Wednesday, 29 April 2009


So i thought i would do what Duffield was doing but no reviewing pokemon but reviewing household iteams and appliances, it just occored to me that i'm kinda doing a salesmans job but i wont be doing brands just the appliance.

So for my first week i thought i would start off with the shower.
So this is your normal shower unless you have something really lavish but then thats because you can spend more money on a better shower, so let me begin

Pros of a shower:
  • Doesn't take up alot of room 
  • Pretty simple and easy to use
  • Doesn't take long to shower
  • Lots of settings for whatever the users need is 
Cons of a shower:
  • You get water everywhere
  • Wastes alot of water
  • Not very economical 
  • Dropping of the soap can be dangerous 
  • Can get very slippy 

Now from this you can see that the Cons out weight the Pros my overall score would be a 

8.9 (out of 10)

Reasons being its very helpful for a quick wash so it has a very good advantage over the bath, the continus stream of water so you're not sitting in your own filth for example the bath. But with its big impact on the environment on wasting water would make the score lower for that reason and well the dangerous nature of it when its very slippy.

But for me the shower is very devious as when i have to have a shower I don't really want to go in so i have to motivate myself, but then when I have finished useing the shower I don't want to get out as i know it will be cold and the water is so warm, so this makes me very annoyed as i don't want to use it and then i don't want to get out. Damn you shower and you very useful way of cleanning. 

Back To The Past?

I thought that its about time that i did another one of my stupid pictures blog again so here it goes. While going threw the masses of photos that i have i'm started to realise how most of them are innopropreate, but i tried my best and came up with these.

Oh whats this nothing but a couple of german soilders getting down and dropping it like its hot none other than that, I thought this was funny as when ever i see that hammer in James' Wii room i just go "Stop Hammer Time!" so i thought this would apply in some way and kind. But wait theres more,

So i thought i would post the reason behind why i say "Deal with it" and well here it is, its a rather random comic book so yeah thats the reason why, to be fair i think i will post one more a good finnisher if you may.

Oh My God its a dog but not an ordinary dog this dog thinks he's people if you catch my drift, i mean c'mon if you walked into your back garden and saw well this i think your reactions would be something along the lines of
A) "Nice"
C)"Oh My God that dog looks so awesome if he had a pair of sunglasses i would worship him as if he is a god" 

Know personally i'm gonna go with option C as no one would be able not to break down into histaritcs over this, s0 in my conclusion this is one badass dog and is almost as cool as Lion ridding a Horse  

"Oh no he didn't", Oh yes i did, now i bet you weren't expecting that but for some reason i think some of you where expecting it as you would be thinking why would he say that unless i was going to back it up but there you have it people i did it.

Also it has come to my attention on how hard it really is to move photos on Google Chrome on Firefox it was so much easier but oh well i'll get over it

Monday, 27 April 2009

Well These Another Job I Can Cross off The List

Well my time as a weather man is up as i have made a grave mistake, you know my forcast of sunny spells and such so it was going to be nice and dry up, well i was wrong after a few munites of posting that it started to rain heavy which was not cool.You know something along these lines, well atleast i know thats not the profession for me


Monday morning was a beautiful day Har Har, so this morning i just kept hitting the snooze button just getting a few more minutes of sleep i finally got out of bed at 8:30 with my lesson starting at 8:45, so i had 15 minuites to shower change and walk up to school guess what............ I didn't make it i was 20 minutes late which to be fair didn't make a difference or big deal. Also with this stupid amount of rain i don't think we will be playing tonight which is a real shame as i was looking forward to playing maybe i will go and check the weather

5 Minutes later.........

Apperently its just going to be sunny with light showers so we might be able to play then, as the ground might have dried up a little so it well be all cool.

So doing a Graham i walked into my common room shouting "EEEYEAH" everyone was very confused i laughed then they put on Step up 2 this is just supreme gayness. Now i just have to wait for this lesson to end so i can go home and stop being so damn bored ARGH

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Pine House

The word pine house well the two words have a very good origin, but i think Duffield would be better at explainning it but its hilarious.

