Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Digging Up Memories

Look what if found on the internet while surfing.
Yes it is rather cool, just look at Alan.

Random Outburst Of Song

Being my workshop lesson today in other words do nothing for a few hours and socialise so we went to the library to get some work done, but oh wait Sue(our teacher) was like you can't draw in the library this is an outrage you have to do it in the class room, so we all got told to go back a lot of pointless arguments later and she says if you aren't going to do anything then just be quiet, so we are sitting there all quiet when suddenly out of no where we all burst out into song and start singing Mr Sandman, was so epic to much laughter was had.

Set Sail For Fail

So i was surfing the internet (no pun intended) well actually youtube and i came accross of the most blatant shopped images ever.
Seriously this is an outrage, if you can't see it just look around the neck line on the child.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Builders Bad At Advertisement

So i just walking to my house to find like scaffolding on my path and a massive sign advertising the company that put it up.
Now here is the kicker, I live in a lane and the only people that ever go in my lane are people that live in the lane, so this advertisement seems rather pointless.
But on the plus side it looks like i have this cool little walk way and makes me feel much more important, even if my house is the smallest in my lane i deserve one 1up i think.

Lesson Well Spent

Well we started talking about Google Maps and what random things can be found, then Jack mentioned there was one of The Stig looking directly at the camera at loch ness several people in my class mostly Ben and Andy made it there task to try and find The Stig. couple hours later and several miles of road explored we found this.

Yup thats right we found him and i found the location and now know where it is.

Gahh A MAC

I'm using a MAC and it feels like my soul is burning as this keyboard is all american and homo like.

Also Microsoft Power Point:MAC looks like i know where that 10% is from then.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Say Yes To Cress

I'm gonna have to completely agree with Duffield here he is right.

New Shoes

Yeah so i thought it was time to buy some new ones, well Pippa said if you buy a new pair your shoes will last twice along, and well i can't argue with that. So here they are.
Due to homosexual setting on my phone the colour always seems to be a bit off so in reality these should be purple and black but they look very very faded and i assure you they are not.

Hello There Bots

So there i was just on msn all awesome and what not then suddenly i conversation started. No i will show you this conversation.
Gayness i don't think you'll be able to see it either way after it said "how are you?" i knew it was a bot, humm i feel like i'm spending to much time on the internet.

Image FAIL. wont go any larger i hate this gayness

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Did You Mean This

Why yes google i did mean this for once you actually produced something of use for me.

Ever noticed how google suggests the crazist of things well the other day i noticed that it didn't so for this monumental occasion i screen capped for epicness.
Yup thats right it suggested my name and i have 1,750 results which i think are actually all about me. Damn i'm getting more and more famous as the days go past.


Sunday, 17 January 2010

Its The Latest Craze

Yeah so me and Henry invented the coolest thing since cool came to cool town.

Prepare yourselves for.....

Pedal Kart Jousting

Do i need to explain this anymore.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

PineHouse Animation

So to all of you that don't know i'm doing like an animation course at south devon college which has caused me to start a new blog on the progress of my animation as it where. So if you wanna follow my work if your really that intrested here is the link and i will be on my way.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Brownies In A Cup

Being hungry and wanting to try something new out Me, Alan, Graham and Big G thought we should try out this recipe i have for pot brownies (from the internet) just minus the pot as that would ruin the brownies, so here is the recipe.

Now through trial and error we realised you don't actually need oil or sorts so you can enjoy it would out that.

So first step would be getting all the ingredients and mixing them together into a mug of sorts which looked something like this.

Next step is to put in the microwave and cook for 3 minutes on 1000watts but we also found that 2 minutes was also good, when microwave bings you should have something that looks like this.

Now remove from mug or not its up to you and consume, seriously this is like this nicest thing ever to make in such a short time and its really filling. Final picture being what ours looked like when we took it out the mug.
Pretty cool huh?, Haha look Alan's arm. Big G said that next time we should add melted chocolate into the mix as it could make it taste better i couldn't agree more.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Yeah i wake up walk out side my house and see that everything is covered in a blanket of snow, my face dropped and the words that uttered from my mouth where "Where the hell did this come from" so i thought i should document this and i took a picture in my lane.
I would like to clarify yes i do leave my house when its dark, and i was the fist person to step foot in my lane as you can see the one set of footprints being mine. I do love the sound snow makes when you step on it, i was just walking with a very smug look on my face from the sound.

Well when i got down town i started to wait for the ferry then suddenly Sian appears and says "Yeah the buses aren't running snow day?" my response "Oh hell yeah" so we trotted off to her house for her to get changed into warmer clothes, then we strole to my house so i can get some warmer clothes which where just a pair of gloves. When then walked to Beth's house so we could get her out and have a snowball fight we did so and played in the snow for like 20 minutes became cold then went back to Beth's and spent the rest of the day there watching films and what not. All in all was a good day.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

2009 A Year In My Life.

So seeing as everyone else was doing this style of blog i guess i would join in with it, just so i could fit in and be accepted by you guys.

