Friday, 20 January 2012

Winning Sofa

Last night was a rematch of the sofa wars, And i expected this to last until about 2 in the morning then we would all go home but no, turned out to be an all nighter.

It started off just watching films as you do and flicking through music channels commenting on modern day music.

As the hours went on i said we should watch the Jungle Book, it was funnier than i last remember, But about 15-20 minutes in Hannah and Bish fell to sleep leaving me and Claire awake to sing along to all the songs and declaring our selves the sofa champs as we didn't cave into sleep.

But they eventually woke up and this was when duvets were brought into the equation, which ruined mine and Claire's fun game of count how many times Bish tries to get a sly touch of Hannah. At this point we put another film on and they fell to sleep. This is when me and Claire noticed the sun coming up in a very depressing fashion as we had both not gotten any sleep.

In conclusion Me and Claire are still the winning sofa

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Oh Livid!

As of late i have been hanging out with work friends, as you know the rest of my friends moved away (Jerks). But its nice to hang out with a new bunch of people.

So on saturday as a random spur of moment thing Hannah Claire Bish and I decided we should all go out in kingsbridge have some drinks and all suffer at work the next day, this was a genius idea, we all danced had some drinks a generally had a good time. The next day we were all feeling a bit meh but on the plus side Hannah Claire and I were all working in the Empire which made the day so much more amusing, while Bish was stuck in the Blaster.

Yesterday we decided to hang out and go to plymouth for shopping or in my case watching of shopping, lots of laughs and extreme corners and overly touchy Bish later we were back chilling at Hannah's house watching random TV, after collecting supplies for what seemed to be a movie marathon from tesco we all started to chill and relax. This is when Sofa warfare started with Claire and I (Winning sofa) against Bish and Hannah (loser sofa). This went on for hours and continued into our session of music channel songs, The song coming up the most being Flo Rida Good feeling.
And here it is the winning-est sofa, in perfect synchronisation.