Friday, 24 December 2010

Google Fails

Today i got a nice surpise of my Google Chrome breaking and not wanting to open again so i got confused asked my techy friends what they thought about the whole thing.

After completely removing it from my pc and re-installing it again i get this fun error message.
Its not possible as its no longer on my PC, Moron.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

3D Cinemas And To An Extent Movies

Are terrible.

I mean seriously i don't like the appeal of seeing something jump out of the screen, and most of the time its really pointless things like peoples heads or buildings, it doesn't really add anything to the movie viewing experience. Which you have to pay and extra £2-£3 more for some lame glasses.

I mean really '3D' is actually outdated technology its been around for a couple decades, i remember being 5 going to Disneyland Flordia and watching honey i shrunk the audience and that was pretty much the pinnacle of 3D and to be fair its alright.

But being in production for a feature film is probably the lamest thing ever.

First off: It takes your eyes a few minutes to adjust to the 3Dness which i assume is why they show 3D adverts which is also very annoying.

Secondly: It doesn't work perfectly if you are sitting to the side of the screen the 2 projected images are in different places and don't create a completely 3D image and ruins the whole '3D' experience.

Thirdly: (And this is the one that really annoys me) People think its okay to wear 3D glasses in the real world as a fashion statement or accessory, despite the fact the real world is in 3D. People who do this just really annoy me i had a customer at work wearing them i actually told them to take them off as everything is already 3D and wouldn't be allowed on the ride until they took them off.

Fourthly: The stupid glasses are so big and don't really fit on your face, and as i experienced would start sliding down your nose, no that really destroys the movie watching experience.

Lastly: The price is actually retardedly stupid, i paid £8 to notice all the things i realised and hated about 3D films even more, when i actually didn't want a stupid pair of oversized glasses on my face.

If you hadn't already guessed i went a saw a film in 3D today and to precise it was Tron, it was a good film and the whole 10% of it in 3D really wasn't worth the extra money (we had to pay as there wasn't a normal viewing). And in all fairness i don't really plan on seeing another 3D movie.

Gahh writing this has actually made me very annoyed.

Curse you 3D films.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Appliance Of The Week: Cheese Grater

So i thought i'll do another one of these again seeing as i haven't done one in over a year i do believe. But yeah if you want some nostalgia just look through all my old posts and you will find them there.

So this week i bring you the cheese grater if i recall this was the next appliance i was going to review and after all these years i have remember that it was next on the list.
And wouldn't you know it a generic photo of a cheese grater, just incase you have infact used one on your brain and have totally forgotten what one of these simple objects looks like.

What it does well it basically grates cheese into little slithers and i think you can use it to get zest from oranges, lemons and limes in all fairness i think it should be called a zester such a cooler name.

  • Transforms cheese into a topping
  • Its pretty small depending on what 'style' you buy
  • Easyish to use
  • You can zest everything (cause everybody zests once a day ¬¬)
  • Doesn't actually make cheese greater
  • Everybody is afraid of slicing off their finger tips
  • It has 4 sides any normal person will probably only use 1
  • They are hard to clean as everything gets stuck on the inside
Well apparently its all evened out right here, but personal view i don't really like it or would ever need one. as i am infact lactose intolerant thus making me never to use one. And i don't ever zest no straight man would. Would they?

Monday, 13 December 2010

My God

I really don't blog anymore, i feel like most of my blogging need are done by Duffield as we do things together so he blogs about them so i don't need to bother blogging them.

I mean really do you want to read about the same thing twice but with more plot holes and spelling errors, cause i wouldn't

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Christmas Parade

Now as some of you might know me Duffield and Big G all dressed up for this crazy parade. and i found a few photos i would like to apologise in advance to Duffield as there are none of him, and there is only one of us anyway.

Oh hell yes, I'm the hedgehog and Big G is Bay(gay) Man. We look so damn awesome.

This was also a day Colin Bache loved as he said "This is the happiest day of my life" as he rode around on a mobility scooter.
I mean look at all the joy on his face, to be fair he was a pro at driving that thing, even though we didn't want to do it in the end it was rather enjoyable.