Saturday, 31 October 2009

150th Blog

In memory of this i have created a list of 150 things i would like to achieve most of them i doubt will come true but its good to aim high right?

1) Achieve at least over 10 good gigs with Ricky and the Pigeon
2) Over 100 fans on facebook (that’s not really up to me but still)
3) Stay in touch with everyone that i have become good friends with
4) Fail at life no problem open a store called “The Pinehouse”
5) Try not to fail at life
6) Sell over 10 Ricky and the Pigeons albums
7) Become a half decent bass player
8) Actually get into Uni
9) Keep doing utensil pals, even if it means travelling
10) Turn Alan into an internet Meme
11) Get a merit or better on the course i am doing
12) Try and get 4 pages on google which are actually about me
13) Move out
14) Move in with good buddies
15) Try and work at woodlands as long as possible before i kill myself
16) Don’t kill myself
17) Continue to not do drugs or smoke
18) Continue to blog even after i have become an adult with a real job
19) Spread the word of broast so it becomes well recognised food
20) Buy some more non black t-shirts
21) Actually do more video blogs
22) Learn how to play the stylophone
23) Meet some new people
24) Atleast play on one sports team even if i am on the bench
25) Exercise daily so i don’t become overly fat
26) Make at least one good film which people will like
27) Make my own film business
28) Director sound like a good job title to me
29) Change the world one day at the time (pretty cliché but who cares)
30) Stop rainforest deforestation
31) Win an epic argument
32) Build more confidence
33) Talk to strangers to hell with the outcome
34) Learn to spell
35) Finish writing generic blue jeans
36) Manage to actually write a couple good songs
37) Travel the world on foot or car or however i don’t care
38) Successfully hitchhike to somewhere i don’t even need to go to
39) Read more books
40) Write an epic film script complete with story board
41) Become an expert in my profession
42) Travel to American and actually watch an American football game from row
43) Experience as many foods as possible, even the ones with weird names
44) Increase my drawing skills and create a web comic about Alan
45) Finally find Pablo and give him to Karys
46) Don’t disappoint my friends, or let them down
47) Buy a new wallet i’m due for a new one
48) Try not to get put instantly in the friend zone
49) Keep the painting Harriet made me forever
50) Find 100 more things to do
51) Start some sort of hobby then not both with it
52) Save as much money as possible
53) Continue tweeting no matter what
54) Become owner of a business with a suit and a briefcase
55) Buy a briefcase and fill it with stuff not useful for its actual purpose
56) Live in America/Canada for a brief period of my life
57) Grow a fat beard then shave it off
58) See a real bear in the wild
59) Buy something so pointless and claim it’s the greatest thing ever
60) Invent something
61) Keep my woodlands name tag forever
62) Witness a miracle, anything really
63) Try every kind of muffin available
64) Invent my own kind of muffin
65) Sing “Its waffle time its waffle time wont you have some waffles of mine” and give out waffles
66) Write an epic bass solo peoples socks will change colour
67) Get a semi decent camera
68) Take at least a photo a day to chronicle my rising to power*shifty eyes*
69) Haha, Not find the number 69 funny
70) Outsmart Alan
71) Have a Pigeons Reunion Gig 10 years from now
72) Actually buy a pint
73) Get some real sort of ID
74) Learn to drive
75) Make myself a time capsule
76) But a message in a bottle with a note “Look behind you” leave it close to the beach watch if anyone picks it up and make sure i’m standing behind them
77) Leave a random note somewhere with my e-mail on it so they can contact me, or bottle
78) Meet up with the guys (Alan James Duffield Graham) and Karys in a couple of years and see how everyone is doing
79) Still maintain that holidays are a waste of time
80) Try not to humiliate myself in any way possible
81) Do something so insanely crazy i get on the news for it, but not cause i got arrested
82) Don’t forget about any of the fun i had as a child/teenager
83) Travel to an island people haven’t even heard of before
84) Survive in the wild for a few weeks
85) Create some sort of house out of leaves and branches
86) Try an conquer my fear of heights
87) Create a weird superhero with power which help no one
88) Become a mast 3 point shooter
89) Don’t change being a weird person
90) Move on from certain things from my past
91) Move out of devon but come back every few years
92) Get lost on purpose
93) Manage to keep the bag i have at the moment for as long as possible set a personal best
94) Create a new type of instrument by combing 2 that already exist
95) Always keep a external HDD ready you never know when it will come in handy
96) As an adult go out trick or treating
97) TP someone’s house, but do it nowhere near Halloween
98) Visit Pusey and the Brooms grove farm again
99) Try and visit every continent
100) See a volcano
101) Experience an earthquake
102) Do over 10,000 tweets on twitter
103) Have a pet pigeon
104) Solve a murder, not a real one but you know
105) Achieve happiness
106) Experience a coffee shop, and still dislike coffee
107) Never have a shake away milkshake
108) Busk and get over £5
109) Join a beard society and leave after realising everyone is a pedo
110) Serve up some justice
111) Use a FALCON PUNCH for good
112) Beat Alan or Duffield on Brawl
113) Create some kind of cool sound
114) Discover the bass note which gives girls orgasms
115) Also learn how to play the brown note for comic effect
116) Give a large amount of money to charity
117) Invest in some crazy clothes
118) Buy and original Sega or N64
119) Complete Zelda ocarina of time
120) Create something epic
121) Write a catchy song which people will always love
122) Ricky and the pigeons become chart hit wonders
123) Get a platinum album
124) Have that dream home
125) Get a VW camper and actually use it for its purpose
126) Get a house with basketball court
127) Get a trampoline
128) Watch all the star wars films in order
129) In the same day watch all the Lord Of The Rings films
130) Watch as many movies as possible and spot all of the problems wrong with them
131) Create a movie that become a box office hit
132) Get my collar bone fixed
133) And my knees
134) Buy a telescope to scare gaze
135) Create a new snack sensation
136) And a new cereal
137) Always leave a lasting impression on people(the good kind)
138) Hate vista till the end of time
139) Continue to play The Game for life
140) Stop lurking on /b/ for at least 5 years of my life
141) Eat in that restaurant in Seattle where it spins around
142) Star in my own movie while directing it
143) Get in to the backstage of Hollywood learn their dirty secrets
144) Manage to sit threw a broad way music, that one will the hard
145) See a crop circle
146) Or alternatively create one
147) Find big foot
148) Continue to be a complete dork
149) Try not to change who i am as a person
150) Do the best i can at life