So this weekend was very eventfull if you know what i mean heh heh, so basically i just went to James' house on friday and then on saturday James Graham and Duffield came to which was rather funny i guess that one way you could put it. Also i think James has a good point as when we just arrived in Dartmouth he said "Wow i feel dummer already" and for some strange reason i just couldn't talk properly while in darmouth some of my more famous words where "Latoseintillerence" and "hilaracy" and also i do blame this being to morning as well and my head wasn't functionning properly. I'm hoping fun was had by all unless I failed *sadface*, one of the most intresting experence i had on the whole weekend was being a replacement Alan now this is much harder than it seems as my scientific knowledge is long gone so i didn't play a very good Alan but other than that cooking with Duffield was damn "hilarious".

Something else that has become apperent is that i don't call Duffield Duffield its seems to come out as a slurred version which spelled kinda looks like this Duffulled, and for the life of me i have no idea why i call him as such so i am trying my hardest to not call him as such 

Something else else, really its just aimed at Karys, so on saturday morning i made the bridge from the fold out bed to the 2 seater sofa trying to get frank to cross it, he was just about to take his first step but then he stopped and then jumped. i was highly dissapointed he didn't cross but i was suprised he could jump the gap which was pretty impressive, but he still seems to be out smarting me ¬¬.

Also something else else else, Alan you missed all the fun Bonbonbonbons and Beers you are a general dissapointment i am very sad at boo.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Put On Your Cool Face

This is me putting on my cool face think you can pull a better cool face.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Me and my friends went to play some manhunt and i assume you all know what that means as i am not going to explain so look it up it you don't know =]. So we decided to play it in one of the safest places ever the woods (did you sense the sarcasm) so me being one of the most accident prone people in the universe lets just say i got a few bumps and scrapes which in turn is an understatement ha ha. Let me start off with my first injury i was walking thew some long grass and my left leg rubbed hard against the hidden post and i had some of the skin removed from my leg, after this we moved to a more wooded area which had way to many brambles for my liking but we still played after trying to not get caught i managed to cut my right leg cut my hand in a few places and rip my shorts *not impressed face*, so after this game we moved to a different area of woodland which was mostly flat and filled with bluebells now it do look lovely in all but they where death traps as when you put your foot on them you slipped and basically fell all over the place while trying to run in this i slipped fell and cut my elbow open on a random stick. All in all it was a fun but tiring game and now i have less blood.

Monday, 20 April 2009

When Art Attacks

The title actually has nothing to do with this blog but i thought it would be a good way to remember it also i think i might write a little explanation and the bottom of this post either way it is a good way to remember the Title the Title the Title. And that held no sort of purpose but it thought it look cool in my head and i was right so Booya.

So on to my next point this is bascially a recap of the events that happened today in list form (the worst kind of form)

1) Have till friday to finish 2 pieces of Media coursework (Hooray)
2) I seem to have a fondness to blog at school on mondays
3) I used a keyboard which on one side was hot and on the other was cold
4) I said on a uni students Dictaphone that America sucks most because of there heathcare but its so true
5) My skill in Basketball has increased (I'm just knocking sports of a list =])
6) I ran so much it was MADNESS
7) When i got home i made my tea and used a whole packet of s
mash which is meant to serve 6 people and i ate the whole thing
8) I felt very sick after eating that amount of mash
9) I had a power nap after my tea just to recharge my ba
tteries (It was good)
And finally
10) When Art Attacks (Need i say no more)

How about a little story why not. This story is called "When Art Attacks". So i was just sitting here signing into MSN and started conversations with people those people being Karys, James, Skeggsy and then Graham said Hi i forgot to start a conversation with him oh the shame that i felt, so i asked them all the normal few questions "How are you?" i said they all replyed in very good moods, which is a good thing as everyone is happy this make me happen is a weird kind of stalkerish way but we wont go into that. So as the conversations became more indepth i said to James "Guess what?" he replyed with his answer of "Wut" not really expecting him to try and guess what i planned to tell him so everything was going to plan, so i went on to tell him that my parents are on there honeymoon for 2 weeks, at this point the conversation swayed into a mass of james comming on to me i was confused so i asked him "Are you coming on to me?" he replyed with "No" i could sense that he was doing shifty eyes as to say to himself "Thats what i want him to think *evil laugh*" at this point I told James i would keep a close eye on him, the conversation changed to him saying that the band and Co should stay around my house on saturday for the most reason of no one being there, the conversation stayed along this line. Meanwhile in another conversation i was talking to Karys we had been talking eariler so i asked her "What have you been up to?" she went on to explain the design ideas she came up with for her guitar i can't remember her exact words, I then went on to say "Sounds like art attack" (the plot thickens) she replyed with "Art Attack is cool"(i think something along those lines). Now this is where is geting a bit Nuty-Nut-Nuts as i said "Or like that spinoff show i just came up with in my head "When Art Attacks" i tell by her response of "HAHA I must do that" that she was very excitable and well we all know what she does when she is excitable *wink wink*. And thus concludes the story behind "When Art Attacks" i may have taken i few twists and turns but i think it makes the story more enjoyable am i right?. After this Karys went offline as it was getting late so me and James continued our conversation and then he left so i am now left with Graham who now i am going to leave as i am tired and need some sleep and not just a Power Nap. I'm starting to think that this needs a picture to go with it just to liven it up a bit. So i made a little picture to go above the story its pretty badass seeing as i did it in MS paint hope you like it =].

Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL)

If you haven't already guessed this relates to my knee injury which i think i said something about somewhere actually yes i remember it was a monday and i had toast for breakfast i do like toast in the morning.....................................................................................Anyway as i was saying, so i was bored and thought i would look up knee related injuries turns out i strained my MCL and apperently is a 2-3 week recovery rate. Now time for a picture
So From this picture i can totally see how i managed to do this injury to myself as my knee decided to push against this ligament when it popped out. But on the bright side i can now play basketball better. Happy-Face

What A Strange Lesson

Well for my key skills lesson i had this woman talking to us about welfare and what we thought about it, i didn't really join in much when there where talking about unemployment but it went onto healthcare i was right on the ball as i know quite abit about that compred to other contries. But all these thoughts aside i don't really like people that i have just met asking me about what i want to do in my life i just think its a bit personal you know, so i didn't pay that much attention and guess what i went off into my own little world again. But this time my imagination wasn't fully active as i actaully day dreaming about writing this blog which in turn is quite umm sad, so now i have to entertain myself for about an hour untill the end of the day.

Damn You First Day Back

The first day back to school oh what joy, after actually doing nothing for my first 2 lessons and just been listening to Battery Powered to pass the time. I have already had a nice encounter with my sarcasum of coming back to school so let me tell you about this event. So our Media class has moved into a new classroom (its basically just down staires) and people where saying how nice it was one person said Person:"Wow looks really nice a fresh and airy with these new tables"
I then sarcastily said "Yeah tables are known for the producing of air" after a few moments of silcence people laughed so i saw this as a win in my books Hells yeah. So before the end of term i decided i wouldn't do some work (what a genuis) and thinking that today would be my judgement day and i would be kicked into the next centre (I think thats right hummm) anyway turns out i know have a week to do that and my current coursework which i kinda "Forgot" to do over the break. What i have started to notice when i am walking to school i get lost in my thoughts and then realize that i have gotten further to school but with out remembering doing the walking,i'm starting to think that i get so lost in my thought that i just seem to phase out of life now i can see this being a problem as i do it all the time,i mean right now i'm half writing then and in my own little imaginary world. Well we shall see how the plays out in my life and if it causes problems i doubt it would, i might if someone was talking to me about something import and i just zoned out as it where. ARGH!! i just noticed my MP3 player has almost dead which is so homo as i charged it last night.

Show Me Your Peaches.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009


After having the storm i'm glad that i didn't go out to the cinema with tom wood and Co well mostly because i really couldn't be assed, and even having tom ring me asking me where i was i felt kinda guilty that i didn't come but the storm made me feel better as i really didn't want to be out in that as spending a day wet would have been very annoying. The storm was so awesome i just opened my curtains i full as i possible could just so i could see as much as i could, i then went to open my window and lean out trying to find the lightning. The sound of the thunder was immense as it sounded like a bomb going off, i was talking to my brother who is in shrewsburry at the moment and laughed saying that it was so suppsoed to be sunny in dartmouth.

So you this is what the storm looked like

Or did it

well you never know unless i tell you

I got it from google images

but still thats basically what it looked like was pretty awesome

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Pies (Nothing To Do With Pies)

I gave up on a Title and thought i would just start writing and maybe i might come up with one half way threw typing and well you'll find out or not as i'm not going to change this section. So this weekend my mum and step dad are going on there honeymoon and are away for 2 weeks, so me and my brother will be fending for ourselves which wont really be that hard as i have some experience with cooking(if you call cooking putting cereal in a bowl). so yeah that could be a bit of fun for 2 weeks who knows what could happen well i thought i would make a list
1) Fun
3)Drinking (as that is key survival)
4) I dunno
5) This list is boring now

Humm i'm actually hungry now what should i have for lunch how about i make a list....or not. I just realized how hard blogging is when you spent the weekend with everyone else who reads your blog, so i actually have nothing to write about, I hope you guys are happy well i actually assume you are so yeah there take that with cherries and maybe a little pie if you've been good or not depends if i make pie or not, but then would you really want to eat a pie i made i would probably think not. Hey i just came up with a title Awesome!

