Sunday, 26 July 2009

Duffield The Lyrical Genuis

While i was doing the dishes i was singing Brawl and realised something that is so awesome but no one else will probably get so i will explain.

The line: "Hit them off the screen"

Its also a basketball term, as when one playing comes in for a Screen the ball handler can do one of 3 things

  1. Break for the basket
  2. Fake to the basket and pass back to the person who set the screen
  3. Go past the screen stand next to the person who set the screen and hit off a shot
Now the one the line referes to is number 3, as "hit them off the screen" would meet making a 3 or 2 pointer off the screen. Man double meanings are awesome.

Brixham Fun Day

It was such a good day, and i had such a good time but i really can't be bothered to make a massive blog about it so i'm gonna bullet point my apperences.

  • Karys' Assisstant
  • Ride Watcher Guy
  • Security/Line Stopper
  • Bassist
All of these where a thrill, to say the least, Here are some of the great quotes from the day.

  • Brixham Fun Day, Fun not included
  • This is more like Brixham dog photo shoot
  • Put your black into it
  • Use that magigger-What did you call me?
  • Wade a second
  • Graham powns the noobs
There are probably more, but i really can't remember them, so as you can tell it was an eventful day filled with Fun, that would probably be why its called "Brixham Fun Day". Shame Alan missed it, but it seems like all that hard labour would have made him be extra annoying.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Hells yeah

5 more followers than Alan on Twitter.


Banks Are The Sum Of All Gay

So yeah got all my bank shit done after ages and suddenly oh wait something goes wrong. Yup get this the number account number on my debit card is different the account number in my paying in book, this is some kind of joke seriously this always happens to ME its not even funny anymore, so i'm gonna have to sort that out tomorrow jesus could anything be made anything more simple, apperently not in my case.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009


While I had the camera out I managed to take a photo of my Ricky And The Pigeons T-shirt Karys made me, as she said she needs one as doesn't have a copy so here you go.


Gaying uploaded was being a dick again so its on my photobucket again, FML

Whats Up Peaches

On this adventure I made myself a T-shirt, which has turned out better than i expected but it isn't as good as i wanted but thats a compramise i'm willing to sacrifice. So here is my step by step guide on how I made my T-shirt

Step 1:
I started looking online(google) for a picture of a Can Opener (I wonder if you know what I am making now)

Now this is the image I settled on.

Step 2:
I then proceeded to make a template of this on some blank paper, but started the template with an outline of my Can Opener to make it easy for myself, it looked something like this.
The black marks are from the pen I used.

Step 3:
I drew everything on to the T-shirt and added the slogan "Whats Up Peaches"
The words are to far to the left than in the centre which is annoying and the ink looks like it has run but we can't all be perfect can we.

ARGH, why can't anything be easy, my uploader wasn't working so i did it threw Photobucket, and now they are stupidly large, but you can click on them so i guess what will do. GAY

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

101st Post

Damn it, so that stupid woodlands post made me do my 100th post how annoying so this is actually my 101st post, but the same princeable applies.

So for my big suprize, i thought i would let you all in on a little secret. I think you guys, maybe not Karys and Harley, but every one else will remember Stalin (not the ruler the Facebook guy) then changed his name to Skelator, well i know who he actually was, while i'm not actually going to be telling you his/her name, i'm just gonna slip in little hints in my future posts, so you're gonna have to keep a sharp eye. And for the fun of it i will post the Batman thingy.
Little small i wonder if it will work

Just Call Me Ranger Moysey

So as its summer my parents are making me get a job, i'm sure i've covered this in a past blog. Anyway my mum thought it would be neat for us to get jobs at woodlands, now i'm pretty sure how everyone knows how i feel towards people and how much i hate them, children are easier to deal with, i mean they are so easy to please and i might be working with my brother and that can't be that bad, i mean we would probably make it hilarious.

Wow incredibly short i know how to make this better

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Oh The Joys Of Being A Second Child

While at Tea my parents said this "when you get a job you'll gonna have to start paying rent", now this may seem alright but I have a objection. My brother who will be turning 20 this year has never paid rent, so this would mean I would be paying for something which he didn't have to pay and well to me this seems a bit unfair, and I think i should be able to get away with not paying rent for 2 years only seems right. But then thats what's its like being the second child.

On a lighter note, I really like Twitter something I thought was really pointless is actually pretty cool and funky, I mean my background theme is birds how kick ass is that.

Saturday, 18 July 2009


Well it looks like I finally did it and now I have a Twitter account, one thing I never thought i would possibly ever get but Alan made the idea sound better so I thought why the hell not, its actually pretty Hip for something incredibly simple. So follow me


Thursday, 16 July 2009


Reccently my parents mostly my step dad is being a big douche, with the whole forcing me to get a job and such, but heres the icing on the annoying cake that is my life they want to take me and my brother on holiday, not bad huh, but heres the kicker we have to pay for it ourseleves, now I will bullet point why this is stupid.

  • If I was going to pay for a holiday I would be going without them
  • Its just another ploy to force me and my brother to get a job
  • I HATE holidays, I think they are a waste of time and money for to much hassel
  • I would rather spend the money on something more useful like I don't know an education for one
  • They want to go during the school term, now they are always on mine and my brothers ass saying we need to be in school and get our work done now that's kinda hard when your on holiday.

I think these are all reasonable excuses and reason behind not wanting to go on holiday. But it gets better apperently me and Jamie(my brother) have to get into the mood of sleep early and waking up early in a work routine, so to inforce this rule they are going to take the Modem from downstaires unplugg it and take it into there room so we cannot use the internet, now because my step dad is basically a monkey when it comes to anything to do with electricity he wouldn't know that doing that is rather unwise and well stupid, and they complain that its always breaking or failing, they really need to learn to stop being idiots.