Maybe I Will

After reading Karys 200 things she would like to accomplish, it inspired me to make one but i already told her that i wouldn't really be the greatest of things and it probably wont get very far and i wont actually manage any of them, but i guess i should give it a shot might as well start now and it will probably be up in a few days.

Vista = Epic Fail

So my last blog went terribly wrong and the video doesn't even work properly, that might have something to do with running it on battery and not being plugged into the mains or the fact i used it while doing 10 million other things on my laptop, normally when i do a video blog i make sure i close all other programs but seeing as this was a spur of the moment thing i just went crazy and ended up with a bad result.

So i am sorry for all of your disappointment of not hearing my waffle on about bread toasters and such alike to be fair it was a pretty boring vlog as i mostly spent it not talking to the camera or even being there so most of it was random noises and picture of my door frame i am saddened but this though.

The main reason for the amazing amount of fail i'll have to say is Vista, as this is the most lousy OS i have ever used it sucks so hard, i mean get this, one time i put a CD into my laptop a warning randomly appeared and said "are you sure you want to run this", my reaction was this "Of course i want to run it i bloodly well put it in the CD drive you moron i mean what kind of idiot puts something in the CD drive which doesn't belong in there" Gahh that just pushed me over the edge. And normally when i download something and i start running it its comes out of nowhere and is like "Better stop what you doing and make sure its not filled with virus" my reaction to this "Holy shit I downloaded it from a secure place i made sure of this when i started anyone who doesn't do that doesn't deserve the privilege of the internet and should be banned" i mean c'mon does it really need to be this picky, anyone with basic computer knowledge knows what they are doing i can pretty much assue you that someone with basic computer knowledge would probably become confused and scared when there prompts popped up and feel like they have done something wrong, i'm so glad i have turned it off now so my time can be happy and free and not filled with annoying crap but Vista still finds a way to annoy the hell out of me i feel sorry for Windows 7 users they much be experiencing so many bugs and glitches.

