Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Woah Wait A Second

You think i'm finished well i'm not, i have one more complaint.

The new Ranger, or the Nuggets which the found in the stupid bin, all of them are soooo sooo stupid, including the blood foreign ones, as Andy Put well

"The Foreigners don't talk and the English ones are special"

I really couldn't agree more, i wish i was joking but one of them looks like Luigi
If we had green uniforms he would look completely like him, the only downside he is a complete moron, and confuses me with another worker after telling him my name more than 3 times, i learnt there stupid names they could learn mine.

One more thing these bastard new people work on all the good rides where i want to be, then management says we need people to run these rides, you hire them a few weeks before the season train them up on most of them not 2 or 3. so that me or someone else has to do Bumper Boats twice a week.

But with bad comes good right?

Well yeah there are still some good staff from seasons past, and all of the foreigners from last season who returned are capable and a good talk. There is only one good new Foreigner and thats Norbert (But pronounced Norbear) Doesn't speak much english but when he does hilarity ensues, and always greets with a handshake, not thats how you want to be greeted.

And if you ask why i still work there after all this complaints, i say this.

Easier than being a waiter, and more fun than washing dishes.

And of course the title 'Ranger'

A Wild Post Appears

I really don't have much to blog about anymore my life is in such a routine that everything is the same and here it is.

Sunday: Bumper Boats
Monday: Pedal Boats/Toboggan
Tuesday:Bumper Boats
Wednesday: Some Random Work Area Normally A Lame Location
Thursday: Relax
Friday: Band
Saturday: Relax

As you can see i am a boat master at work, and I fucking hate(!!!) It so much, And i have

my reasons, Incoming bullet points.

  • My hands getting destroyed from the ropes and poles.
  • Being allergic to a random oil
  • Leading to lots of skin rashes
  • All the boats coming in at once and then getting off without me helping
  • Being on my own all bloody day
  • Getting wet with water which can be best described as 20% animal faeces
  • Dealing with fuse after broken fuse
  • Having Lady Gaga stuck in my head for hours (that one is soul crushing)

To be fair i'd rather to the pedal boats over the bumper boats requires less effort but more pain. Its a double edge sword. However there are some good points.

  • Getting to watch the ducks all day, getting all the ducks are swimming in the water stuck in my head all day.
  • Not having to interact with the new stupid rangers, or nuggets as they are known
  • Not having someone tell me what to do
  • The nice scenery at pedal boats
And i think thats it really.
See what a nice view, kinda.

And thats the end of my rambly complainy blog, hooray.