Thursday, 1 December 2011

Bristol Re-Visited

I totally forgot something so awesome, while in Bristol we spent a lot of time in this one wetherspoons, and in the male toilets graffiti'd all over the walls was "Toy Story 2 Was Ok" Every time i saw it, it made me laugh so i took a photo and look now you can share in my humour.

I Also Went To Bristol

This was a pretty fun trip.

Spent a few hours shopping. Bought a purple jumper and a purple t-shirt and some jeans.

Then at 4 we headed to the pub and started drinking, we didn't stop for 10 hours was pretty intense.

When we got kicked out of the pub at 2 in the morning, i tried to find my friend in bristol by using a random blue map and walking off aimlessly, however it was raining and the map was ruined within in 5 minutes so i went back to our youth hostel got another and braved the weather.

I didn't get back to our room till 4 in the morning, i really don't understand how it took me 2 hours to get back as the pub we finished at was a 2 minute walk from our hostel. Drunken moments.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Oh Yeah I Went London

So my Brother, Henry and I went to london to watch the annual NFL game at Wembley, it was so awesome put it took us 4 hours each way in the car it was crazy but the trip was amazing. This is one thing i find really stupid for the whole of the outside of wembley there is only one ATM, now to me that is just mental but i assume they have more inside. However you aren't allowed so many things in like your own drink and you get frisked on entry which was weird. Also before i even got into the stadium i ran into old friend Tom Riches, was a weird experience. However this was out view from our seats which only cost us £70, It was an amazing atmosphere

Here is Henry and I with all our excitement for the game

Thursday, 20 October 2011


So the other day watching Jerry Springer in the morning like i always do i descovered someone's future. That someone being Ben Williams.

Wasps Got Nasty

Wish i was joking but this is the size of one of the wasp's at woodlands. And being the daring lunatic i am, i decided to throw a stone at their nest of hive whatever its called, Those angry bastards exploded out of the hive/nest and well i ran. But yeah look at the size of them

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


I wish i had something to blog about, but in reality i haven't done anything for a while other than work, but i did go out after work on monday and had a few Hobbergobbers (Hobgoblins) and a big burger which rivalled a wetherspoons burger, but i still prefer the wetherpsoons burger it was cheaper and nicer.

So next week is the last full week of working at woodlands then i am down to 2 days till feb, unless i get a new job or something. But i am looking forward to the 'Fright Night' were i will probably work 12 hours, bitches know. Should be a laugh and then the next day is Jason's last day then he leaves woodlands forever to live in Australia the lucky bastard. But i'd like to push myself to the limit and do the whole day to earn some extra money.

But on sunday i will be going to london to watch the Chicago Bears take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, it shall be very awesome to see my first live sports event.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Plymouth Oh Yeah

Here are a progression of photos of me starting from sober slowly getting to drunk, was a really excellent night.

Coffee Theory

I assume most of you have heard the Theory about coffee 3 sips and your addicted, today i got the chance to test this theory as you all know i don't really like hot drinks.

My Team Leader Chris went and got a coffee for me and himself and got in trouble by our manager Colin, he comes to me gives it to me and tells me he got in trouble.

A few moments later Colin walks past me and says "I don't think Chris put any sugar in your coffee" i reply with "Oh well i don't like coffee" he laughs and walks off.

So i thought well i'm cold i might as well try this theory.

1st sip: this tastes bad
2nd sip: still tastes bad
3rd sip: this is awful

I thought i'd give it the benefit of the doubt and try a 4th sip

4th sip: awful not taking another sip

So looks like that theory is a bunch of hogwash

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Pedal Boats

If you follow my blog and or read my blog you'll know i ranted about pedal boats in a big way, or most of the boat related "rides" (I use the term ride loosely).

Well in a stroke of pure boredom on the pedal boats i managed to save 2 dragonflies from downing or reproducing gone wrong, so i took a few photos,
Pretty bad ass Dragonflies, at one point i had one on the end of a stick flapping its wings then it flew away, i felt like the insect god.