Broast Time

So here is a video of me making broast in my kitchen where the legendary kitchen dance was invented good times at my house.

Its might be a bit lagtastic, as i was running like 5 applications while i was filming so you'll just have to deal with it.

Mmmm Broast.

How Could I Not

The Game

I'm so sorry but it just had to be done. I mean no one has dared venture to do it on Blogger so i thought i would be the first to do it.

Life Achievements

Today i reached a great life achievement.

Being a yr 7 i always wondered how cool it would be to just google your own name and get stuff which is you i mean that would be pretty cool right, well today i achieved this with the help of my friend Karys, i mean half of the hits are actually to her blog.

But still that one life achievement i have reached, so i will always have that small victory unless an even more famous Ricky Moysey appears but i mean, no on can match my awesomeness, and i'm not even being big headed you ask people and they would agree i'm the only cool Ricky ever, Damn straight take that you other Ricky's you can't match my awesomeness that means you Ricky Martin suck on that.

I do also realise this one is kinda like my last blog but i don't mind this is like a continue to my last one so yeah its totally acceptable.

Google Me

I have just come to a big realisation that if you google my name 'Ricky Moysey', just in case you didn't know after this time, gahh. Then the first 3 pages are all about me, i mean seriously can i really be this famous i think its everyones goal to become one of the top hits on google but this is just insane, i'm like practically famous now. Having 3 pages on the internet which will lead you to something actually about me is pretty sweet even if it is a bit out of date.
Just incase you can't be bothered to google me, then i saved you the trouble of doing it and i have print screened it for you, this will probably also help Alan as it would mean alot of trouble for him to just go on google and look, so your welcome Alan.

In conclusion i have achieved something awesome today, I know own 3 pages of google which are about me, if anyone else would like to challenge that then lets see what you get, i bet someone will beat me but this victory is mine for the moment.

Friday, 30 October 2009

These Aren't Boxers There Short Pyjamas

The last 2 days with duffield have been so damn fun we actually did a video blog me and him so i think i will show case it haha.

Other epic things that happened while in and around bath, so many they have to be bullet pointed.
  • Seeing the X-wing lady and going 100 MPH
  • Not having a normal teenaged road trip, everything went to plan
  • Listening to so many mix tapes
  • Sitting on the top of Margret looking for a car parking space in the park and ride
  • Running towards one and shouting "SPEED OF THE PUMA PUMA PUMA"
  • Standing there and saying to an old lady "Taken"
  • Finally getting into bath and having to give Duffield and Phil directions, fools
  • Meeting Phil from Northern Ireland he is so funny
  • Buying Flanders beer and Magners only to get rejected as i didn't have ID, new cashier please.
  • The experience of Shake Away probably the worst thing i have ever tasted in a while, i felt very ill after drinking these flavours: Ruske, Jam Doughnut, Strawberry CheeseCake and finally the only good one Strawberry Millions chosen by Phil he is clearly the most intelligent out of everyone
  • Laughing at the terrible Shake Away sign, just made my inner Digital Graphic designer cry so much
  • Having an interesting trip to bath uni
  • Lugging all of our stuff to Duffields floor the top floor
  • Jamming out with Duffield
  • Meeting the rest of Duffields Flat mates they are all awesome
  • Going to fire watching people set themselves on fire was pretty funny
  • Eatting pizza loads of fun
  • Drinking begins, and lot of eatting
  • Sleeping on the floor, not so much fun
  • Bumming around bath for so many hours to pass the time
  • More drinking and Rice related problems
  • Wade puking everywhere and Phils reaction: "Thats not what i need after CathSock"
  • Explainning that custard creams are a terrible biscuit, Phil doesn't agree with me, after going threw half the packet seeing the light and knows i'm right
  • Finding out Phil likes American Football the last night i stay, great timing there
  • More floor sleeping
  • Waking up in the morning and talking to wide range of Duffields flat mates moving from one to another after one leaves to go to a lecture starting with Ollie then to Tom then to Joe
  • Then waiting for Duffield
  • Then we leave for the bus
  • Free park and ride bus trip, Win?
  • Finally get back to car and head out
  • Eatting fish and chips in the services
  • On the road again
  • Amusing people that go past in there cars
  • Then getting to the Wade house to have second dinner Chilli anyone?