35th Post

35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post 35TH Post

Are you happy?

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Well Thats Just Typical

So as soon as i finish writing the last blog i stand up to do something, which i now can't remember doing, and i knock my drink over which was next to me which then goes all over the floor. Now seeing as i had a nose bleed last night i had some kitchen roll next to me which was very handy in a fast clean up, this makes me think is this FATE or is it just a COINCIDENCE. You be the judge, well it defiantly amused me thats for sure.

Wait What!

Well seeing as while around James' i got hardly any sleep due to well let me just put noises, and well having to sleep next to Alan which i never want to do again as it was probably one of the worst nights sleep i have ever had. so making me very tired most of saturday evening, I was going to bed at around 11:30 but i checked the TV before i did which i then realized there was a House marathon on and i couldn't pass that up. When that finished about 2 i thought well i best be going to bed, 12 and a half hours later i awaken. I think this is my personal best for sleeping time which is pretty insane and i really hope to not do it again as i have wasted most of my sunday even though nothing ever happens on a sunday its meant to be the rest day but i stand my point on that i have wasted it, now i must go and amuse myself somehow and i have no idea how i am supposed to do that...........

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Oh The Irony

So at James' i had a weird thought and thought that it would be funny if i had a nose bleed even though it wouldn't, anyway while at home just surfing the web i randomly get a nose bleed and thought damn you mind you win this round in some sense, stupid nose. So after that madness boredom set in and set in hard so i thought i haven't played the guitar in a while *picks up ML, strums* and then realizes its not in tune so i couldn't be assed to tune it so i put it down for my brother to deal with, at this point i pick up my acoustic which only has 4 strings but they are actually in tune, after playing for a little while i thought man i can't play guitar so i just moved on to my bass, yeah i love playing my bass with my over sized plectrum which serves no purpose whats so ever only real purpose it has is if i want to strum as far away as possible from the neck to get the cool sound out which is pretty bad ass. After playing for about an hour i realized that i am actually better at playing bass than before which is odd as i haven't played in a while. I was for no reason what so ever going to take a photo of all my guitars but i couldn't find my camera so you'll just have to imagine.

I'm Only Half A Sandwich Hungry

So yesterday i had graham wake up me with the sound of bacon on the phone and tell me to come over, seeing as i hadn't seen the Battery Powered crew and Karys in a while i thought i would come par a visit. As it was Good Friday the buses run on the sunday timetable i had to wait an hour before i could leave, and when i did get there all the bacon had been consumed and then had to start gardening. After all of this was said and done we had to go get graham some food as of his IBS (Instant Boner Syndrome) now during this James's dad ask if we could walk the dogs and i got stuck with Flora and as graham put it "Lol her hair moves like yours" after we finished being out and buying 16 yogurts Alan had arrived. Hilarity insued from that point as of playing on brawl, bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla (I assumed this would be the part that James would stop paying attention). After meeting up with everyone else (you know who you are so i'm not going to name you all) we went on to the N.N oh the joy. Ok i'm bored of basically re-telling everyone who was there what they know already happend so i thought i would change this now. When ever i am the ferry i always imagines that for some unknown reason it starts to sink now in my imagination i start to compile of the important things that i have on my person to try and keep out of the water, which in this case would be Phone, MP3 player, shoes and my wallet now normally i wouldn't care about my wallet as it doesn't really have anything of use in it other than money and seeing as i always have change i thought its not a big deal, but today i had the rosette (i think that spelt right oh well) that Karys made me from the "Top Ten Blog Quotes" and to be pretty honest that this is pretty cool i wouldn't want that being destroyed seeing as it is only made out of paper and its a one in a million object and i wouldn't to go " Hey Karys the strangest thing happened the ferry went all gay and decided to sink and the rosette went down with it can you make me a new one" now as much as she would probably think nothing of it, as it wasn't me who sunk the ferry *shifty eyes*. But still it had the new rosette smell or commonly known as paper. After all this crazyness was going on in my head i started to think if the ferry did suddenly sink do you think the people would get there money back as the whole point is not to get wet, well when i thought that it got to the other side and i thought "yay i'm not gonna get wet" now as trying to get off the damn pontoon thingy all these damn tourists took up all the space and only left enough room to get up 1 of the ramps. Now finally being in dartmouth i just wanted to get home but as soon as i get some momentum going and old couple stand right in front of me which means i have to slow down 10fold but after this i managed to have no other annoyances on the way home actually i had some sort of luck as it was, before i left for brixham i opened a can of Coke and left it basically full so when i got in my room i thought i'll try it see if its still nice, and wasn't flat and it was still cold even though my room was like an oven. And there you have it what my mind goes threw when i'm on ferries who would have thought i was that CRAZY!

