Thursday, 29 April 2010

A Day Later

I finally figured out the file size problem on my videos and got it from a 137 MB video to a 28 MB video, much more manageable i would say. So without any more delay i give you my test on my video editing software

Yup thats pretty much it, only a slight change.

Iron My Shirt

Me and Karys where just chatting like normal then something amazing in perfect timing happened

Karys says:
got a bit distracted there with interview
gahh I need to iron my shirt
[Ricky] says:
Good thing you're a woman haha
Karys says:

I'm glad she didn't take offence to this and found the funny side in it.

I've Only Just Noticed

But Scout from Team Fortress 2 look a lot like Ellis from Left 4 Dead 2.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Dartmouth Time Lapse Re-Visited

Seeing as my project is due soon i started doing some more Time Lapse so that i have some footage to play with and mix in and out in my final video.

Yeah pretty much the same video again you could say, but from a different view. I do like having 2 windows in my room.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Took Me Long Enough But Here It Is

Generic Blue Jeans

These Jeans aren’t like any other Jeans

They’re pretty basic for a small fee

You might find some with a picture of a bumble bee


I've got my generic blue jeans

Not looking cool by any means

I haven't got any style

But I can be cool once in a while

They’ll match most of your clothes

As long as the colour goes with blue

All the bad things you’ve heard are untrue



I bought mine from a catalogue

Where did you get yours?

From the latest stores



You can’t beat these jeans

They’re pretty much indestructible

And they are non-deductible




The Irony

Whats the deal.

Today i have nothing going on at all, and yet i'm awake earlier than i was yesterday, i also forgot to turn off my alarm so i was awake for that to go off, i mean seriously you have to be kidding.

Damn this sucks.

Well so far i have watching I'm Gary Oak, and some Jon Lajoie, Pretty funny way to start the day.

But i'm already bored.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Journey Part II

So my journey actually started the night before(I guess) talking on MSN with my newly acquired friend Becky, She was telling me how she was coming Dartmouth today to visit Pete, but with the amount of buses she had to get she would arrive in Paignton 10 minutes after a 120 leaves, and she complained about how bored she would be for an hour, then suggested to me to bring her strongbow to her which she left at my house. After more talking and such i was like okay i'll come deliver it to you and hang out with you for an hour.

So i woke up at 8:45 and hopped into the shower at around about 9:05 i receive a text from Becky saying she will be in Paignton at 10:40. At this point i was like DAMN i have to get dressed and leave if i wanna get the bus, i made it bla bla bla i arrive at Paignton listen to some Battery Powered (while sporting the t-shirt) and wait for her to arrive.

At around 10:40 she arrived, while about 50 minutes to waste we walked aimlessly around Paignton making your usual amount of small talk, we managed to do a pretty good loop of Paignton and get stuck behind some really slow old people, with some funny sites along the way, we walked back to the bus station to get the 120 back to Kingswear.

Now the bus trip, was pretty damn funny, mostly consisted of Becky thinking she is right about everything, well after a bet on a Dr Pepper bottle, i think i became the victor and proved her wrong but she had none of it and pronounced us both half right. After a weird talk about how buses and coaches are different she pointed to a sign and said "So what is that", me not noticing the sign and seeing a biker behind the bus my response was "That's a bike", hilarity was all the rage then.

Finally we arrive in Kingswear just in time for the ferry to leave ¬¬, so while waiting in the cold for a couple of seconds(yeah i said cold it was pretty windy outside today), but after all that and finally getting into Dartmouth we saw Pete and went and got some food, after getting that we went to the bus, where Pete then decided to buy a jumbo sausage on the way (classic Pete), which left me and Becky in the middle of the street waiting, which is about the time she just randomly asks for a hug, so there we are standing in the middle of the street hugging for about 5 minutes before Pete comes back and then we start walking to the bus stop.

The bus arrives and we all get on and get off near Pete's house and this i where i departed and went home. At around about 1:00 i think it was.

Well it was a random but fun day.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Game AI

Now some Games have some good AI and others have some amazing AI. Now left 4 dead 2, had some really good AI and everything was really good the zombies where more active and worked more in groups and the special infected became that little bit more sneaky, but then they had to add the turd to the top of this good cake, Rochelle I seriously have no idea how they managed to fuck up this royally. Below a picture.
I mean she has raised the bar for most retarded Friendly AI ever, This also proves you must play this game 4 player co-op for the better experience, But let me just give you a low down of what this crappy AI did.

The very end of a level the helicopter is there to save up the massive crescendo event was finished apart from a few zombies and one Tank, my route was simple run to the helicopter or so i thought, Rochelle managed to ruin that for me she stood in my direct path stopping me from going around her i get stuck then then tank comes out of no where and annihilates me and her leaving us incapacitated and the other 2 survivors on the helicopter meaning the level was over, and i missed out on an achievement i just spent 40 minutes trying to get.

Later on in another level there is a witch in the line of our sight everyone turns out their lights and walks around it, but Rochelle here had a different idea, as the character said "Be careful its a witch" she walked right up to it and disturbed it, making it go ape shit and killing her.

Seriously idiocy has met no means of this before but this AI has made me lose faith in women in a survival horror game, but then i guess i might get surprised in left 2 dead 3, i mean if that gets made.


I feel like i will be having an epic journey tomorrow, and i shall blog about it tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Pokemon Epicness

Been playing for like 10 minutes and already have an epic line, Bear in mind my character is me.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Damn Alan And his Complaining

Yeah so i would blog but if we all blog about the same thing its like reading it 3 or 4 or maybe over 9000 times over and why would you want to do that.

So on a latter note i will blog about something none of you where there to witness yet hearing about.

But not in this blog another one you say.