casually, we got home had some food and went to bed.

Now all of us just woke up and showered then went down town for a while watching some live music and such, during this time we where in the avenue gardens and this Jazz band was playing lots of the old people where just sitting there watching this is where me and James thought it would be hilarious to dance accross the front we did it was totally awesome according to my brother the old people where not inpressed but i got a pasty out of it was awesome. Then me and James went back to mine so we could get the booze, this is where it gets Awkward while going to walk to my house who do we run into none other than my Ex-Girlfriend with her new boyfriend then tension was high i looked at James and said "dude hold my hand would be funny" he said no while walking past i her the new guy say "which one" as to refuring to me being her Ex bad times, when we got back down town after having a few beers and such we saw colin James wanted to go see him so we wondered over and low and behold the bench behind us was my ex and new boyfrriend eatting each overs faces was so uncool and this point i made me and James leave as the awkwardness was rising. Later one we where hanging with Aled Janman and people from James' school who i had no idea who they where so it was likea yeah good fun, at this point i look up and what do i see my fucking Ex again it was like duuude weak it then rolled around to 8:30 and me and James went to go watch Back Ten And Face they kicked ass only down side is having i man rub against me people bashing into me and a random woman wearing heals jumping up and down on my foot it damn hurt. When they finished me and James spent the night walking around drunk with random people going hey i know you and getting hugs, at this point James was bummed as he missed Karys so what did he do he went around shouting and pointing at me saying "this man wants sex" was so uncool, we then got chips on the way to getting chips we say Jasmine James Ex and boy did he make an ass of himself he shouts "hey i know you we totally dated and you have a tail" what an ass then we went home to have pizza and just went to bed as we where rather tired.

Was really awesome weekend pretty lame that the rest of the crew weren't here to enjoy it, but me and James had fun for you guys.  

Google Chrome = Awesome

So while just entering the world of the internet this morning i tried to get on facebook but then this appeard on my screen 
Noo its really small maybe you can open it and see what it says it says "Aw Snap" anyway, while waiting for this to load and this popping up i was plesantly suprised and actually made me laugh, its like when blogger had an error and it sugested that i get mozilla firefox as that is what all the cool kids are using. But this was rather funny

Friday, 8 May 2009

Alan and Duffield

These two like men alot, i have proof.

This has nothing to do with them not coming tonight............

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Cool Face?

This is a group of people pulling there cool faces. Checkmate.

Appliance Review

So this week i think i'm gonna go with the Toaster as its a pretty key appliance in anyones house and if you don't own one your pretty much insane

Now this is a pretty basic toaster but you can get ones with magical extras on it like a larger slot to fit more bread in and one i saw reccently came with a coffee maker now that seems a little bit to much but then i'm sure it would fit right at home in America. Toasters are a must need in a kitchen as it heats up bread to make it warm and crunchy i mean whats not to like, and its alot safer that burning bread on an open fire which could lead to many accidents for example setting yourself on fire would seem like the main one.

Pros and Cons 

  • Fast, quick and easy
  • Toast has endless uses 
  • Changeable heat as to how you like your toast
  • Its pretty compact (depending on what type you have)
  • Its always ready


  • Burnt toast has a pretty mean smell and it gets everywhere
  • Sometimes the toast can be to hot and burn your fingers (it happens trust me)
  • Sticking a knife in while its on if life threatning (your probably thinking what idiot would do that well i thought about it once)
  • Crumbs they seem to get everywhere 
  • You always have to have bread 

Now you can clearly see that its a pretty even playing field on the Pros and Cons, which well makes the toaster a pretty much love hate appliance but i mean how could you hate it, it heats up bread to make it crunchy.

My overall score


Its a pretty useful appliance with one simple purpose heatting bread and that purpose is pretty awesome, and toast with its many uses (unless you don't like spreads *cough cough*) but i doesn't really need to have spread on it to make it "extreme" i mean it goes pretty well with beans, beans are pretty cool they make you toot (how childish). But needless to say the toaster is a much have for anyone who is on the go as its fast and easy to use i mean they probably trained chimps somewhere to make people toast, and isn't that what we all want a pet monkey that can make toast. I mean crunchy bread, I mean toaster.

No Media This Week

Because of the bank hoilday i didn't have media on monday but i have 2 lessons on thursday, but today guess what i didn't come in for the most reason of i liked my bed to much to get out, and i convienced myself to stay in and come up with a backstory on why i was late. 

So here is my genuinie reason. My mum got in the shower as soon as i got out of bed then my step dad got in afterwards so i was wating for ages before i could get in, after having the shower towel drying then blow drying my hair (In the most manliest way possible) it was about 10:15 and my lesson finished at 10:30 so I thought to myself why rush I'll just get there for break and it shall be all good

And here is the reason i told people. Well i was walking up to school when this random bear approached me with a frying pan and some pancake mix (I think you see the conection from one of my first blogs) the bear went on to say "hey can you help me make pancakes for me and my bear friends" and of course being a talking bear i would follow, this is where my story goes a bit weird so "bear" with me (can you see the connection oh the hilaracy) so the bear took me to a bear universe threw the woods (sorta like narnia but without the woodrobe and weird talking animals*shifty eyes*) and this point i went on to make hundreds of pancakes for the bears, and thats the reason i am late.

I'm starting to wonder if i get lost deepy in my own thoughts a bit to much oh well whats the worst that could happen(what are you talking about Dr.pepper thats my quote*shifty eyes*)

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Google Maps

Check out what i found on google maps its probably one of the most awesomest things ever. 
Thats right its Cornal Sanders, but whats he doing out in the dessert my guess is he is there for advertisement purposes, but its still pretty awesome.

