Thursday, 25 February 2010

Group Presentation

Now this title is very misleading for me i think.

Wednesday we had to do a group presentation in front of our class showcasing the work we have done in the last 9 weeks or something like that.

I arrive ontime like i normally do around 8:45 even though my lesson starts at 10:30, i thought i could get some work done and write up a script for the rest of the people in my group.

10:00 am

Still no sign of anyone in my group thinking that they might be somewhere around the college and not in the library.

10:30 am

I walk into my lesson expecting to see them i see none of them, i then get asked to pull a number out of a hat i got number 5 which means my group was going last at the allocated time slot of 12:25

10:40 am

still no sign of anyone so a ring Jack, he answers and has pretty much just woken up he isn't coming in and no one else is coming in either.

I know have to do the presentation on my own.

12:20 pm

Told to start setting up my presentation

12:25 pm

Start presentation

12:28 pm

Finish presentation

No we where told that these presentation where supposed to last at lest 10 minutes long i have failed on that part also i had hardly any work to show for it as i only had 25% of all of our work.

In conclusion i was pretty much fucked and failed big time all to keep my attendance up, Not cool.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Time lapse Mock

So today it thought i would try out a short time lapse video just to see how it goes and well it went better than i expected but i have come up with a few ideas so i cam make my final one much better.

Friday, 19 February 2010

A 'Jolly' Good Day.

No first thing is first i need to explain my title but before that i will explain what i did. On Thursday i paid a trip to Pippa's house to hang out. Now Pippa's surname is Jolly, Pretty hip if you ask me so it seemed almost fitting i had that as my title.

So i got the 10 o'clock bus to Totnes train station to meet Pippa so she would give me a lift to her home in Modbury. This was like a 20 minute drive or something like that i didn't really keep time, But when we arrived at her house she said this "Don't judge me". Reason behind this she lives in a huge house with like 5 bathrooms (i reckon its actually only 4 but you get the idea) and her kitchen was massive with 2 sinks, which she said "Ones for washing dishes and the others for washing hands and shoes".

Cooking time. At this point we started making the Cherry Cake which we decided on earlier, for the most half i watched as she did all the work as i don't really know what to do but she found me a job. Cutting Cherries, This job was actually quite awkward as all the Cherries where sticky which made my job annoying, after cutting up all the cherries Pippa was adding eggs to the cake mixture, i commented on how she was breaking the eggs difficultly and i said i could do them much better the challenge as presented before me and i showed her how to break them like a pro.

Well while the cake was in the over we watched a movie, this movie being Ice Age 3, as i hadn't see it, and half way threw the movie the cake had finished cooking and came out looking like this.
Yep all the cheeries sank to the bottom of the cake and cooked there, i was annoyed at this but the cake still tasted awesome so my annoyance soon dissipated.

More food you say. Lunch time soon rolled around (this is where i sound like a massive pig) i had 2 sandwiches 1 bacon and 1 sausages(or snosages if your Pippa) the bacon sandwich was awesome Pippa thought it would be wise to use the rest of the bacon and put it in my sandwich so i had a bacon sandwich with 4 rations of bacon in it (greatest sandwich ever).

After lunch and movie finished we went on a walk around Modbury which is apparently not that big and took like 5 minutes in total maybe more, When we returned to the house we played Jenga like cool people and the results where Ricky 2 Pippa !. Yep i'm that good at jenga. We then watched the Bee Movie and not before long it had gotten dark which meant i had to soon be heading home.

All in all it was a good day, and Pippa lives in a pretty sweet house.

Monday, 15 February 2010

LETS DO THIS........

I laughed to myself when i read this, and i thought i would share it with you all.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Shopping With RATPACK

I say RATPACK but it was more like Me, Wade and BigG as well Duffield made other plans *shakes fist* and Graham was too hungover to come with us, so after having an awkward moment of knocking at the Duffield house hold and running into his parents where he informed us where he was, we also left them some orange juice we didn't want, but drawing back past their house they promptly gave it back to us. on approach to our destination 99 red balloons came on and James turned it up full blast and put all the windows down BigG curled into a ball to hide himself from anyone that might know him. We finally get to the multi story car park and while driving to find a car space BigG says he look someone replaced the ford logo on that car with the Batman logo, with lightning fast reactions i took a photo
We then went up one more level and found a car space and left the orange juice next to James' car and didn't give it a parking ticket we where hoping to come back with it not having a ticket, this started a long orange juice joke-a-thon, the classic from BigG was we might receive a letter in a week saying our orange juice has been clamped and we have to come pay the fine. We laughed for a while we then proceeded to get on the elevator, where i was the definite cool kid and pressed every single levels button, so between the elevator stopping i managed to snap this photo.
Its a pretty cool photo bar the whole blurry ness of BigG pulling a pose and James talking to me about something i feel like i was the only person ready to pull a half decent pose.

Thus began the shopping where James and BigG suddenly learnt i hate the idea of it and dislike most people, so i go and try some jeans on and when i come out in disgust with the jeans being to tight around my thighs the woman at the changing room entrance thought it would be a good time to question me about them here is how it went

Her: "You like the jeans?"