Wait What

I agree, rain does blow, it blows hard.

I think you would agree with this.

I need some new shoes mine are leaking.

Processing these thoughts help me get on with my life.

Yes I would like some toast.

Right other than that being a collection of random sentances, I think I have something rather important to not say, meaning i have nothing to say and i'm rather bored, will something interesting happen in the next 5 minutes please i mean really i'm bored here and i'm hungry, meh what are you gonna do. BLA BLA BLA and such

Word of the day: Tissue

Thats it

Seriously these people are idiots i mean oh my god they are really annoying me, i am sitting in the libary trying to do my work while these stupid Yr11's are just sitting here talking about bullshit, i mean they are sitting here like "check this out i can get past the filters i'm so awesome" he is like a proper nerd who was talking about WoW this is just crazy what is this work comming to. DAMN these people are annoying but the worst part is that they know my name its not even cool, when did i become the person that everyone knows, i hate these people.

Whats even more annoying is that i can open a programe that i really need to use to show my work, ARGH

Sunday, 12 July 2009

100th Post

So my 100th post is getting closer and closer, i thought i would have a big suprise for everyone on my 100th post so now you guys will all be prepared for something, something cool maybe or quite possibly

Swine Flu

Ah because of my super awesomeness i managed to get my hands on the Swine Flu lyrics, i'm a genuis mostly because i sent them to myself in a E-mail, man i am just to good. And because these lyrics are just too damn awesome i thought i would share them with everyone mostly as they are hugely funny

Swine Flu, its not that bad. Its only killed 15 people so far.

Swine Flu, its not that bad, its only killed 15 people so far.

It started in mexico

They kept it all a secret though

A Mexican got on a plane- with swine flu

Landed in the states- with swine flu.

And gave it to some guy. Atchoo.

Swine Flu, its not that bad. Its only killed 15 people so far.

Swine Flu, its not that bad, its only killed 15 people so far.

Its like regular flu, but with more talk

Jews can’t catch it ‘cos they don’t eat pork

Crazy Mexicans eating their nachos

Muchas gracias, amigo muchachos.

Swine Flu, its not that bad, its only killed 15 people so far.

Here we go, with the low down on disease.

Like bird flu, without the feathers

Like SARS, without the Asians

Like the black death, without the rats

Its swine flu. And its not that bad.

Think of it like an optional extra to life.

Forget about your troubles and your strife,

It’s the bear necessities, but with swine flu in the recipe

So that’s the swine necessity of life

Swine Flu, its not that bad, its only killed 15 people so far.

Here we go, with the low down on mexico.

Nacho, nacho, nacho, nacho

They kept it hidden

Nacho, nacho, nacho muchacho

And now its forbidden.

Nacho, nacho, nacho, nacho

They must be kiddin

Nacho, nacho, nacho muchacho

Swine flu, what a joke.

And i look foward to seeing Untensil Pals, Peaches

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Operation Green Hat

AH-HA, so operation green hat was a massive success, after spending a couple of minutes scouting out the place for people, i was find the perfect time and got the hat with lightning speed, but i don't think i could of done it without the help on that one song stuck in my head, you know the one, "metal pole climb that shit" ah that was awesome and a proud day for me, and most of you guys will see it later on tonight at strutts party, but in closer inspection it looks more like a farmer/mountie hat. But it is still a sweet hat. photo? maybe one day

Saturday, 4 July 2009


I'm still annoyed I'm sitting here in silence and its just bugging me, but I know all the songs on my laptop I don't wanna listen to, I'd rather just go eat some muffins by the sea sining the one line of the pie song i know.

But anyway all is not lost yet, so on mine and Alan adventures into the alotment today I almost caught a pigeon but alas I had Alan's phone in my hand so I couldn't just throw that into the air, I swear i was pretty close, what made the event even more spectactualr (well thats spelt wrong) is that at the current time I was on the phone to James Strutt so the noises he probably heard where something like "come here" *pigeon noise*, that must have been weird i guess who knows. Dahhhh, well that was a shot blog apperently but meh

Dahh Annoyance

This weekend has been pretty damn swell, for use of a better word. I mena I had some laughts (ahh I dunno if thats spelt right I've been looking at it for damn ages GAY), yeah so I'm kinda a little annoyed at the moment and I am rather well pretty much flipping out, if you catch my drift. Now to tell the story behind this errrrr *insert word here*, on the bus ride home this stupid fat old lady was being down right a moran ((hahah get a brian)haha spelt that wrong on purpose) she was complainning that he was hard for her to get threw the aisle of a bus because of here large body and was basically complanning to everyone on the bus, which seemed no one was interested, this is here words " I mean these scientist could clearly just make a bus a little wider so fat people could get threw with out a struggle", this just made me lose it of course being at the back and keeping to myself I thought this "are you for real lady I mean its your fault you're so fat you haven't been doing anything but lazing and besides if they made the bus wider for your needs it would be to wide for the damn road and would cause safty hazards" ARGH people are just so stupid it makes me want to grab a pineapple (I spelt apple abble then whats wrong with me) and constrouct a tiny villege with lots of other fruits aswell and this is coming from me,I mean i'm not that well "smart" but these people are just taking the retard trophie and running into a sewage works for a swim. And theres my rant, still pretty pissy though

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Oh Potions

Well i was gonna do a blog about my last 2 days but i then realised the time and as it is almost 2 in the morning i think i will save it for another day, but for your amusement only i give you this