Thursday, 20 October 2011


So the other day watching Jerry Springer in the morning like i always do i descovered someone's future. That someone being Ben Williams.

Wasps Got Nasty

Wish i was joking but this is the size of one of the wasp's at woodlands. And being the daring lunatic i am, i decided to throw a stone at their nest of hive whatever its called, Those angry bastards exploded out of the hive/nest and well i ran. But yeah look at the size of them

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


I wish i had something to blog about, but in reality i haven't done anything for a while other than work, but i did go out after work on monday and had a few Hobbergobbers (Hobgoblins) and a big burger which rivalled a wetherspoons burger, but i still prefer the wetherpsoons burger it was cheaper and nicer.

So next week is the last full week of working at woodlands then i am down to 2 days till feb, unless i get a new job or something. But i am looking forward to the 'Fright Night' were i will probably work 12 hours, bitches know. Should be a laugh and then the next day is Jason's last day then he leaves woodlands forever to live in Australia the lucky bastard. But i'd like to push myself to the limit and do the whole day to earn some extra money.

But on sunday i will be going to london to watch the Chicago Bears take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, it shall be very awesome to see my first live sports event.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Plymouth Oh Yeah

Here are a progression of photos of me starting from sober slowly getting to drunk, was a really excellent night.

Coffee Theory

I assume most of you have heard the Theory about coffee 3 sips and your addicted, today i got the chance to test this theory as you all know i don't really like hot drinks.

My Team Leader Chris went and got a coffee for me and himself and got in trouble by our manager Colin, he comes to me gives it to me and tells me he got in trouble.

A few moments later Colin walks past me and says "I don't think Chris put any sugar in your coffee" i reply with "Oh well i don't like coffee" he laughs and walks off.

So i thought well i'm cold i might as well try this theory.

1st sip: this tastes bad
2nd sip: still tastes bad
3rd sip: this is awful

I thought i'd give it the benefit of the doubt and try a 4th sip

4th sip: awful not taking another sip

So looks like that theory is a bunch of hogwash

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Pedal Boats

If you follow my blog and or read my blog you'll know i ranted about pedal boats in a big way, or most of the boat related "rides" (I use the term ride loosely).

Well in a stroke of pure boredom on the pedal boats i managed to save 2 dragonflies from downing or reproducing gone wrong, so i took a few photos,
Pretty bad ass Dragonflies, at one point i had one on the end of a stick flapping its wings then it flew away, i felt like the insect god.

All of this was helped by the fact it was the middle of the week and there are no customers so i stand around entertaining myself.