Me: "I guess they are alright"

Her: "You going to buy them?"

Me: "Ummm *awkward pause* yeah sure maybe"

I then made haste and told James the jeans suck ass and i would not be buying them, when then put them back and move on the next store, Being TKMAX ooooo. Where i actually bought 2 T-shirts one with the slogan "Under Cover" with a moustache and some aviators i was like "this is pretty damn cool" which BigG said "you sound like you are enjoying yourself, you know its alright" i also bought an Atari T-shirt to feed my inner nerd. We moved onto food which was just pasties and this is how it went in the queue, James BigG Me, James orders gets food BigG orders gets food i stand up to the till and the woman walks off i was like what its always me isn't i wait for a whole minute and then get served then we sit on steps and eat, then more shopping this time in New Look, Where James and BigG forced me to buy the most Redonkulas T-shirt ever. Its hard to describe Bright Yellow with a pie that has big pink hair and horns good thing it only cost £3 i now have to wear it to our next gig, goody. James and BigG bough some stuff which cost a bomb amount of money i was like you mad spending all that money. Then we make our way back to the car elevator time again, where i pushed our floor number and every single one above we where on floor 6 and i accidently pressed floor 5 as well, all 3 of us squeeze into the tiny elevator i press the close door buttons as i see 1 man wanting to get in the elevator, but BigG bags stoped the door from closing the man climbed in with us, i closed the door we went up and got to floor 5 he got off BigG went to also get off so it didn't look like we pressed all the buttons like little children he felt foolish, then reaching floor 6 i press all the floor number again. in to car and dry off, but we also run over the orange juice was made a huge mess i was happy. We then played Year 3000 full blast with all the windows down BigG curled into a ball again.

Brownies In A Mug Gone Wrong

So i decided to make brownies in a mug once more but this time i thought it would be cool if i used my own mug as its more cylinder like than my other mugs well lets say i instantly regret that as it doesn't hold as much as my others, below is a pic of what happened
Note to self never use that mug again, it did still taste pretty awesome but then it ruined my mug and it took my 5 minutes to clean it as it pretty much turned to stone as it got cooked too much, but is still tasted really good.

Next thing to try it in is a bowl.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Haha Who Likes Short Shorts






Thursday, 11 February 2010

I Think I've Been Dodging This For a While

So i was just surfing on the web using my iTouch as you do and i came across this.
I'm pretty sure me and everyone else aren't as stupid as some people, i mean who would seriously give out there details to someone on a chat services you have to be some sort of special idiot to do that. Thought i would just share that is everyone.

Monday, 8 February 2010

First Screen Shot From iTouch

So i was listening to this on the bus this morning and i thought i would screen cap for epicness.

But then 5 minutes later the bus brakes down and i walk home, humm is this a sign that i should get a cab?.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

My Own Philosrapter

Oh yes i went there, and i think Alan will be the only one that will understand the meme reference but still this is awesome.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Yes Awesomeness Knows No Bounds

Yes that is a budgie cooking pasta in a mini kitchen, Where is your god now?.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Shave Free February

This is an interesting topic trying to persuade Sam to grow and epic beard and him just declining everytime we said that how about none of us shave for the whole of the month and see what we look like at the end of the month and he accepted so this is going to look awesome, seeing as he always have perma-beard, like Alan but 10x worse no joke.

With the people doing this 4 of them can actually grow facial hair, them being Ben, Jack, Sam and Andy while me and Christian have a hard time growing one so either way the end of this month will be funny, even more so as i have seen some potential in my sideburns, gonna be a fun experience.

I would like to make a special mention to Jason who didn't join in with this as he is afraid in his words "it grows to fast" but be are all going to look pretty funny at the end of the month and he just bailed out, so uncool man.

Its A Whale.

Thats right is a whale with a Top Hat Monocle Cane and a fin filled with cash pretty awesome.

Now you might be wondering how this came about, well let me tell you a tail of this whale. Christian was bored and said give me something to draw so i just said why don't you draw a whale they are awesome but add Top Hay Monocle and Cane to make him the poshest whale you have ever seen, hours later and it finally became a reality and boy does it look awesome.

The Room Upstairs And More

So last Friday we had the night before gig at the golden lion which went really well and fun was had by all me and James set up the stage for the whole night and i thought it looked pretty sweet so i thought photo op?.

So for some strange reason it isn't letting me move the photo so you will have to deal with it there, i also hope this doesn't effect my other blogs coming up. Anyway.

Then came the main event which was The Room Upstairs, this night went off amazingly and everyone had a good time and all the bands that played where awesome i know that i had fun, only a few problems but nothing major i guess i mean whats Battery Powered without Alan? well it would be me in a wig pretty much. I had a really good time at both night and look forward to hopefully playing more gigs in the near future.

Take That MAC

Damn you and your faggotry i try and do something and it just fails up the place. Typical mac for you i guess, but i do have a image to show you how it failed me

Monday, 1 February 2010

Google Strikes Again

And it happened again is suggested something that is related to my interests and helpful