Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Vlogging Oh No He Didn't

Yeah so this is my first vlog of probably many, also the first time i have heard my voice in a while man i sound really weird but i guess you guys are used to it.

Friday, 25 September 2009

How Does I Art?

Seeing as people are really impressed when a monkey makes a really good piece of art and pay like over 9000 Pounds for it, i thought i don't want to be upstaged by no monkey i took out my pencils and crayons and outline pen, and i went to work in my sketch book, now prepare to be amazed as i haven't done art in over 4 years so this is pretty much the first time i have picked up something and drawn.
So being a cool kid and borrowing the Graphic Novel of the Watchmen, it only seems right if i drew one of them, and well seeing as Rorschach is the one character that always pops up and has the best facial shot i thought he would be the easiest, how i was wrong. Even though i only made a few mistakes this took me an hour and a half to do which is madness. And i have a feeling that i will not be able to top this.

Whats That

Yeah i'm so awesome i just figured out this exact moment right now, that i can now video blog or vlog as the cool kids say, Get out of town you might be thinking, well you might aswell pack your bags leave for a different country right now. This is a start of a new age while everyone else has stopped vlogging i might start vlogging and wont that make it much more interesting. Only possible down side is if 4chan finds me and i become a super awesome meme and then get disliked by half the world, but like that will happen.

Also this couldn't have been done without the help of Alan as i stole his microphone to make this all possible, and now in honour of Alan.


Thursday, 24 September 2009

Sorry Harriet

Well i have got some apologising to do, As Harriet became offended by one of my blog eailer so i'm going to fix this problem. =]

Now in one of my previous blogs i said this "Now this is where i had to get down town as quick as possible and i managed to get the 6 o'clcok bus and get there at 6:20 which was ace, this is where the fun begins and the RATPACK practice begins" now Harriet became offended by this as she read it as, I had no fun with her and just wanted to go to band practice. Now this is very untrue as I had a really good time with her and i really enjoyed myself, me and her hanging out made my day even more awesome and started it on a nice foot, I was really glad we got to spend some time together as we normally don't and it had been a while so i was really really happy to spend time with her. Its just a shame she had to go to work=[.

So Harriet I'm sorry that you took offence to this, as it didn't mean how it was writing, I hope this blog has made you forgive me some more. I really look forward to spending time with you again. Which i hope is soon, I'll get ginger bread men just for you =]

So, to conclude this, I'm terribly sorry Harriet

P.s She isn't a bitch, she pointed it out and i felt like i should correct it, for my stupidity.


While Alan is on the Crapper he told me to blog about our new high point in our new lives.

We just internet high fived it went something like this.

Nibbles,please says:
FALCON- internet high five
(place hand here)
[Ricky] says:
Nibbles,please says:
Woohoo we just Internet high fived
[Ricky] says:
This is a high point in our lives
Nibbles,please says:
Definitly is, quick blog it, while I wizz

And thats how me and Alan continue to be Nerdy even though he is on Scotland.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Slowing Down

I have just Noticed that its almost the end of September and i have only managed 6 blogs this month i think this is an all time low, humm maybe nothing intresting has been happening this month. I mean its not like it was my brothers birthday and Ricky and the Pigeons was formed, and people have left for uni. That would just be mad.

Seems to me that i have slowly just slowed down my blogging mostly because i feel like i'm the only one doing and have 1 reader being (Katrina). Nothing wrong with that but i would an update on everyone else its kinda boring and very uninspiring to come on and see no updates it kinda makes me feel like whats the point. But i guess thats just me.

Well today, today was pretty basic day me and James managed to weird people out in the car park by playing the guitar and meldoica, like a couple of county bumpkins(where do i come up with this). Also i'm pretty sure that i am not getting enough sleep, i might actually keep a tall in a one week basis to see how much sleep i'm getting compared to how long i am awake for, i think the drastic change might have been a huge shock to my system and it just wigging out. For example in Digital Graphics (ooo get you) today i was falling asleep which isn't really a bold move for anyone really, it was just so hard to stay awake and i kept twitching and losing control of my head, finally i got the idea to start doodling in my sketch book to keep me awake so all i did was write "PineHouse" over and over in the smallest possible writing, All i'm saying is it did its job. When i got into brixham i bought myself a sandwich and a drink to liven myself up again, it did the trick for a few hours. When i got home i started reading the watchmen graphic novel and well i kinda half fell to sleep in-between sentences and my short dream was based on what i last read, and i took me 3 attempts to read on bag after this i decided i put the book down and grab some food it work to perfection.

Saturday, 19 September 2009


I'm more or less forcing this blog, in to which i wont actually say much.

Today i conduced my own little experiment where I pretended to squeegee the water slide boats to see if people would still get in them, and guess what they did they assumed that i did it and all i did was nothing, people are so stupid, and they didn't complain so this just proves that people are little bitchs.

That is all

Friday, 18 September 2009


Today being Friday meant that it was time for the first RATPACK band practice, but before all that i was hanging out with Harriet which was cool.

