Sunday, 22 November 2009

Work Time

Well i finally took pictures at work but the camera on my phone like to lack colours so everything looks really dull.
So yeah this is pretty much empire Yay, This includes trauma tower and the subs and Rob in the background

So this is my view when working the subs, its powerful fun, sometimes i like to put my hat on one of the subs and watch it go all the way around.

The Ferris wheel, Its shit.

My view working from the Trauma tower how boring don't you think.

Personal favourite top of the slide this is the one i get to go down most of the time, the lane closest is the fastest always.

The red drop slide scary stuff, i'm not planning to go down this one any time soon.
Yeah so i put 20p in one of them and got nothing out i was so annoyed went back later did it again and got an extra thingy i was happy then.
And finally for some unknown reason we have 3 disco balls hanging from the ceiling pretty awesome don't you think.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Getting Bored Are We

So this blog will have pictures........

Looking back at old photos i was thinking wow i have changed from what i used to be a couple of years ago.

Old me:

So here is old me used to look like, Long hair, Wrist bands and normally wearing black, this was before i owned a pair of black jeans but when i did i wore them non-stop pretty much.

New me:
Woah look at the change, Short hair, No Wrist bands, White t-shirt, No guitar. Yup change is a big thing apparently, well the long hair had it coming really i mean i'm 18 now i should start 'Growing up' as its called. And i was thinking colour is a bad colour being as it isn't colour just the absence of colour so that was needed, and all these create this person i am now.

And yet i feel the same act the same and i'm pretty much the same guy.

Change is a weird and wonderful thing, sometimes not for the best other times it seems like the only option.

Kinda Lame

I have just realised that i have been collecting random crap and just attaching it to the belt loops on my jeans each of which have a story beind

Items being:
  • A padlock with 3 keys only 1 opens in the lock
  • Nightmare before Christmas hair clip, previously owned by Alan
  • A random piece of wire
  • And this clip thing which was on my wallet
Now its only a few things but they already take up alot of space surprisingly, but i think they look cool and i will try and advance my collecting on weird and wonderful things, thats just how lame i am.

Lowering Myself

Seeing as i have so much free time now, and the only other thing i do is play games i might have to start reviewing them, only problem being i own a single console the xbox, and i don't have unlimited funds. But on the other hand in the last few weeks i have gotten my hands on 4 new realises but personally i only bought one of the games the other 3 where bought by my brother, i'm still in the process of deciding to do this or not so i dunno leave a comment on your thoughts.

I could always just go back to my appliance reviews, as i know for a fact the next thing i would do is a Cheese Greater, so just leave me your opinion.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Alan Everywhere

So since i needed a new background on my phone i thought i would go for the awesome smiley as its pretty badass so my original picture was this.

But as i started talking to Karys i said i should have put it as Alan like on my twitter, a few pain staking minutes later thanks to vista i put this picture of Alan up.

So now my phone looks like this.
Sorry for bad quality but its hard to hold up a camera to a webcam and line in perfectly, got a nice look at my range t-shirt aswell. Also yes i do has a sticky note message to myself that says "The Game" that way i'm always loosing The Game and no one can make me lose The Game, i think i may have cheated the system but damn it, its working.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Science Can Be fun

This Video pretty much explained everything i ever needed to know about science.

Sunday, 8 November 2009


Fuck you.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Damn Duffield

Seeing as Duffield manged to get me stop doing my assignments with his tricks i thought i would get him back and how, i got him good.

I would give it 5 out of 5 for revenge tactics

So while i'm here i will just tell you about my most eventful day so far this term.

Receive text from Beth saying "save me a seat" (referring to the bus) but little did she know i wasn't on the bus her text had woken me up so my alarm had epic fail, fist plan of action text wade asking for lift he says yes, i then rush into shower and leave as fast as i can. Little did i know that was my last text with the credit i had left.

Get down town and the ferry has just left "oh crap" where the words muttered from my mouth, James rings me asks where i am i say waiting for ferry he says i'll park up then, people that should be going south devon college get off ferry and say the ferry has broken down we aren't going anywhere, get to other side to see Beth and Sian them being like where are you going my reaction getting lift with James.

I'm walking up the hill then see James, Big G and Billy shouting hurry up we are going to be late my reaction "speed of the puma puma puma" Get in car and drive like hell

Big G says "oh no we are late" me and James are also late make it to college as fast as possible Big G and Billy only a little bit late, me and James make haste towards SDC, oh no traffic could this get any worse and yes it could road closed have to drive threw hook hills lateness increasing me and James getting edgey

We enter college sign in only a little bit late me and James part ways, i find me teacher hand him this slip thingy explain my case he says "alright thats fine" didn't do anything productive in my lesson goddamn it.

At home have the sudden urge for crisps and salad cream open fridge and to my horror i find POURABLE LIES, i am very *sadface* but it was a nice snack

In conclusion my day seemed to be an act of fate in a way or a complete coincidence you be the judge.

New Invention

Good News everyone I've just invented a machine which makes you read this in my voice.

Yep i just went there.

Oh No He Didn't

You Now Have The Final Countdown In Your Head

Seeing as Duffield thought it would be funny to get his own back with his manual breathing i thought i would 1 up his ass and take it a step further oh no i didn't yes Duffield i did, I sense alot of win right now, also you are distracting my from my assignment damn you.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Deviant Art

After realising i really hate deviant art and it sucks massive balls and isn't helpful in anyway, i finally managed to find Jack Crowes page to get the picture of sonic he did on paint,
Well there you go he did that in paint pretty amazing right this man has mad skills and his beard is slowly growing back so he looks normal again.