Oh yeah BBQ around James' on monday

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Time Travelling Text

So i was just surfing the web when i suddenly got a text (rare occasion as no one texts me other than Tom Wood and Will) so i went to go open it, when EGAD it just froze and i had to take the battery out of my phone to turn it back on. After turning it on it asks me to put the time and date in didn't really think much about it until the text said "I can soo see how southern comfort made you sick. Its gross!" so i was like okay as i didn't have the persons number i didn't know who it was, so i asked my brother if he reconised it turned out it was one of my old phone numbers which i haven't used in a while. So at this point me and my brother where like its a text from the PAST or FUTURE. And yes the colours are needed

I assume this is what the phone was attached to, to make this time travel possible. There is no likeness to the flux capacitor from the Back To The Future movies, you are just assuming this.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Ricky Moysey is a cool guy he Solves RROD and doesn't afriad of anything.

So me in my usual ways of stupidity i moved my Xbox while it was on Disaster strikes and i get the RROD(Red Rings Of Death!!!) now my brother went all super crazy and was like "YOU STUPID IDIOT", and to make matter worse the game inside was not ours but a game i borrowed off my friend and seeing as Microsoft is so homo when you give them your Xbox with a Game stuck inside the system they don't give it back and keep it. so thinking i don't want to sepnt money on buying my friend a new game, me and my brother tried to open it up and get it out now this was unsuccessful so i fiddled around with it for a while, then i just said "give it some power maybe the disk try will open" and what happen turned it on disk try opens, so inconclusion i managed to solve this problem by acting like a primate and it worked to perfection thank you evoultion. i'm starting to realise why they call it an Xbox 360, Cause when you see it your turn 360 degrees and walk away.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Start of The Hoildays

Well fridays are normally very boring days but this one broke the boundaries well my lessons where amazingly boring as normal but i managed to get alot of work done, at lunch i spent the whole of it playing basketball which was awesome but my damn knee was giving me hell. After that was one of dartmouth community colleges world famous end of term assembly now i only go in there as its normally funny but this time i was in shock as my ICT was shown in the assembly i was like "is that my work" and kinda shouted "hell yeah thats my work" which then made everyone turn around and look at me at that point i went "AHHH don't look at me" haha. Now after this escapde there was this child infront of us who let off a sly fart which was actually squeky haha now me, Jp, Chris and Tom D all just started laughing loads and just wouldn't stop as it was highly hilarious. But nearing the end of the assembly Mr. Long(New headteacher) goes "year 11s arn't the only ones leaving this yeah the most seniour year also leaving" he then made us walk all the way to the front and stand in front of the school, Mr Long then said there are no certifactes though and i proclamed " well thats bullshit" after saying that me made us all sit down again, now this was rather pointless but funny well that was my friday Haza.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

What An Idiot

So its my day off just relaxing in my lounge so lunch time comes around the corner and i think "Humm i wouldn't mind some soup" so after making soup which involved alot of movement which didn't help my knee at all so that ws rather annoying, half way threw my lunch i just went i'm over this soup idea now with still half a bowl left. So i just had to deal with it an finish it and now have to do my dishes which means i'll have to get up again mean major knee pain. Damn you basketball even as much as i enjoy playing your sport. Well last night i fell asleep with my arm above my head so when i woke up and wanted to move my arm i lifted it lost control came down and hit me in the face, now after just waking up i was rather confused and very dissorintated but then wating for the blood to start flowing threw my arm again i got up and had me breakfast. So today has not really been that eventful, but then i changed the channel and found out that bones is on so now i have something good to watch and can fall back into my normal wednesday routine.