Monday, 31 January 2011

Dartmouth's Great Fire

If anyone remembers Dartmouth had a pretty epic fire were i actually forget the name of the fish and chip shop actually burnt down. But me, James and Karys once had a meal there, That was ages ago and the first time i met Karys as well. But yeah on that very day i was coming back from Becky's house and we were going to mine, anyway i managed to capture these images on my phone(which i recently charged, more photos from now)

And this is the beautiful face i woke up to the next day. Nice haha.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Years Eve.

So that day has come and gone again. And as the band we went to a theme party with the Bowers on a pub crawl, the Theme was Cops and Robbers.

And what i must say is that i suck at dressing up, but in all fairness i had 30 minutes to shower and get all my clothes together (damn work) and i managed to do it, but i looked like an ass.

My idea was to look like a detective from the 70's when i actually looked like i shitty second hand car sales man, which then turned into Guess what Ricky's profession is and whether he is a cop or a robber. I think people decided i was a robber i felt like i failed at dressing up.

Before we left James, Duffield, Billy, Strutt and Big G said i should all go as Magnum PI but i was completely against this as it would require a drawn on a shitty 'tash i was completely against it, but i said if Big G came to this party as Magnum PI's best black friend i would have but he didn't so there my costume was shitty.

So we started at the Slippers house with pre drinks and getting all rather drunk. Then we began the pub crawl and we moved through 3 or 4 pubs i can't remember one of them had karaoke, which was all good and a chance for Duffield to Rick Roll everyone.

It then got to the point of almost being midnight so we slowly walked to the square were (This part Paddy might find interesting) we bumped into a Toby Hann were he didn't know who i was *sadface* after Duffield and Wade explain to him who i was and them doing a Ricky and the Pigeons on 3 without me, he was then like of course its you Ricky then we did another group hand thing. He then vanished into the night, to return later to which i had a conversation about The Quinces songs that are avaliable for download and how i like them.

Then it hit midnight i counted down to something and went around hugging people are so on and saying to someone Happy Birthday *facepalm*, some of us moved on back to the Slipper house and drank till 3 and finally went back to the Wade house.

I went to bed while Duffield and Strutt stayed up, in my sleep Duffield came down and squeezed my hand i was confused and went back to sleep, in the morning i asked him about it, he told me he was checking if i was still there and hadn't ran off, but i dunno where i would have gone in my drunken tired state.