Thursday, 18 April 2013

This Is Madness, Nope Just My 300th Post (Apparently)

Getting to terms with this new blogger home page, shit is pretty crazy.

I've learnt a lot from the last 2 minutes I have spent looking through random stuff such as old posts and learning that I have only done 299 posts. 

And being a Odd number hater, This must be turned into an even number to rest my soul.

Holy shit what is this glorious piece of art work? I hear you say.
Well this is what can only be described as the dynamic duo which is Alan and myself representing cartoon style. Drawn by Karys who can art, or so I've been told.

Well that's all 300th post over and out, pretty Legit if i say so myself 

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Hand Not In Pocket

My hand isn't always in my pocket. I have proof seeeeeee.

Me and Zoli busting some sick dance moves.

Unemployed Sadface

After 4 long years of continuous work I am jobless and a total hobo. So on my last day of work most of us went for a pint and a meal to celebrate(?). On that note i will add i got pretty drunk. And well here is a pretty groovy photo of the woodlands 'crew'

Photogenic Deer

Making New Friends

Yes I have made some new friends as this picture proves i'm still as loved as always 

Mother F***ing Goats

That is all.

Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Today i had my Team Leader interview.

Well was more like a formality than anything, only made one mistakes and it was about hoover i think i can get away with that one.

So my future holds doing some Team Leader trial days and hopefully by the end of easter i shall be sporting a new hat. Like an OG.

Also Gabor comes back tomorrow yay, looking forward to seeing him on the weekend and him bringing me back some Hungarian Booze, ahhh yeah lets get wasted Hungarian style.