Well thats pretty much the story, people met in Duffields house are pretty cool guys. Dunno when we will see each other again but this time we wont bring the goddamn guitars and amps.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Running Woodlands By Myself

Gahh, pretty i have become the Ranger who can be counted on to do anything now it seems, i mean 3 days in a row i covered lunches on the coasters, thats 2 and half hours on the pissing coasters, i mean sunday was alright as i was also working empire and it was warm in there so when i got back i could dry off but yesterday i was on master blaster, this just takes the biscuit as i'm already wet and get told to work out side in the rain it was no fun at all, Grr.

Today and yesterday where pretty much the same as i would work the car park in the morning till 12, then go all the way down to the bottom of the park to the coasters to cover lunches and as i said it would take about 2 and a half hours so i would finish around 2:30 to go off and have my own lunch for 30 mins so i wouldn't actually get back into my actual area till 3, leave 2 hours to do pointless crap pretty much as this is the time people normally start leaving, sometimes i just think why bother, i could probably sum up today in pictures.

Not actually the car park but you get the idea(even though this is pretty much what me and Chris ended up doing with the cars)
Yeah so that was pretty much my day.

One real big downside to covering lunches on coasters is having a late lunch i was hungry at 10 this morning when i finally had lunch i felt 10x better and was so glad to have some food in my stomach.

If anybody tells me the one thing wrong with the picture of the coasters, gets alot of respect from me, but it could also be a fun game.

Oh Being A Nerd And Bored

After naming my brothers MP3 player something hilarious i got a few prompts up so i thought i would post them, as they are pretty hilarious.
Now after this one i renamed it to something else to make the good times keep on rolling.

Haha, pretty funny, well it might not be but i found it amusing thought i would share it with my blog. so finally one last picture.
Picture sort of related.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Good Start To Half Term.

Seeing as college was closed on friday James suggested we should come over and chill out thursday night as that is when he got back from london finally all meeting up at like 10 in Brixham we made our way to the Wade house hold. At which point we all sat in Billy and Big G's Room chiling out maxing relaxing all cool, you know that kinda stuff, seeing as it was a school night Billy and Big G had to get some sleep, so me James and Graham went to the Wii room to watch Watchmen as i brought that along as it seemed like a good idea and it was then we slept.

Friday, Graham had to go to work we James drove him off and me and him hanged around in Paignton for a while, I got myself a new jacket it was a nice steal i thought, James also saw a Train drivers hat but it was to small for both of our heads so it wasn't bought, while purchasing the jacket some person paying for something said "i saw you wearing that jacket it looked really good on you" it was kinda weird but whatever, after all of this me and James just hung around waiting for band practice this is where things start to get AMAZING. Our band practice was probably the best we have so far even with the absence of Big G Which we where all disappointed he didn't come, James thing because we have managed to nail all of our songs we should start recording next practice so soon you will hear the pitter patter of Pigeons songs which i know every one is excited about. That evening we all just chilled out in the Wii room watching random program after random program.

Saturday, This day can be summed up pretty easily, Graham didn't go work so me and him stayed around the house while James was teaching guitar me and him played Mario Kart and Brawl with Billy and Big G was a good laugh, when James got back we went out on a sticker rampage and covered Brixham in Ricky and the Pigeons Stickers, in the hope that people will be like what is that, google it and get us as the first 3 or 4 hits our actually us which is badass.

