Sunday, 17 October 2010

Bumper Boats

Gather around children i shall tell you a tale....

Today was my first ever day on the bumper boats after a solid year of working at Woodlands(yay). And well its the one ride i was really not looking forward to do cause everyone gives it a really bad rep and hates it, and well did it live up the expectation, I hate it.

I'll just give you a brief summary of what happened to me.

  • People not listening to me, no matter how loud i shout
  • Having to go retrieve a boat which wasn't chained up cause someone got off it before they should have
  • Getting stuck in the middle of the pond twice
Now these all really annoyed me, and my hands are still dirty from the horrible brown coloured water, and with the addition of Greece from the boats themselves. At the end of the day i had really just had enough so i moved some of the boats around to but on charge and take off, but i did this as slowly as possible, it was actually relaxing sitting in the middle of the pond with the sun on you in total silence.

But yeah this is a day i do not wish to repeat.


I dunno whats wrong with me, i feel really ill all the time. Its just not amusing me at all.

And now i have this massive problem with Dairy products, i mean the Wade Lasagne was really nice and awesome but 2 pints of cheese sauce did a number on my insides, and i have another one tonight.

I really hope my body forgives me, and doesn't mind taking one for the team.

Monday, 4 October 2010

So Intense

Well i just found an unopened pay packet on the floor, and inside was hiding £130, now bearing in mind i was saving my money up to £150 and with the money i made this week from work i now have enough money to buy this bad boy.

Canon DM-XM1 Professional Mini DV Camcorder
Hell yeah i am so happy......Media activate.