All of this was helped by the fact it was the middle of the week and there are no customers so i stand around entertaining myself.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Woah Wait A Second

You think i'm finished well i'm not, i have one more complaint.

The new Ranger, or the Nuggets which the found in the stupid bin, all of them are soooo sooo stupid, including the blood foreign ones, as Andy Put well

"The Foreigners don't talk and the English ones are special"

I really couldn't agree more, i wish i was joking but one of them looks like Luigi
If we had green uniforms he would look completely like him, the only downside he is a complete moron, and confuses me with another worker after telling him my name more than 3 times, i learnt there stupid names they could learn mine.

One more thing these bastard new people work on all the good rides where i want to be, then management says we need people to run these rides, you hire them a few weeks before the season train them up on most of them not 2 or 3. so that me or someone else has to do Bumper Boats twice a week.

But with bad comes good right?

Well yeah there are still some good staff from seasons past, and all of the foreigners from last season who returned are capable and a good talk. There is only one good new Foreigner and thats Norbert (But pronounced Norbear) Doesn't speak much english but when he does hilarity ensues, and always greets with a handshake, not thats how you want to be greeted.

And if you ask why i still work there after all this complaints, i say this.

Easier than being a waiter, and more fun than washing dishes.

And of course the title 'Ranger'

A Wild Post Appears

I really don't have much to blog about anymore my life is in such a routine that everything is the same and here it is.

Sunday: Bumper Boats
Monday: Pedal Boats/Toboggan
Tuesday:Bumper Boats
Wednesday: Some Random Work Area Normally A Lame Location
Thursday: Relax
Friday: Band
Saturday: Relax

As you can see i am a boat master at work, and I fucking hate(!!!) It so much, And i have

my reasons, Incoming bullet points.

  • My hands getting destroyed from the ropes and poles.
  • Being allergic to a random oil
  • Leading to lots of skin rashes
  • All the boats coming in at once and then getting off without me helping
  • Being on my own all bloody day
  • Getting wet with water which can be best described as 20% animal faeces
  • Dealing with fuse after broken fuse
  • Having Lady Gaga stuck in my head for hours (that one is soul crushing)

To be fair i'd rather to the pedal boats over the bumper boats requires less effort but more pain. Its a double edge sword. However there are some good points.

  • Getting to watch the ducks all day, getting all the ducks are swimming in the water stuck in my head all day.
  • Not having to interact with the new stupid rangers, or nuggets as they are known
  • Not having someone tell me what to do
  • The nice scenery at pedal boats
And i think thats it really.
See what a nice view, kinda.

And thats the end of my rambly complainy blog, hooray.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

What A Bad Day.

I can sum this up in bullet points.

  • Was soaking wet before i got to work
  • Had to wait an extra 30 minutes for Henry as the higher ferry has downs
  • Rain non-stop
  • Stupid Hungarian worker got my lunch order wrong.
  • 5 customers for the whole 8 hours at work
  • Near end of day was wet right through to my underwear
  • The useless ranger known as Sam has returned. (I hate that guy)
  • Only got 1 of my pay packets
  • Listened to my iPod all day
  • Wasted a whole roll of blue roll
Seriously a bad day.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

The Reason I'm Back

So on Friday i was just relaxing at George's house on his iPad and googled myself and i ended up at my blog and started reading it, Duffield arrived as i was reading it. At that point me and him decided we should start blogging again.

But that nights adventures didn't end there.

After all that we played some Mortal Kombat but me and Duffield suck so much, we then went to The Vigilance and had some pints while there i had a pint of Beast a very nice 6.6% ale the best taste, and 3 pints of Fox at 4.6% which was even better cause don't you just love fox's? no just me. I was only a little bit Tipsy but George Duffield and Mike (George's friend) were pretty drunk, while walking home we said to George you got any canned pies this started a mass debate of canned pies being good Mike said they can't exist they must be terrible, we would have proved him wrong if George wasn't so drunk that he was carrying them and said "Quick someone take......*drops pie*.....Too late" we laughed pretty hard, then Duffield asked George to put his on a flat surface he dropped it instantly we laughed even harder so hard that Duffield had like a panic/asthmatic attack which was scary but solved in time. Was a memorable night.