But i am not looking forward to work the next 3 days, Its gonna suck hard.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

New Look

To be fair this is kinda like my new look, but some of my stuff does belong to James so he deserves some of the credit.
Right this image is from Harry Bowers Birthday Bash, yeah so looking pretty hip right, so the adaptations would be my new hair looking pretty good i really like it, Headphones and a new edge to my personality make me look like i'm in to music you know pretty cool, as James has mentioned i can wear hats now which is badass so i'll be getting my hands on some cool ones. Top thingy belongs to James as i was cold and he gave it to me and i thought its pretty badass so i'll keep it for a while you know looks pretty good on me right haha. No more black t-shirts but i will still be wearing them as you know they have to be warn but i will get some new clothes. Jeans are the same as they have always been.

So yeah thats the new me,i think its a change for the better i like it. I hope you do.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

MS Paint + Jack Crowe = Epic Art

I have no idea what it wrong with this man but seriously he has mad skills on MS paint, i'll show you an image and he managed to do it flawlessly on paint its like how is that even possible.
He managed to recreate this picture pretty much with amazing detail on paint was crazy mad, i was like how is than humanly possible. This man knows no bounds.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009


I mean i actually did it, and it looks awesome, people will not reconise me.
Yeah so the picture is really bad due to crappy lights in my room but you get the picture, no pun intended.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Car Singing.

What another one so much for holding back till i get my hair cut, hey shut up yeah.

So on the way home from college me and James listened to the 12 stone toddler tape and none other than fingers in the till comes on, from this point on me and him are singing all the way threw, i was just glad Chris wasn't getting a lift home as that would have been very embarrassing, but me and James where rocking out like it was the 80's ahh yeah. Haha good times in Margaret.


Seeing as this is that last chance i might have at having a ponytail i'm rocking one old school, and seeing as it might be the last i took a picture with my webcam to be a complete cool guy.
What a rather cool face i appear to be pulling, and seeing as there is lack or light you can hardly see it but the point is still there. Goodbye ponytail i will miss you, we've shared some good times. *montage plays in head*, now time to move on to greater things i guess.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Me And James Gay, I Doubt It

Well you are about to hear a very funny story about me and James and it goes something like this. So after giving me a lift to his house me and him stood outside his house and talked for a while, then we decided to hug reasons unknown as i don't remember, now as you should recall we where out side his house in plain sight from the kitchen where Katrina was cleaning i think not quite sure but anyway, the moment we start hugging is the moment she looks up. Now it looks like me and James are in some sort of love bond all i could do was laugh at the brilliant timing.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

To Scott

Sup Bitch Legs (don't worry its not an insult ask karys)

Seeing as everyone is in the mood for sending you pretty much hate mail I thought why not follow, as well it seemed like a good idea at the time, and besides i'm pretty bored. So going with my laid back approach with everything now a days and being a fellow media student i thought balls i'm not making a stupid video i sound like a Weiner on a recording, so yeah the list and stuff. Here we go *insert explosion here*

If you

  • Hurt Karys
  • Belittle Karys
  • Insult Karys
  • Anything Karys
  • Karys Karys
  • Snails Karys
  • Blog Karys
  • Felt Karys
  • Steal Karys' felts
  • Keep stealing my phrases
I'm pretty sure i'll write an angry letter which you can or cannot open, or you know i'll some how come up to farnham and be like "We need to talk" and have a nice sit around a table with Tea and Sandwiches, and then well move onto your possessions which i will look at and probably find interesting, at this point i will probably leave and be like nice chat, you have been warned *ghost noises*. And now for no reason at all a picture.

Damn thats pretty cool.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Yay Blog Magic Is Back On Track

I'm glad Karys has started blogging again after my words of enthusiasm "DO IT", as know when i come on there is a chance that she has done something and i'll have something to read which is pretty cool instead of just seeing the same old stuff, and me just blogging by myself like a loner.

I'm pretty sure this is my first blog of the month so Happy October, and if it isn't i know look the fool, yay. But i guess that normal so i'm used to it.

Tomorrows plan
  • Exercise
  • Do Reports
  • Have Fun
  • I think thats it
  • I'll probably become bored at this point
I wonder how it will go.