Monday, 17 May 2010

Pokémon The Shorts Kid

I think everyone who has played pokémon will have encountered this really annoying "trainer" around the pokéverse.

Well today i found the real life version of this annoying child, and before you ask no he did not ask me for a battle, i was waiting at the bus station in paignton and this random dude was walking around just shouting "I'm wearing shorts, Trousers don't cover my legs".

Now i'm not sure if this guy was promoting shorts or just high or maybe drunk, but it was so random just to see him shouting this walking threw the bus station, he got some funny looks, but i think it made my day that little bit more funny.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Music Fest Saturday

Well being as none of you guys where there with me that night i thought i would just give an over view of what happened, and seeing as it is a week later its pretty fitting.

So it started off with me collecting Henry and parking up his car we played a couple games of COD i beat him on all but 1 game, but then again he was screen watching the bastard. we then waited for Jamie and Hannah to return home, after all the inbetween parts like showers and food other such things, we walked down town to go to the George and Dragon (pub i got denied the day before) luckily one of my co-workers Angel was there to help out as he said you can pretend you are my brother and you don't speak and English (Angel obviously being a foreigner) he managed to drag me into the pub without anyone asking for ID was the ultimate win. we stayed there for a while lots of talking lots of drinks going past bumping into a lot of old friends.

At this point i still haven't had anything to drink

Before we moved onto Birssy's i got a few mouth fulls of Alex's random vodka thing that went down nicely (I choked a little) we then walked to to Birrssy's i would now like to point out the it is one of the smallest pubs in Dartmouth and it was packed, dunno how long we where there for but the whole time i was there i had people pushing past me and rubbing against me, this was really annoying me so i moved trying to not have that but my attempts failed, we then decided to move on to Bakers, on the walk there Coker said to me "why aren't you drinking?" which i replied "I can't be bothered" to which he said here finish my pint, so i downed that.

As i mentioned before Birssy's is a small pub well Bakers is even smaller than Birssy's and i'd like to mention there was a group of like 15 of us, so not a lot of room inside the pub i sent most of that time out side with Alex and Henry, this point Aaron brings out a bottle of amaretto which me Alex and Aaron finished in like 10 minutes, which was pretty fun and seeing half naked women walk past this point me and Alex getting more loud haha, thus we decided to move onto the Market.

At this point i was walking with a mad wobble and my vision wasn't perfect.

While walking to the Market i saw someone in the distance that looked like Danni after a few glances i assured myself it was Danni and not a look a like, this point my legs said "RUN" and my arms went "GO FOR HUG" so i'm running down the road with my arms out then suddenly she realises its me and springs to life and we hug for about 10 minutes or so then have random conversation then out of no where Sian and Beth appear, more hugs and laughing between me and Alex, after saying good bye to those people we went to the Market, where i bumped into more people which was insane, another classic Ricky Moysey quote was said here as well i went looking for toilets but they have been demolished so Jason who was with me said "Just go against a van" to which i responded "I have some class" and began peeing in-between two cars, then i got myself 2 ciders and they where drunk pretty fast.

Now this point is where i'm really drunk i have blank spots, i remember people leaving than us walking up the hill to which i thought going into the play park would be a good idea, i think me and Alex went on the swings to which i think i fell off and i got bruises all over my hands, then a massive blank sport then i was talking with Tony, then blank spot and i'm home.

Now in-between that blank spot of me talking to Tony and getting home i managed to fall into a bush trying to pull my trousers up and climb up my path saying "This is fun you guys should try this". Now when i got home i was sick and it wasn't fun to say the least and i went to bed.

Henry wakes me up in the morning and says "We gotta go to work" to which i reply "Why am i naked?" It was hilarious.

Well that was my Saturday its was horribly fun

Tuesday, 11 May 2010


I've come up with a theory on why i don't blog as much as i used to.

Since being introduced to twitter (Thanks Alan) i update most of my day on there in short sentences, thus reducing the need to blog, as i've already expressed it on there.

And the last time i updated the same thing on 2 platforms someone not naming names (Alan) called me out on it, so thus why i don't blog as much.

I'm sure i can find a excuse to blog sooner or later.

Just you know keeps your eyes open.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Dartmouth Music Fest

I can pretty much sum up the whole weekend with one word.


Yeah i spent most of it drunk and woke up both mornings still drunk, best part is i only spent £20 which to me is a bloody save and a half.

I will know sum it up in a quote

"fuck it go on the van." Ricky "i aint going on a van i got class im going between two cars"

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Friday, Mad Awesome

Friday the day i had been dreading and waiting to come, first thing to talk about.

I finally finished my sketchbook and i was really happy with what i did, my teacher was a completely different story she thought my final piece was a draft version and just basically told me it was shit, then when she talked about someone else's work she said thats how mine should look this is when christian said "You're making him feel so much worse" my teachers reply "Good, he needs to feel bad so he can learn", My mood dropped and at that point i thought balls to this i'm not doing any work.

But then my lesson was over and i had to wait 30 minutes until Becky finished her class, when the clock finally hit 1:30 i went to go meet Becky we hung around college for a while then we went to go get the bus to Brixham finally got there at like 3, bus took ages. When we got there we went and sat on like the sea front like area for an hour, We then went to the YES to find an injured Graham, we sat and waited for a while then Big G arrived, we sat outside the YES for ages and learning no one was in and without James we weren't aloud to go in anyway, we waited some more then it started to rain, so i suggested going on a drive, we ended up at my house where i picked up my bass and left my bad behind (which had my spare money and Becky's coke in). We then drove back to the Wade house hold for more introducing of Becky to other people (Katrina if you're reading this i'm sorry i forgot to introduce her to you, my bad).

We then rolled to band practice, but we had enough time to play the marios before we did, getting there we did the usual thing of eating talking and playing, with the usual jokes and such. then came the leaving and getting of alcohol, and James being the only one with ID he had to go collect it all he looked hilarious with large amount of alcohol and a trolly, we then drove to Big G and watched the Emperors New Groove, and after trying to figure out who Cusko was voiced by i finally remembered with it being David Spade, we then started watching Wayne's World (Excellent) but everyone started falling to sleep and me and Becky went to bed then.

Waking up in the moring was lame, i hate waiting up really early, i'm so tired. And looking at the alcohol we didn't drink we bout 18 bottles of Flanders all unopened and a case of Bud also unopened, only drank the Bulmers which also had 1 left. Madness.

We all left and me and Becky getting dropped off in paignton to get buses to our homes.

Been a good long day/night. And i really enjoyed it.