Tuesday, 25 August 2009


So i was just wondering if i'm some kind of Ecoman as i soent 5 hours yesterday just litter picking and changing bins, thats right and it was quite fun if i say so myself i managed to see the whole park which was pretty fun i also spent about 10 minutes trying to get a 1p out of the pound of my little picker but i failed and all i manged to do was break my shoes, and now thats something else i need to buy. The only reason i spent 5 hours doing such things is that we where over staffed and we had 10 people on the master when you really need only 5 people to run it, but this i think made the day go faster which was fun. I seem to be getting along with all the peoples there aswell which is pretty hip, and started someone else saying hip so the catch phrase is expanding, but boy do i deserve a scout badge or something for the amount of litter i picked up.

Friday, 21 August 2009

My Birthday Part 2

My birthday was fun from having a meal on a boat from playing pool drinking pear cider listening to weezer, so all in all it was a fun day, most hilarious thing i saw was jamie being scared by the hand dryer going off and him thinking it was the tap.

Work today was really easy and i felt really good and i got paid, lots of money, so on the way home me and jamie stopped at sainsbury's and picked up some random food i good cookies chocolate popcorn and my all time favourite Cinnimon Grahams, Man they are delisious, there where some photo's taken from the night and i'll upload them on tuesday or wednesday as that is my day off.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow work should be fun.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

My Birthday

So its my birthday, and i'm 18 pretty hip.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Heads Or Tails?

I guess i should blog about this its pretty epic i guess, Bored waiting for the crowds to pick up i started flipping a coin, so then i thought i wonder how long it would take me to even out the amount of heads and tails i get after 20 tosses. Doing a tall chart on my arm and after a few rota changes I finally equaled it out, Having 16 Lots of fives on each side so in total i did 160 coin flips to equal this, and well it didn't take that long. Now ordinary people would think wow okay thats pretty cool but then i realised todays date 16/08/09 DUN DUN DUNNNN the plot thickens the date is the 16th cocidnece i think not. Case Closed.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Terrible Rides

I'm about to show you 2 videos the first being the worst ride ever being the "Rockin' Tug" apperently it has won awards but they must be in goddamn boredum its so damn lame.

So that was the Rocking Tug pretty lame if i say so myself.

The next video is pretty much the places i work but it has some random family in it so kinda ignore that, rides in this that suck the stupid spinning chairs and the damn train, they are the worst, and most boring to work on.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Afternoon Delight

Today i was back in the Empire of the sea dragon again, so it was a pretty easy day and fun was had by all, highlights of the day,
  • Finding £1,10 on the floor
  • Having afternoon delight stuck in my head all day
  • Singing the Battery Powered Rock out loud for all to hear
  • Schooling this little punk
  • Having the 'Rocking Tug' break on me twice in one ride
  • Breaking my radio
  • Beating Peter in a find the most money game
  • Watch a Ranger who was leaving get thrown in the pool
Pretty hip day, along with the guy called CP who is hilarious only because he isn't funny at all.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Damn Alan And His Physics

So while watching one of the slides today i got lost in the trail of my own thoughts which pretty much turned into physics, as people where going down the slide as fast as they could so being stuck on my own and having Afternoon Delight stuck in my head i thought i could probably come up with a good technique for maxium speed, and yep i did, and the wasted alot of my time, and also let to shout at children "you're doing it wrong" ah good times.

Bad times i had to run this ride called the rocking tub boat and boy does it suck, people on the ride camplain at how boring it is imagine how i feel running it its just not cool, also at this time Graham decided to ring me i was throw off guard when they said stealling picnic baskets as its not that kind of park, silly fools.

But fun we soon to ensue as my team leader Pippa came up to me and said "was it you who wanted this juice" to which i thought she said "someone said i was suducing you", a little misunder standing bit laughs where had.

One thing that also annoys me is the damn walkie talkies i just can't get the hang of them they just go fail and people reply with "what did you just say" i feel so stupid so i generally try not to use them. Stupid things.

But the plus of being a ranger i got to go on a slide without a mat and i got some real speed i mean it beats taking the staires down to the bottom when you can slide in about 2.4 seconds, i do enjoy these little perks.

Friday, 7 August 2009


Good news everyone (Duffield Graham and Alan) as you are more or less the people who care, my 17 hours of playing pokemon has payed off i finally have my magikarp finally evolved at lvl22 pretty sweet huh and is now lvl 32, and i managed to capture an Abra without using a master ball, now you guys are probably like man how did he do that, well its simple i used a pokemon with wrap with stopped his teleport and weakened him enough to be catchable and i cleverly named him "Alankazam" pretty hip, oh damn its like consuming mu soul

Lame Ass Clown Man

So during my lunch break i enjoyed the entertainment of the clown guy doing his show and well to say the least it was pretty basic, i mean every trick he did i kept saying out loud Duffield could do better, but oh wait it gets better.

He pulled out a diablo, and Duffields theory of the easist tricks being the best crowd pleasers is so correct, all he did was throw it in the air, and do that leg thingy which Duffield can also do using his arm, so all in all i was not impressed by this lame man.

I mean c'mon, what are you doing strange man you don't belong on a stage you're not even wearing a clown costume, just imagine the picture in your head.

This Aint Cool

Gahh, i feel so out of place at home on a friday night, its just not natural, but on the plus size i managed to get myself a job with the title : PARK RANGER Pretty neat and i did something so awesome today i think alan would be proud, so here is the story.

I was working on this slide thing and this girl was all scared and stuff, and she said "is there anyway you can make it slower" which my response was "well its powered by gravity so if you wanna re-rite the laws of physics be my guest" i don't think she appreciated this, but i totally made her go on the ride which is win.

Another grand hilight was getting the bus as me and my brother where both on it my brother shouted out "Nigger" not realising where we where it was pretty hilarious.

But here is the kicker, i get paid to stand around push buttons and push children down slides its so simple but so effective.

Monday, 3 August 2009

How Lametastic

Yeah i said Lametastic big woop.

So to all inform you i am losing my internet as of tomorrow, because mine and my brothers bad attempts at getting jobs, so you'll have to get in touch with me threw the telephone. But in mine and my brothers defense we have got job applications pending so this punishment seems cruel and unusual.

But the key to a great offense is a good defense, Oh jesus.

Well i'll see you on the other side.

Thought i would upload a photo for old times sake.

Saturday, 1 August 2009