Saturday, 31 July 2010

Free Time

Gahhhhh A wild Blog appeared.

I use boring story about my life.

Its super effective.

Woah, you can tell its been a while, and that i'm still loopy for Pokémon.

Moving on....

Since i have 3 days off a week now, i consider that being a lot of free time and would like to full up that free time, but earning some money in the mean time in good so i have built myself a list of things i need to buy.

MAC book maybe?

I think thats it, mostly because i want to continue making films again, and i have a stupid amount of ideas floating around in my head so i more of less need to get them down.

The main ones i have at the moment are music ones but they need a lot of preparation before i even start to think making them as my last 2 where spur of the moment and terrible.

And my other ideas mostly consist of animation type things, i have an idea which i thought of ages ago just never put in motion, and i'm NOT putting it on here just incase someone steals it and does it before me, in which case would really annoy me.

Well i think thats most of my story done, KA-BOOM end of blog.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Pokémon Team

If Pokémon was real i reckon this is what my set would be like.