Sunday, 12 June 2011

What A Bad Day.

I can sum this up in bullet points.

  • Was soaking wet before i got to work
  • Had to wait an extra 30 minutes for Henry as the higher ferry has downs
  • Rain non-stop
  • Stupid Hungarian worker got my lunch order wrong.
  • 5 customers for the whole 8 hours at work
  • Near end of day was wet right through to my underwear
  • The useless ranger known as Sam has returned. (I hate that guy)
  • Only got 1 of my pay packets
  • Listened to my iPod all day
  • Wasted a whole roll of blue roll
Seriously a bad day.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

The Reason I'm Back

So on Friday i was just relaxing at George's house on his iPad and googled myself and i ended up at my blog and started reading it, Duffield arrived as i was reading it. At that point me and him decided we should start blogging again.

But that nights adventures didn't end there.

After all that we played some Mortal Kombat but me and Duffield suck so much, we then went to The Vigilance and had some pints while there i had a pint of Beast a very nice 6.6% ale the best taste, and 3 pints of Fox at 4.6% which was even better cause don't you just love fox's? no just me. I was only a little bit Tipsy but George Duffield and Mike (George's friend) were pretty drunk, while walking home we said to George you got any canned pies this started a mass debate of canned pies being good Mike said they can't exist they must be terrible, we would have proved him wrong if George wasn't so drunk that he was carrying them and said "Quick someone take......*drops pie*.....Too late" we laughed pretty hard, then Duffield asked George to put his on a flat surface he dropped it instantly we laughed even harder so hard that Duffield had like a panic/asthmatic attack which was scary but solved in time. Was a memorable night.

5 Months Later

So my last blog update was 5 months ago so lets see whats changed.

I just remembered i already blogged about my 'new' hairstyle so i'm already out of ideas.

Well something interesting that happened in those 5 months for 2 of them i stopped drinking, which i said i could do and i would show Izzy i could, which George and Duffield said was a near impossible feat, and well i kinda did it. I kinda failed in reality and only just about lasted 2 months as i had my first pint at 11:40, but after midnight me and George got a milk carton filled with green ale it was really tasty and it settled nicely. That night was interesting as we went back to George's and listened to Dubstep stupdily loud and danced like idiots. Thats how we roll.

Of course Ricky and the Pigeons is doing amazing, lots of gigs some paid some not. New songs all great and make you dance.

And on my break of not blogging i started playing Minecraft and spent a lot of time on there i've created a sweet house, underwater base, 2 pyramids and a portal to the nether and that took a lot of time.

Also i went to a pretty awesome party a moustached themed party, of course the greatest themed party ever, nice one Izzy. But this was still during my no drink phase so i stayed sober while everyone else got rather drunk was kinda interesting, Ivan introduced to me Dandelion and Burdock, It was love at first sip and i went through the whole 2 litre bottle which was insane. On that night i went on several runs and danced like a fool to music i don't normally dance to. But alas there was one upset that night a certain Jamie Duffield thought drinking 2 bottles of port would be a smart idea, he got too drunk and decided to walk home good thing i stopped him with bread and water. But all in all it was a good night and it was enjoyed by all.

Its weird to think thats all i've done.