Monday, 4 May 2009


I seem to be coming more aware of things i wonder if this will change anything  who knows, and i feel ill what great joy i am feeling and because of this i will post a picture in relation to it as it where.
Aren't you glad its not something disgusting but actually something humorus, now for something else related
Well i totally fooled you all. Groovy

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Jippatude (what another post already)

I know i have done 2 posts already today one being very hefty in length but this one is actually short.

So this is about Jippatude the scale of jippedness which me and Graham came up with while walking to the bus stop. Now the scale of Jippatude in basically 1 to 100 so with basic things like this not getting food from the church be about a 12, but if you alan and the Wii stearing wheel isn't working its about 90 according to his reations an annoyence levels, so there you have it Jippatude use it wisely now 


This sees to be a very long weekend as far as "long" weekends go and alot has happened as far as "doing" things goes, Friday was just you normal friday but with some other twists and turns firstly being Graham not actually being at band pratice at a normal time and arriving later so the "band" practiced there new song> It seemed as if there was a tear in the "space time continuum
" as it where as James and Duffield got Kebabs instead of special fried rice looks like it really was the "wong" place that night. After Graham finally arrived and did his thing (drumming) he said oh lets go get something to drink, so we go out and come back with 4 boxes of eclairs probably one of the most effective drinks i've ever seen, so Graham then got thirsty while drumming again what a strange coincidence, so me being the sitter arounder effectivly just listenning i was summoned to get drinks as a mer waterboy as the band session came to a close "we" (meaning everyone but me) started putting stuff away, after this point the band Ricky and the Pigeons cropped up (this being the band being made after Duffield and Alan leave) in this convesation Alan(Nipples) and Duffield where named Homing Pigeons for reaons i still don't know and the phrase of the band "Anyone can join, bar Tom Wood" after all of this we retired to the Wade household. With it only being me James and Graham we just put on a movie know as Little Nicky its a rather good film with some good laughs which proceded to sleep Thus concludes friday. ((also it has just come to my attention that Graham has left the remainning eclairs at the YES centre) for unknown reasons this text seems to be larger tried to fix it but just gave up)

Now saturday started normal for me waking up at about 7 o'clock and not being able to get back to sleep yay, but then at 7:30 my alam decided to go off which didn't go off on friday which made me late for my lesson, so i decided to ignore it thinking it would stop as so it did
 but then went off again "ARGH" i thought James then got up turing to find the source of this sound which then had to make me get up and find my phone which had vibrated off the shelf and was vibrating accross the floor. After dealing with that we all went back to bed and slept and woke up a few hours later which them was just eatting breakfest and stuff then James leaving to do some Shopping which left me Graham and Billy, and then suddenly a wild gardening apperared me and Graham tried to run but we where trapped. And guess what i actually did my job this time as if i didn't someone would have noticed as it was only me Garham
 and Andrew, to be fair my job wasn't really hard just digging and sieving, only thing that really suffered was my back and my clean arms after doing this for a few hours it was time to pick up the stuff from the YES centre so we had to leave me and Graham then went onto shower (not together) after this and some nice sandwhiches the rest of Battery Powered arrived (James Duffield and Nipples) after wasting enough time James and Duffield left to get Karys for the gig while me Graham and Nipples stayed back and waited for time to slowly pass by, when time did come me and Nipples got a lift to the church with Katrina while Graham went with Andrew with all the gear, Me and alan arriving about 20 minutes before everyone else while waiting and prancing and getting the cool paper which had the words conquerer inside it, everyone else started to show up including Andrew and Graham who went to the wrong church this i where all the "heavy" lifting, some time after all of this James, Karys and Duffield showed up after this lots more setting up had to be done which gave me that chance to talk to Karys as we hadn't talked in a while this is when are new talking style came into effect which basically invovlves just waving your arms about in a sort of weird dance now every time we talk it turns into a small dance, so the night went on and on and i got jipped out of food and ruinning a vicors joke for Karys even if she had already heard it (so i have to make up for that) and then it finally got to the good stuff as of Eden and the changing of lyrics to "Excuse me while i eat this pie" (got a couple of laughs totally worth it)Then is fun just increased as my hip decided to go super crazy on my and spazz out now everyone found this very hilarious appart from me as i was in masses of pain thanks for the help guys only joking, and then finally Battery Powered played and following in the Noah theme which seemed to be going threw the night Duffield was all like "Lol Noah" to which the audience went "lol" and Battery Powered playing awesome as always everything went better than expected and then started the packing up which me and Karys started talking about Ricky and the Pigeons and that if T-shirts where printed it should have a picture of me riding a pigeon which is pretty awesome, and seeing as Karys is going off to uni next year and the Motto on the band being anyone can join i thought it would only be fair to make he a Honorary Homing Pigeon. After everything was moved outside i had to crackout my tetris skills to make things fit into the boot of the car while everyone else watched, this was then followed by prancing by me and alan to the car and me invinting a strange old man to join us thinking he was James. As soon as we got downstaires the drinking begain being the only one not drinking a had succome to peer pressure and thought might as well drink and ended up getting a bit drunk and looking threw a IKEA magazine i was rather tired and fell to sleep halfway threw iRobot and then waking up in the middle of the night to roll of the 2 seater to the Alan style dog bed but i didn't really have a good sleep on the with bad dreams and choking myself. 

Sunday started off grand with pancakes and a strole around pirate day brixham with me and Graham leaving for our bus so its been a pretty good weekend.

Now time for that joke for Karys 

So i rang up the NHS helpline and said 
Ricky:What is the best treatment for swine flu ?
the guy replyed with 

Oh the hilaracy and now to end with a picture of a Pigeon for obvious reaons 

Feels Good Man

This is that other part of that weird comic thing i have with the "deal with it" sologn on it, so i thought i would post the other one as Duffield and Graham want to see it.