5 Months Later

So my last blog update was 5 months ago so lets see whats changed.

I just remembered i already blogged about my 'new' hairstyle so i'm already out of ideas.

Well something interesting that happened in those 5 months for 2 of them i stopped drinking, which i said i could do and i would show Izzy i could, which George and Duffield said was a near impossible feat, and well i kinda did it. I kinda failed in reality and only just about lasted 2 months as i had my first pint at 11:40, but after midnight me and George got a milk carton filled with green ale it was really tasty and it settled nicely. That night was interesting as we went back to George's and listened to Dubstep stupdily loud and danced like idiots. Thats how we roll.

Of course Ricky and the Pigeons is doing amazing, lots of gigs some paid some not. New songs all great and make you dance.

And on my break of not blogging i started playing Minecraft and spent a lot of time on there i've created a sweet house, underwater base, 2 pyramids and a portal to the nether and that took a lot of time.

Also i went to a pretty awesome party a moustached themed party, of course the greatest themed party ever, nice one Izzy. But this was still during my no drink phase so i stayed sober while everyone else got rather drunk was kinda interesting, Ivan introduced to me Dandelion and Burdock, It was love at first sip and i went through the whole 2 litre bottle which was insane. On that night i went on several runs and danced like a fool to music i don't normally dance to. But alas there was one upset that night a certain Jamie Duffield thought drinking 2 bottles of port would be a smart idea, he got too drunk and decided to walk home good thing i stopped him with bread and water. But all in all it was a good night and it was enjoyed by all.

Its weird to think thats all i've done.

Monday, 31 January 2011

Dartmouth's Great Fire

If anyone remembers Dartmouth had a pretty epic fire were i actually forget the name of the fish and chip shop actually burnt down. But me, James and Karys once had a meal there, That was ages ago and the first time i met Karys as well. But yeah on that very day i was coming back from Becky's house and we were going to mine, anyway i managed to capture these images on my phone(which i recently charged, more photos from now)

And this is the beautiful face i woke up to the next day. Nice haha.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Years Eve.

So that day has come and gone again. And as the band we went to a theme party with the Bowers on a pub crawl, the Theme was Cops and Robbers.

And what i must say is that i suck at dressing up, but in all fairness i had 30 minutes to shower and get all my clothes together (damn work) and i managed to do it, but i looked like an ass.

My idea was to look like a detective from the 70's when i actually looked like i shitty second hand car sales man, which then turned into Guess what Ricky's profession is and whether he is a cop or a robber. I think people decided i was a robber i felt like i failed at dressing up.

Before we left James, Duffield, Billy, Strutt and Big G said i should all go as Magnum PI but i was completely against this as it would require a drawn on a shitty 'tash i was completely against it, but i said if Big G came to this party as Magnum PI's best black friend i would have but he didn't so there my costume was shitty.

So we started at the Slippers house with pre drinks and getting all rather drunk. Then we began the pub crawl and we moved through 3 or 4 pubs i can't remember one of them had karaoke, which was all good and a chance for Duffield to Rick Roll everyone.

It then got to the point of almost being midnight so we slowly walked to the square were (This part Paddy might find interesting) we bumped into a Toby Hann were he didn't know who i was *sadface* after Duffield and Wade explain to him who i was and them doing a Ricky and the Pigeons on 3 without me, he was then like of course its you Ricky then we did another group hand thing. He then vanished into the night, to return later to which i had a conversation about The Quinces songs that are avaliable for download and how i like them.

Then it hit midnight i counted down to something and went around hugging people are so on and saying to someone Happy Birthday *facepalm*, some of us moved on back to the Slipper house and drank till 3 and finally went back to the Wade house.

I went to bed while Duffield and Strutt stayed up, in my sleep Duffield came down and squeezed my hand i was confused and went back to sleep, in the morning i asked him about it, he told me he was checking if i was still there and hadn't ran off, but i dunno where i would have gone in my drunken tired state.