Before hand on the thursday i was telling Harriet how to get to my house which involved drawing her a picture on MS paint so she knew where to get off.
Pretty neat huh, anyway so she finally got the jist of it and understood what to do, But when it came to actually coming to getting off she forgot the diagram, so she had no idea where to press the stop button and when she did she ended up down the road a bit more, so i had to go collect her. We spent the afternoon watching Batman The Dark Knight, which was cool. When we finished watching that it was just time for us to leave and me to take her to work, so i walked all the way up to sainsburys with her and dropped her off.

Now this is where i had to get down town as quick as possible and i managed to get the 6 o'clock bus and get there at 6:20 which was ace, this is where the fun begins and the RATPACK practice begins, it was amazing and went really well and have already a few songs in the mix and we have chosen our covers which is ace on one of them i'll be playing the ukulele which is pretty ace.

I am looking forward to next band practice and the next time me and Harriet hang out.

Monday, 14 September 2009

College, Yeah It Lived Up To The Hype

Well i finally started college, Like its a shock i mean the summer hoildays did end. And the first day was pretty much what i expected it to be, basic I didn't really learn that much more or less just got told loads of random stuff, and what i needed for the course, one of the things i was not expecting to have to buy was a sketch book, yeah you read correctly a sketch book. Apparently i need it for my digital media modules, so pretty much get an idea and write it down to be honest the only use i can see it for would be writing PineHouse a lot and other random in jokes, possibly some work i mean thats what its for, but i generally think most of my ideas will be about Ricky and the Pigeons and well if i have that and write down i can keep it for further use which is pretty hip.

One thing that is really starting to annoy me is these 2 fat guys in my class who seem to think they are above everybody and can talk when they like, i mean yeah its rellevent but its not always right, so it just annoys me how they have to express every thought they have. How about that for a pet peeve (is that spelt right, oh well).

In a furhter attempt to get people in my class to get to know each other better our teacher Ekow (yes that is this first name pretty damn cool) thought it would be fun if he made us get to know each other better YAY was my instant thought obviously being sarcastic just in case you didn't know, as i have already expressed how much i don't really want to make friends as they are more or less going to be a distraction, and i would work better if i didn't have the person who could cause that distraction.

Also to a further point, Hello Katrina

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Not The Water Coasters

Today i experienced a new work area the water coasters and all i have to say is, Damn. You actually work for your money there and get really wet, its so uncool, The amount of lifting of boats i did today is weak, my arms are so tired, i really wouldn't suggest it to anybody but if thats to much you can always do the dune buggies Gahh they are like the tug boat of the coasters, really sucks.
So yeah here are the coasters just incase you didn't know what they look like and all i'm saying is the boats start to get really heavy after a while, but on the plus side i got to go down all the slides as a pratice to see if they all worked and well they did, I got soaked.

Now while working the top there are 2 stations (as it isn't that busy) 1st is purple slide orange slide and Hauling the boats 2nd is the twister green and yellow, unfair i think so. Now i got into a nice routine while working the first station and everything seemed to be going perfectly and nothing was going wrong and it was running smoothly, then Along comes Poleman (Peter team leader also polish) and he ruins everything it then was no longer running smoothly, but i didn't care i was working the twister which is so easy.

Well thats that so glad i'm not back in woodlands till saturday.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

More Cleaning You Got It

Saturday comes and with the return of Pippa, Which can only mean one thing more cleanning YAY. For some reason i just find hoovering relaxing.

Q: Is that weird?
A: No. no its not

This time i had an even bigger task infront of me with required a lot of skill and talent, So i had to clean the under the Ice Palace(which i can't seem to find a picture of at this present time Annoying) Anyway its like this area for like under 7's, so i was cleaning under there in a space which i had to actually lay down in just to hoover so i was on my stomach crawling around under this play area cleanning it, why you ask mostly because it has never been done since it probably opened 8 years back or something, so the amoutn of dust was huge. Further question you are going to ask, yes i was cleaning something where children will never ever venture, why you ask? well i didn't really want to deal with people and this seemed like the best option.

Seeing as it was dark under there i used this little torch, so i had hoover in right hand and torch in the left, Then suddenly insperation strickes and i combined the two with selotape, I'm some kind of genuis, this improved my productivity ten fold in a sense of my left arm wasn't getting tired and losing blood. After doing all that i think i found about 10 socks at least 4 of them sucked up by the hoover, and a bouncy ball which kept me amused when i was on the top of the slide bored out of my mind.

What an eventful day, Tomorrow looks to be better, I just wondering if i'll be empire again for the 6th day in a row its like some sort of record for a normal ranger.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Cleaning Madness

Well monday monday monday, probably the stupidest day ever to have a theme park open, i mean every school child was going back to school who would have guessed it. So in total we had about 5 families come in and in total we had 3 rangers, which was like more than enought, so in this long time we had doing pretty much nothing we spent it playing on the barracuda slide and cleaning
Gasp i finally use a photo. Well the big slide in the middle is pretty much the barracuda slide pretty fun, we where raceing down it backwards all kind of ways, we even got a mat and covered it in silocone spary which makes it go faster and having that on it and the slide also having it on it we where getting some pretty fast paced speeds and some air time. Pretty funny, spending alot of my time at the top of the slide i hoovered the whole top floor to get rid of all the mat weaves which had worked there way into the carpet now that was a real job took several hours just to cover a small area but it looks pretty nice now, so i think all the hard work payed off. And will last about a few weeks