January: Now this month, the first of the year like most was pretty boring you know just Dartmouth Community College doing my last year of A-levels and playing American football/Basketball at the end of the day on a Monday simpler times funnier times as it was this was pretty much routine. But then one day a well known Mr. James Wade said to me come to my gig thing in brixham the RU and i was like sure man sounds good, i get there being all VIP like i have to ask for my ticket like a proper badass and its in a envelope, Damn i'm awesome. Anyway yeah i found a good friend now who goes by the name James Strutt and sat with him and some of the guys from Churston i met at Wade's Birthday, kinda out of my element this is where i also met Sophie Duffield's Girlfriend. But i watched the gig with all the bands and had an awesome time then came time to see Wade and Alan at the end of the show and i was like yeah you guys kicked ass and stuff, then came a turning point in my life from then on as from no where come Duffield and says "So you must be Ricky i've heard a lot about you, I'm Duffield" Instant friendship was formed, while walking back to Wade's Graham did the typical Graham thing and said to me "Hey chap come back here and talk to me" so me and him got talking and another friendship was born. I'm glad i got to meet these 2 guys they have shaped me to what i am today.

February:What happened in this month i actually don't remember i think i just started hanging with Battery Powered more and became better friends with everyone.

March:Now this month is interesting as this started all of this as Karys talked me into starting a blog i was reluctant and first but then look where i am now, I think this month just had more BP Gigs and stuff which was awesome Flanders beer being consumed and stuff.

April: Damn i really have no clue what happened this month, nothing good then haha.

May: Ah yes the one and only Jeff Fest (AKA Karys' Birthday) where lots of fun was had and i got to school the fools on how good my American Football skills are, yup thats right i'm to good at sports. More good times with Giging and what not.

June:Was this just more Gig's i think it was haha.

July:More gig's again, but didn't i help out with the Brixham Fun Day and have my chance at being in Battery Powered and pretty much sucked ass.

August: My favourite month as it has my birthday in it And i turned 18 jesus old man now, and i started working at Woodlands and made some new friends For example Pippa.

September: no least favourite month as in this month was the last BP Gig which was very sad but there is a recording from it so i can always listen when i want to remember all the good times, and then the formation of Ricky and the Pigeons yeahh, with a few issues to deal with which where resolved. Then my not favourite memory Alan, Duffield and Karys Leaving for Uni, sad sad times they where missed a lot. And then i started College oh yay

November: The month which i made a big step in my life and cut my long hair of 4 years and completely changed my style from wearing loads of black to colours and then made friends on my course so i wasn't as lonely, Ricky and the Pigeons was going really good getting a lot done was amazing. Went up to Bath to see Duffield and he introduced me to Phil and Ollie both really cool dudes, such a shame that me and Phil discovered we had something in common on the last day, what a drag.

October: This month sucked ass, thats pretty much it.

December: Started good we where all back together again loving life was awesome, Orange gave me free texts for the whole month i was like hell yeah and went insane. Then we lost Danni from Ricky and the Pigeons which is shit, and we are currently looking for a new singer, and well christmas was as usual the same, just working like normal.

And that is my year pretty much, as you can see January was my most eventful month.

Saturday, 2 January 2010


Thinking to myself i have come up with a list of friendship groups which are always changing, it starts from when you are young and just progresses, so let me care to explain.

Primary school now these friend you will keep for a couple of years possibly longer depending on whether they go to the same secondary school as you, But the meaningfulness of these friendships are pretty shallow, But can be long lasting if you keep in touch.

Secondary school these friends can become more stronger the older you get, as you will get a better understanding of things, so the meaningfulness of these friendships can be pretty high and you are likely to stay in touch.

A-level/College these friendship are pretty much the same as a secondary school, so i wont go into much more detail but then you will keep some of these friends but not a lot of them.

University now this is being forced into a new place and meeting a lot of new people, now you are living with these people for a couple of years and you can get pretty close to these friends and you can stay in touch with these friends depending on what they are doing, so these can be pretty meaningful.

And the last stage of this friendship cycle

Work Friends, these are the people you are more than likely going to spend the rest of your life with so these people you gain a good connection with and can be pretty meaningful seeing as you'll be seeing these people day in and day out.

But now in the age of the future technology for example Facebook, you can keep in touch with all the people that you have met throughout your life and still keep in touch this new technology have changed the dynamic of friendship for the world, its a bit crazy if you think about it enough.

I mean i did, but then i have way to much spare time on my hands.


Only having 2 year left to live apparently i think i should make the most of this as i will die when i'm 20 damn only 2 decades old that really that old.

Question which i would like to ask who ever decided it was called the Noughties, because i would personally like to find that person and punch them in the face, i mean seriously was a stupid name for a decade of time could we sound any more like simpletons, people are gonna look back i think that the past decade was filled with lots of crime and what not, i think a decade should be called what reflected in that year, so pretty much terrorism, war, death and politics unlike any other year or decade but still the Noughties c'mon thats just really retarded.

Here's hoping that this decade will be named something better so when i'm 29 *shocked face* i can think yeah that is actually a good name for the past decade.

Well i guess i will have to wait 10 years to find out this new name of the decade.